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Wiimotes died :(


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I was browsing the net with Opera in the Wii and all of the sudden the Wiimote disconnected.

The batteries are full, so thats not the problem.

I tried syncing the Wiimotes again, but it didnt solve the problem either.

I cannot turn on the console with the Wiimotes and even if the console is on, on the "press A button" screen the Wiimotes wont do crap.

What do you guys think it is?

Im really desperate


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Nintendo was excellent customer service

Damn you Damned, I loled so hard I sprayed sprite all over my monitor. :lol:

as for your wiimote issue try this before sending it to the big N...

Try unpluging the Wii from the wall outlet. Some Wiis have a bug that makes them think that they are over-synched with Wii-motes (I called Nintendo when mine just flashed and me and didn't respond). Leave the Wii unplugged for more than 30s to apparently reboot the system. After that, mine worked fine.
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