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Beats for the PSP...

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The Playstation Store on the PC has an exclusive game you can download called Beats for the PSP. I heard that you can basically use ANY music track you have on your memory stick and integrate it into the game's rhythm-based gameplay. I'm hearing its extremely addictive and the fact that you can use your library is the best thing of it all. I'm going to download this soon and give you more impressions. Once I download this, I'm going to experiment with OCR tracks. The recently-released Wanderer on the Offensive sounds like a nice start. :)

So anyone downloaded/downloading this? Use any OCR tracks?

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I was thinking about getting this, but I don't put music on my PSP, and I already have Phase for the iPod which sounds exactly the same - you have it analize any track on your iPod and it plays a rhythm game that plays exactly like one track of Frequency or Amplitude. It's ok....sometimes the charts it comes up with make sense, other times, it's kind of just random patterns on the beat that don't have anything to do with the music.

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