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OCRCL Holiday Chess Tournament


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Just message him while he's away.

I'll get a new standings sheet up soon, folks, I just wanted to update you on what I am feeling about the league now...

I'm glad to see some new faces really eager to play matches - it's nice to see and maybe it means we'll have a new batch of players involved, and we can get the OCRCL back to where it was about a year and a half ago, when we started up the monthly tournaments again.

However, I am finding it harder and harder for myself to commit to even a single game, let alone a whole match. Therefore, I would like to propose the following items:

5/10 clocks

Three divisions (two games vs. everyone in division, one game vs. everyone outside). Randomly drawn in the old style I used for August 2006. This would make for at least 1/3 less games.

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For some reason, my pop-up blocker keeps preventing me from using aol. If anyone wants to contact me about a game, please use send a message to my IM account, or PM if that's easier.

You shouldn't have to use AIM express. Download AIM 5.9 (the old one, but still not 6.0). It's what I use and it's much much better.

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1. e2-e4 c7-c5

2. d2-d3 b8-c6

3. c1-d2 e7-e6

4. g1-f3 a7-a6

5. b1-a3 d8-c7

6. g2-g3 g7-g6

7. c2-c4 f8-g7

8. d2-c3 g7xc3+

9. b2xc3 c7-a5

10. d1-b3 g8-e7

11. o-o-o a5-c7

12. d3-d4 c5xd4

13. f3xd4 a8-b8

14. f1-g2 c6-a5

15. b3-b4 o-o

16. h1-e1 e7-c6

17. d4xc6 a5xc6

18. b4-c5 b7-b6

19. c5-g5 c6-e5

20. f2-f4 e5xc4

21. g5-e7 c8-b7

22. d1xd7 c7-c5

23. e7xc5 b6xc5

24. a3xc4 b7-c6

25. d7-e7 f8-d8

26. c4-e5 c6-e8

27. f4-f5 f7-f6

28. f5xe6 f6xe5

29. e1-f1 e8-b5

30. f1-f7 b5-e8

31. f7-g7+ g8-f8

32. g7xh7 d8-d3

33. g2-f1 d3xc3+

34. c1-d2 c3-f3

35. f1-c4 b8-b2+

36. d2-c1 b2-g2

37. e7-f7+ e8xf7

38. e6xf7 f3-c3+

39. c1-b1 c3xc4

40. h7-h8+ f8xf7

41. h8-h7+ f7-f6

42. h7-b7 c4xe4

43. b7-b6+ f6-f5

44. a2-a4 e4-e1++

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I'm considering a Pirated version of Star Wars. "Arr matey! Thar be a distrubance in thy forrrrce..." "Swarley job thar, kid, now don't get yourself scurvy!" and of course..."Luke! I be thy cap'n!"

Foo if u dun update ur tabl3s or pl4y me i'm gonna cap a bishop in ur ass!

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