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OC ReMix Fighting Game Tournament Special: Garou - Mark of the Wolves

Arek the Absolute

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Okay, Estevao is currently AFK for a while, so instead of having a jpeg chart like usual, I will just have a stat board of how many matches you guys have won, at least until he comes back.

Rules are a little different this time around. Estevao proposed a new scoring idea and I think that it is worth at least a try.

Each time you challenge an opponent, you are to play them three times, regardless of if you win the first two matches or not. Post the scores here and I shall keep tabs on how many matches you win. The top six people will then advance to the semi-finals where the top two get bi's while the bottom 4 will have to face each other in a best 3 out of 5 match style. The winners of those will face the top two, and those winners shall face each other in the finals.

Good luck to you all!

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So uh

Are we going to challenge people or something like that?

It's your job and your job only to get your matches done - Arek and I just sit by and deal with administrative issues.

Right now, there are 12 players, which means 11 matches/33 games. You can finish the round-robin with 33 wins...although because of people's availability, somewhere in the range of 10 will likely be enough, but you never know (the HSF2 tournament had 17 players, I was the only one to play everyone, and I barely eked in with a 7-9 record).

You will be ranked by most wins, and in case of a tie, MOST losses (to encourage you to play), then head-to-head matchup. This means that even a 0 win, 3 loss match is at least somewhat productive.

I will post standings once one match has been played - I'm currently having some issues with my spreadsheets and it's a little tougher than I had anticipated...

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