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OCR00901 - *YES* SaGa Frontier 'The Castle of Everlasting Night'

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Here it is:

Artist: Chaos

Email: creativechaos@fantasyfinale.com

Remix: The Castle of Everlasting Night OC Remix

Song: Facinaturu's theme from the SaGa Frontier Original Soundtrack

Composer: I believe Koji Kondo wrote the original. (Update from DC13: Kenji Ito. Koji Kondo doesn't work for Square.)

Description: It's an orchestral arrangement with some twists in a few places. I think you'll like it.

Thanks, DJP!

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Anno? This sounds a lot like the Library theme from SotN. Must just be

the choice of instruments.

Those instruments do sound pretty damn nice though (Except for that

crash cymbol roll right in the first few seconds, it's icky because of the

way it's retriggered). Overall there's alot of richness in the instruments

but I'm feeling like it's just too short for the format. It does feel pretty

complete by the time it's over, but I really think it should be longer.

Those are more of personal taste issues than technical assertations, so


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Actually I'd say your complaint about length is a a very viable one. What the hell is it with getting 8 remixes today that are all excessively short?? I don't know. I guess if they all get posted at least it won't hog bandwidth as much...

Anyway, I like the way this song climaxes at around 1:30... well except for that dissonance thing. I mean, dissonance is not bad. But I think this is more the fault of the original. Anyway, it's a good build and climax...

Ok, no, cotmm, I think your gut is right most of the time, but you rarely listen to it


This song ends on the dominant of the key it's in. The dominant, for reference, is the 5 of a scale, if you play a dominant chord (especially a dominant seventh) from any key, it always feels like it needs to go back down to the tonic key (tonic being the root key, i.e. the key the song is in). Now this isn't exactly the same, but imagine the "A - men" at the end of hymns. Imagine if it just stopped on "A" and didn't resolve down to "men." It would feel pretty unresolved. The reason that example isn't the best is because the "Amen" cadence is a plagal (from the subdominant) cadence and not a perfect (from the dominant) cadence. I know all of this technical mumbojumbo just seems like bullshit I'm throwing around to sound smart, but it's based on the way something sounds, not just some arbitrary rules some dead white guys came up with. And this song ends in a key that SOUNDS like it needs to resolve back to the root key.

So, people, in the future, END YOUR FUCKING SONGS!



(hey, if DarkCecil can rant about ID3 tags, I can rant about endings)

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Nice orchistra arrangement. I really havent heard this kind of arrangement on this site before. (Im sure another exists, but I haven't heard it)


Ending is rather abrupt and unresolved, as Dan and Cotmm said, even though Dan is a stuck-up Cuban Fag.

I have a problem with the high note at exactly 1:54 , but oh well, thats probably how the original went.

Too damn short.

I like it, very nicely done. Lets work on those endings a bit, though. 2 minutes is ridiculously short. Its a sign of lazyness to me. ANY song can be longer than 2 minutes.


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