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  1. Rather than type in excess I'll just say the basics: All in all, a pretty good song... Granted, not the best, but definitely something I wouldn't be in a rush to change if it started playing from my random OCR Playlist. While I would say this song does go a bit overboard with the profanity, this song wasn't made for people like me, so I won't complain, considering beyond that it has a lot more going for it than against. If anyone thinks I'm one of those 'o noes a bad wurd1 hide teh kisd1' types, I'll be the first in this topic to tell them "Stop being a fucking bitch and get the hell over it, you are blood in the stool of humanity, get a life!". Good song. n_n
  2. I wanted to like it (having played this game for who knows how long as a child), but it was a bit annoying to have to put up with such a long set-up before the actual song, and when it eventually DID get to the theme, it sounded like it was coming out of a pair of bad speakers (for lack of a better word, 'fuzzy', but it was more than that). I'm not expecting pulse-pounding realism or anything like that, but I do expect a bit more sound quality. I do like the idea, and really, if the 'intro' and fuzziness was cut out, I might really like this, but while these sound like small complaints, I can't enjoy a song when it constantly reminds me of its own flaws, even if it is built on good directions and ideas. In short, no, I don't like this song, but I might like it if its few flaws were fixed. On a lighter note, though, congratulations for the birth! I hope for many years of good health and happiness in her future! n_n
  3. After however long it was since I posted the stupid rant, I still regret having made it. It truly does hurt, having made they who are giving selflessly their time and talents feel not only underappreciated, but insulted by someone who should be grateful for their service. Though nobody seems mad about it anymore, I still feel the need to apologize again, and hope that, at whatever time you deem worthy, we will all enjoy the fruits of your labor and thank you for the years of time it took to bring it to us. (Sorry if I sounded insincere [what with the annoying prose, simply saying 'sorry!' didn't seem appopriate], but I thought an apology was in order, even though I already did apologize, and hope there aren't any hard feelings) On topic, though: I can't wait to see the finished project, though, especially after seeing a change in the completion list! n_n
  4. Well, all I can say is that the file is about 2 years old, if memory serves, and putting in the occasional 30 minutes over the course of a year got me to that point... Probably thinking 'I've already put so much time in this file, I may as well put in a couple more minutes to build up my stock of potions and ethers', but never wanting to continue it. Stupid, yes, very stupid, and fucking pointless. This also goes to show why I don't know, nor care, if it is reactor 1, 7, or eleventy.
  5. Not very hardcore, but I've written both a Quest 64 (I don't care what anyone says about fanfiction, but I'm still proud of how well I did that one, though I haven't even added a chapter in 3+ years) and a Harvest Moon fanfic... Actually, TWO Harvest Moon fanfics, but the first was so horribly written that I'm afraid to even think about it. I spent over 200 hours hacking, recording (to paper), and re-recording (to text document) a Harvest Moon 64 FAQ... Though it has gotten a lot of praise from the HM64 fans who know about it, that was quite a long time just for a FAQ. I have a 25 hour long file for Final Fantasy VII where I'm grinding for limits and Master Lighting and Ice materia... At Reactor 1. There was a week where I had to have spent upwards of 100 hours, if not more, playing video games. My frustration at the horrible programming choices of the Sega version of Monoploy (Your opponent can chose when you bid, and you to them as well) eventually ended a 3 year long friendship (I was 13)... He wouldn't stop making me bid, and after close to a minute of getting more and mroe frustrated at it, I threw the controller to the floor, and left. Were I the way I am now, I would have probably tried to apologize for my outburst and try to fix a good friendship, but I was a coward and a brat, so that never happened. Oh, and I guess I wouldn't have made the outburst, either. n_n; I bought and played Shaq-Fu... If that's not crazy, I don't know what is.
  6. Agreed. I haven't watched the video yet, but I honestly hope for less vocalizations, as they have been nothing but ass whenever they've used them in the last two albums (I can almost imagine them trying One-Winged Angel... *shudder*).
