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  1. Thanks man, glad you liked it, here's the sources for the footage I used (it was in the info box when you opened the video in revver): Footage: "Living with Wolves" (Jim Dutcher, Jaime Dutcher, Discovery Channel), "In the Valley of the Wolves" (Bob Landis, PBS: Nature), "Wolves" (David Douglas, IMAX)
  2. Zethzen

    Shnabubula's Controller 1

    I don't have much experience with 8 bit albums, but I'm really enjoying this album, it's great, thanks for giving us the opportunity to listen to it.
  3. Thanks for posting up the videos, I think the competition went really well, we have some spectacular entries. Congratulations to everyone who won! I was talking to DJPretzel about the competition and he asked me how I created my video. He thought it'd be a good idea to post the info in here. Here's some back story on the technical/and some of the creative process. So for my video I primarily used the adobe suite of programs. After researching some Native American Art for ideas and Red XIII's markings I started to sketch some things up, working in both Illustrator and Photoshop. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to cut out the clips that I wanted from the fullsize originals. At this point I created a rough storyboard of what I wanted for the project. The final really doesn't look anything like it though, but whatever, the project went through a lot of changes and revisions as I was working. The most important thing for me was to keep everything in sync with the music, since that was the whole point of the music video. So after that I moved into After Effects and started putting clips together. Once I had what I thought was a cohesive set of clips I started to animate over it with what I was creating in illustrator and photoshop. I kept doing this (jumping back and forth between illustrator/photoshop and after effects) until I reached the end, the whole time going back and revising sections. I hope that gives you some idea of my process for this.
  4. Zethzen


    Haha, hey LuisX I see your name all over the place when I'm playing, was wondering who you were. Not many other people play OCRemixes :\. I pretty much play eraser with a sprinkling of ninja mono. Awesome songs I've enjoyed so far (without looking through my playlist): FFMusicDJ - Ahead on our rave Zircon/Sixto - Lunatic Moon HousetheGrate - Walk on Water and La Hora es Tarde Snappleman - Dead Batteries and Malicious Fingers Snappleman/Braincells - Scrambled Eggman Norg - Iron Spire/Zeboimite Ascension In fact anything by Snappleman or Norg JAXX - Lightning Star Analoq - Sierra Navada-Tan Rayza - Rolling Start A bunch of stuff from Jivemaster (althought I can't recall which I played right now) There's definitely a ton more, and so much more I have to go through.
  5. Since the actual judging is done, is there any word on when the announcement will be?
  6. DB live action movie is happening unfortunately. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1098327/ Of note, it's being produced by Stephen Chow and Master Roshi is being played by Chow Yun Fat.
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  8. Zethzen

    Happy Birthday Extravaganza

    After reading OP I feel almost obligated to say Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Megadave.
  9. Wow, thanks for setting up that table estevao.
  10. Zethzen Vs. DJSammyG: 1 - 2 Super close matches. Really intense.
  11. Zethzen

    Voices of the Lifestream Music Videos

    Hey, thanks for the great write up, that's a lot to think about. My original idea was to take Red XIII and try and apply that to real life, as strange as that sounds. So I drew upon Native American and tribal art as inspiration for some of the animation that is used in the video. Anything else I took straight from the character himself, looking at offical sketches/in game cinematics. I tried to give a general feeling to the video basically, I hope that came through. BTW I left some comments for your video on the youtube page.
  12. Zethzen

    Every month is Terry Bogard month.

    Awesome to the max.
  13. Zethzen

    Voices of the Lifestream Music Videos

    Here's what I came up with. There's a higher quality version of it on my site if anyone is interested or has trouble seeing the animation: http://www.okeydokeydesign.com/stone_eyes.mov
  14. Zethzen

    Firsts in video games

    I think Parappa the Rapper is considered the first rhythm game. If not then it's the first modern rhythm game. Street Fighter is the first game to have a more complex button input system (pressure inputs for punch/kick power), which lead to Street Fighter 2. SF2 was the first game to have the 6 button input system (LP, MP, HP, LK, MK, HK), which was then adopted by almost every other studio out there when making fighting games. I think it was also the first game to have special moves and then super moves deriving from button combinations (for just the fighting genre that is).
  15. I'm definatly interested.