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  1. Thanks man, glad you liked it, here's the sources for the footage I used (it was in the info box when you opened the video in revver): Footage: "Living with Wolves" (Jim Dutcher, Jaime Dutcher, Discovery Channel), "In the Valley of the Wolves" (Bob Landis, PBS: Nature), "Wolves" (David Douglas, IMAX)
  2. I don't have much experience with 8 bit albums, but I'm really enjoying this album, it's great, thanks for giving us the opportunity to listen to it.
  3. Thanks for posting up the videos, I think the competition went really well, we have some spectacular entries. Congratulations to everyone who won! I was talking to DJPretzel about the competition and he asked me how I created my video. He thought it'd be a good idea to post the info in here. Here's some back story on the technical/and some of the creative process. So for my video I primarily used the adobe suite of programs. After researching some Native American Art for ideas and Red XIII's markings I started to sketch some things up, working in both Illustrator and Photoshop. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to cut out the clips that I wanted from the fullsize originals. At this point I created a rough storyboard of what I wanted for the project. The final really doesn't look anything like it though, but whatever, the project went through a lot of changes and revisions as I was working. The most important thing for me was to keep everything in sync with the music, since that was the whole point of the music video. So after that I moved into After Effects and started putting clips together. Once I had what I thought was a cohesive set of clips I started to animate over it with what I was creating in illustrator and photoshop. I kept doing this (jumping back and forth between illustrator/photoshop and after effects) until I reached the end, the whole time going back and revising sections. I hope that gives you some idea of my process for this.
  4. Haha, hey LuisX I see your name all over the place when I'm playing, was wondering who you were. Not many other people play OCRemixes :\. I pretty much play eraser with a sprinkling of ninja mono. Awesome songs I've enjoyed so far (without looking through my playlist): FFMusicDJ - Ahead on our rave Zircon/Sixto - Lunatic Moon HousetheGrate - Walk on Water and La Hora es Tarde Snappleman - Dead Batteries and Malicious Fingers Snappleman/Braincells - Scrambled Eggman Norg - Iron Spire/Zeboimite Ascension In fact anything by Snappleman or Norg JAXX - Lightning Star Analoq - Sierra Navada-Tan Rayza - Rolling Start A bunch of stuff from Jivemaster (althought I can't recall which I played right now) There's definitely a ton more, and so much more I have to go through.
  5. Since the actual judging is done, is there any word on when the announcement will be?
  6. DB live action movie is happening unfortunately. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1098327/ Of note, it's being produced by Stephen Chow and Master Roshi is being played by Chow Yun Fat.
  7. After reading OP I feel almost obligated to say Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Megadave.
  8. Hey, thanks for the great write up, that's a lot to think about. My original idea was to take Red XIII and try and apply that to real life, as strange as that sounds. So I drew upon Native American and tribal art as inspiration for some of the animation that is used in the video. Anything else I took straight from the character himself, looking at offical sketches/in game cinematics. I tried to give a general feeling to the video basically, I hope that came through. BTW I left some comments for your video on the youtube page.
  9. Here's what I came up with. There's a higher quality version of it on my site if anyone is interested or has trouble seeing the animation: http://www.okeydokeydesign.com/stone_eyes.mov
  10. I think Parappa the Rapper is considered the first rhythm game. If not then it's the first modern rhythm game. Street Fighter is the first game to have a more complex button input system (pressure inputs for punch/kick power), which lead to Street Fighter 2. SF2 was the first game to have the 6 button input system (LP, MP, HP, LK, MK, HK), which was then adopted by almost every other studio out there when making fighting games. I think it was also the first game to have special moves and then super moves deriving from button combinations (for just the fighting genre that is).
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