  7. Meh, something about arguing what happened during the 7 years or how it was able to happen in such a short time... It just doesn't seem worth it, in fact, it reminds me of when someone asked me how the world would be able to change so dramatically in the world of 1984 between 1948 and 1984. It's really not worth arguing, both stories want us to focus on the idea that the world has changed dramatically, and that either through acting before (Not in the book, but in the real world, as a warning) or after the fact (kil- seal Ganon and live peasantly ever after), we must change this horrible result. And really, Ganondorf is powerful enough... All he'd really need to do is find a few allies to brainwash or convince, use their power to destroy any relevant threat, and claim dominion through sheer fear and will using his third of the Triforce. Not a problem in 7 years of time. As for Link, he was probably locked in the way he was from the time he pulled his sword until he was old enough, and since his individual intellect wasn't a part of the storyline, I'd assume that the people of a ruined future wouldn't notice a juvenile vocabulary and the like. But if he needed intellect and whatever else he would need, you could cop out and say it was due to the influence of the sage. And it is weird that hardly any games have black people... Like Final Fantasy, where the only black main party member was Barret, who was stereotypical in too many ways to count.
  8. I was about to suGgest somethIng, but I'd rather not risk a some random person finding it and being stupid enough to try it out. I'VE got enough trouble as IT is without some sue-hAppy idiots getting on my BAck (not to menTion tHat I'm not made of money). THAT WAS SO SUBTLE, IN FACT, I BET THAT YOU IDIOTS WON'T FIND THIS TEXT, LOL, N()()bz11! (Must I honestly say 'Just kidding'?) But honestly, some of these tips might help me too, since I wouldn't want to mess up my SNES in simply trying to clean it.
  9. Urgh, the whole thing is completely unreasonable... Really, who's been able to do this without savestates?
  10. But back to something at least somewhat on-topic: Nothing is moot on this topic due to the simple fact that so little is truly known to us about something that is best learned through experience rather than mere speculation, and since all we have to go off of is speculation, then this topic, in turn, must become about our speculations. Saying that arguing the semantics of the limited information provided to us is a moot point, in itself, seems a moot point considering what was stated previously. So to be on-topic is to speculate on things we can only imagine, so really, this discussion of what characters would be good in SSBB, what options should or shouldn't be, and so on is exactly what this topic requires and arguing the semantics of our arguments of semantics is, I shall say it again, a moot point. IOW: I just proved that objective opinions and logical discussion is a moot point on this topic, while arguing things we couldn't possibly know and pulling ideas out of our asses is perfectly on topic. Note: This is likely to be dissected and beat to a pulp, but at least I tried... Well... Gave a half-assed attempt at making it LOOK like I tried, and really, isn't that all that counts? The answer is no, and that I phail.
  11. ;_; I REAAAALY want that game. Also, Geno is the shit, and anyone who disagrees can do an unpleasant activity of their own choosing
  12. Right now, I'm using Stand-up comedy (Eugene Mirman, Lewis Black, Dane Cook, George Carlin, Mitch Hedberg [RIP], etc.) for gaming background, but if I need to have a more on-topic feel for a game feel just right, I'll either listen to remixes (Chrono Symphonic, Black Mages, etc.), powerful or simply great opera/choir/symphonic music (Red Army Choir [if I'm playing Tetris, this is a definite must], Nicolo Paganini, etc.), or for a few games, chants do wonders (Byzantine, FTW). Sometimes I'll listen to the original game music, but I've played a lot of the games quite a bit, and I need a bit of musical variety.
  13. Interesting observation, considering the Harvest Moon series started in the SNES era and Animal Crossing started in the GCN era. That's the only thing holding it back, though... It was a nintendo-exclusive series (another game was made for GB(/C?), There are quite a few ways the various spells could be used for attacks, Ultimate Wind or Avalanche would make amazing Smash Attacks, and Mammons' theme rocks. Which is why I said the Jack and Brian would be great choices, due to their potential.
