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  1. not being able to naturally draw with a wiimote is fail. it goes both ways.
  2. i dont even know what my steam id is (long story) but when i tried to make a new one it bitched at me for not owning the game (wtf). bottom line: i'll play.
  3. alone in the dark (DOS) the journeyman project
  4. one person mentioned crystalis. only one goddamned person!
  5. yeah. i think that there could be non-fatal ways to deal with him in this situation, but a 12 year old probably wouldnt even be thinking about that.
  6. well nintendo are a bunch of bitches when it comes to DLC. im beginning to turn on them. why is it that everything that was once awesome is now shit?
  7. yeah its funny how we still think 1990 just happened.
  8. me, but i suck at it, wait a couple of weeks so i can get better. No More Heroes is current priority though.
  9. i'll wait for the lites to come in thanks. well, theyve been sold out for a good month now without having received a shipment, and im wondering why that is.
  10. shikigami

    Nintendo Wii

    fake. i dont think celda is in it.
  11. ive been trying to get a DS since christmas. can anyone explain why noone has gotten a shipment in the US (at least in NJ) since christmas?
  12. you can either get a pirated copy of photoshop for free, or try the gimp.
  13. this... this is what gaming should be like.
  14. no, and i dont think it ever will be, since its far superior to anything 3D. I certainly would.
  15. highlight: im recalling level10, noticing the 12 and the 3, and thinking the bottom of the diamond is the 6 o'clock position. 6x5 = 30, but im not sure how to use this information. i also thought that since it says 30 = 3 x 10, that it has something to do with the answers from level 3 and 10. am i even on the right track?
  16. ok. what the hell do i do for level 30?
  17. ive been on a blades of steel binge. that game is so freaking good. but i love hockey, so that might have something to do with it.
  18. what the hell am i supposed to do in 26?
  19. shikigami


    apparently: also, what significance do those numbers provide? aside from being important years, with the exception of 747.
  20. shikigami


    yeah i noticed that. i pretty much exclaimed "what the fuck?" definitely not more frustrating than the first legend of zelda. in fact, having played the first legend of zelda before ST, you would have thought i would have understood to walk into the gravestone in chapter 3 alot quicker than it actually took me.
  21. listen to the song. you will then understand the meaning of the list that is shown to you. i have no idea what the 5 vowel one is. period. i just dont get it. edit: again not more than ten seconds after posting i figure it out AND get it. now its level 10s turn to mess with me :/
  22. not to mention that after clicking the link the hint says (moar spoailers): Try not to guess, but figure out exactly why
  23. ok level 7 fucked with me and now level 8 is doing so. i have a feeling im going very far in the wrong direction. EDIT: not more than 10 seconds after i posted this did the answer pop into my head jesus christ.
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