  14. People laughed at me when I suggested Jack from the Harvest Moon series and Brian from Quest 64, so for my unjust revenge, I'll laugh at you... But offline, so you don't get the smug satisfaction of quoting the laughter and calling it nerdy. === Here is the point in which I defend my stance, because nobody thinks I'm making a serious suggestion when, really, it can be a very good one. === Actually, Jack has major potential... His forward smash could be much like Peach in SSBM, but rather than sports equipment, he'll use his main tools [{Least Damage} Watering can, Hoe, Scythe, Ax, Hammer {Most Damage}] His charged attack could be (this is the only part I haven't found a good suggestion for), maybe the fishing pole could release bigger and bigger fish? Meh, I know, but I tried. and for his smash attack, they could use one of two things: 1] He opens an umbrella, which dramatically summons a gigantic thunder storm which hits everyone, besides Jack, within distance to take huge damage (Reference to HM:GBC, where the umbrella waters all plants nigh-instantaneously). 2] He pulls out one of his main tools, but this time, he prepares for a gigantic swing, and eventually is surrounded by a powerful aura, before finally letting loose an amazing attack (Reference to HM:FoMT, where, if you follow the right criteria, you will get cursed tools, bless them [in various ways] to make blessed tools, and [though another set of arduous criteria] upgrade them into Mythic tools [All three of these types of tools, when you charge them to these levels, surround your character in an aura, and releasing the power of the tool often has a dramatic affect on things around you, such as the Hammer releasing a blinding white light before destroying every stone, boulder, and rock in the area and the Hoe pretty much tilling an entire screen worth of soil when released, which is a lot]) so yeah... The effects this could have would be numerous and all would be effing awesome [Even the watering can could probably release hundreds of small drops which do 1 damage each]. === IOW, JACK FOR BRAWL!!!
  15. Heh, I instantly thought of the credit sequence to the Holy Grail... And of course, they had a link to a video of those credits. lolz (I haven't played WoW in a while, and even then, I only had low-level characters (15 Mage, 10 Preist, 5 Paladin), so I don't know much about the game.)
  16. Sort of, except you lose all your weapons, most of your exp, and there's a chance that, depending on what choices you made during cut-scenes, that you'll be spawned with some sort of polymorphic status effect. I play video games, I know things.
  17. In my head, there is a list of expletives building that I want to use against you for reminding me that I am still too friggin' young to drink. u_u
  18. Short Story: When a mediocre game is reviewed, It gets a low score. When a mediocre reviewer is reviewed, It gets walking papers. Long Story: The review looked to be correct in most of its observations, but I found too much repetition in his descriptions... I don't need to be told countless times in such a short review that the characters are 'unlikeable', especially when there is only one example, which is merely passable. It wasn't that good of a review, honest, but not very well done. I've seen previews of the game, and honestly was impressed by the idea of a multi-player game where there's the possibility of back-stabbing and revenge, but he was able to point out a few details that I would definitely dislike about it (poor AI, Lack of diverse AI spawning points, etc.). I could see how this review could be a final straw of sorts, if his other reviews are just as mediorce, so I couldn't really immediately say that this is a clear sign that the gaming industry is corrupt and unbelievable (Sure, there are other signs, but this isn't one of those). Honestly, I could easily imagine TP getting an 8.8, as it was a great game, but wasn't SO great that it would deserve much more (IOW, if it got into the upper 9's or a 10, I'd find it to be just another sign of biased reviewing)... And THPS3 was horrible, and deserves nothing more than a 3 (THPS1 was great as an initial release, 2 was probably the best of any game in the series, while 3 took everything 1 and 2 did right, and crapped all over it), so on that note, I agree, a 10 was WAY too high a score for THPS3. Myself, I also find GameFAQs to be one of the best review resources, because even though it has it's share of biased and poorly-written reviews, there are often a share of great reviews that give the game its chance, without fanboyism, rumors, or popular opinion getting in the way. Note: I may be wrong, and if I've really missed something here, please tell me.
  19. (This isn't directed at those of you how fully understand just what has occured, I am not trying to be condescending, but too many posters just don't seem to get it. I chose to post this outside of the regular topic because I fear people would take it the wrong way and flood the topic with arguments against my post, which is not what I want at all. This note was written after deciding to move this post to its own topic, so some things in this post may not make perfect sense. I also underlined the final sentence, because I found that this was a good summary of my thoughts.) Why do I feel that at least half of you don't even realize the gravity of the situation? A person has DIED, and yet every time I've visited this topic, hoping it has changed, I still notice a large amount of people saying 'Aw, that's sad, he was a good remixer'... Is that really all you think he was or ever did or was?! An entire life of loves, hates, joys, pains, care and distain has and shall forever be gone from the mortal realm. He had a family, friends, so many people cared for him, yet you only pay homage to his music. You quibble over something like how to pay respects yet don't even start... If you have the means, do so. If you respected and still respect him, then show some respect already, this isn't some school project you are talking about, after all. He wasn't just random collections of text that appeared on a message board every now and than, nor was he just a name that appeared under certain remixes... There was a man who typed all those words, and there was a man who worked hard on those songs you see that name next to, but outside of the text and the music, there was more. Myself, I don't have the means to pay homage to Reuben Kee properly (I don't know him or loved ones, their language, or just what I would say that wouldn't sound too general), nor did I know him before his death, but he was a good man, so I hope, if there, in fact, is a life after death, that his soul has found peace. Please, I know that a lot of you honestly know just what it means to die, and that your post was the best you could think of while knowing this... For those of you that is true for, this post isn't directed at you... But I can't stand the idea of a good man dying, only to be seen for a great talent he had, rather than the great man he was.
  20. *Sigh* Had this typed out and everything, then the window decided to close... (So if this message seems [insert adjective here], it's probably because I don't want to put in the same description I did before having it disappear mysteriously) u_u; Anyway, I decided to make some custom calligraphy lettering for my screenname for the sig, but the problem (especially when I tried copperplate) was that when I try to do anything besides pixel-by-pixel work, I can't put in the fine tuning I want to do, but when doing it pixel-by-pixel, when I zoom back to regular size, everything looks rough (It looks great otherwise, but you can still easily tell where pixels end in more diagonal areas), especially the one-pixel thick lines. I refuse to use a set of lettering made by someone else, for various reasons, so don't suggest any unless it is to show an example of what you mean. What I need are suggestions on how to make the lines look smooth, and since this is pretty much the only sig topic around, what better place to ask?
  21. I believe you have both missed the meaning of what I said, which was that the music has great potential for remixing, but isn't that great beyond that. Saying it in a slightly different way, the music isn't noteworthy, but a person with the right skills could definitely make a good remix of it. I honestly don't know how you saw it as a contradiction to my statement (Otherwise, taking the time to quote me and tell me I phail wouldn't make sense) to say that you or someone else made a good enough remix to get accepted, since I clearly said that it had potential for remixing.
  22. I see the potential for remixing Cheetahmen II, but honestly, I don't think the music is really THAT great... But on to the subject at hand... While, of course, some music from this game isn't that great, I think Kabuki Quantum Fighter had a couple songs that should definitely be looked at. Quest 64 also has major places where remixes would do wonders, such as the desert, Shamwood Palace, and final boss theme, for sure. Also worth a look is Harvest Moon 64's 'failure' song, which plays if you don't pass the requirement before the day your dad evaluates your farm.
  23. And all it took was a little fudge, awesome!
  24. Thank you! But wow, this is a frightening little program... I have a feeling I'll be experimenting with this for a while. o_o' Edit: (10:01p [11-20] - Coming up with some interesting ideas, none as good as anything I've seen here, but I'm starting to get a hang of it.)
  25. Now that I think about it, didn't Judgment-O's! used to have a jingle? Whine, Bitch, Com-plain, Wake-up call of the Judge, Might give a RESUB If you give them some fudge. (Fuck you, I'm not a lyricist!
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