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  1. Uematsu-san! I've been a fan since I started playing Final Fantasy. I have every one of his tracks on my iPod. oh the nostalgia
  2. nice remix! i loved it. though i wish there was a version where the entire mix was like the intro. i love the spanish guitar flavor in the intro
  3. can i request time devourer from chrono cross, nyx from persona 3, and metroid prime/dark samus from metroid prime 3 or is it too late?
  4. love it. i love anything from Xenogears anyway but this is an awesome mix to supplement my collection. really feeling the rock. great for playing pvp in WoW lol. ty for submitting this. wish it was a little longer though its so good i dont want it to end lol
  5. oh yeah. lmao i always get them mixed up but yeah. ok jechts theme and otherworld would make great remixes.
  6. jechts theme- im into classical guitar and blues but i would like to hear a remix for it. id like to hear a fresh new take on it. otherworld- idk how remixable this song is but its the best fight song in the entire game imo. i am hoping that someone can remix this track. i feel if it is done correctly it will be great. maybe sixto or zircon can make it work but maybe thats asking too much. *editted to clear up confusion
  7. i was wondering if the music on the site could also be categorized by style and genre. it would be so much easier searching for rock, trance, classical etc. music on the site. especially since some games have not been played by some people.
  8. GitS: SAC is excellent. If u love the movie then would love the show. SAC involves the Laughing Man case and SAC 2nd Gig goes through The Individual 11. its not watered down if thats what ur worried about.
  9. Ghost in the Shell Ergo Proxy (more like BR than GitS) Hellsing (vampire stuff if ur into it) Evangelion (really good but its a love it or hate it thing) Cowboy Bebop Samurai Champloo Monster (only in jap but its really good) Karas There is more cyberpunk stuff but EP and GitS r excellent
  10. *spoiler warning* http://forums.gametrailers.com/showthread.php?t=297766 here is the complete roster and info from the japanese version.
  11. Will it be in theaters? 'cause then ill definitely go to see it the first day and play RE4 and UC straight through.
  12. "Are you OK?!?!?! Busta Wolf!!! --> Powa geysa!!!" my favorite combo in Capcom vs SNK 2
  13. awesome im gonna dl it asap. ive always wanted to play a rhythm game with my ocr tracks.
  14. i have absolutely no idea y people are making stupid claims that MP3 is bad. I love the game and am playing through it a 3rd time. first i have played the other metroid games and i dont see a difference in working with the space federation cause ur still alone in the end and the boss fights were amazing. second if u dont like the hint system turn it off retards. third there is a difficulty setting if u didnt know so dont complain that is too easy. third the ship puzzles were good and doing bombing runs with the ship is awesome and travelling with the ship was easier than traversing through half the planet to get to somewhere else. so all u "metroid" fans who cant appreciate one of the best games in the series can shove ur dumb excuses where the sun dont shine cause thats exactly where they came from. fusion was also a great game and very story driven but i didnt hear many complaints for that one. so tell me how is that diff from mp3.
  15. Xenogears Okami Shadow of the Colossus Super Smash Bros. Melee idk how amny traks in each but those have really cool music (a remixed Smash album would be cool when playing with friends).
  16. Hey guys im not a remixer but i wanted to suggest a mega man themed remix project. It could be on mega man 1-8 and/or the X series and/or the Zero series. So if anyone likes this idea feel free to post.
  17. Hey whats up im new to the forums but i have been coming to this site for a long time and i love it. Well anyway i am just looking for music like the remix Final Fantasy 10 Journey's End and Metal Gear Solid 2 BigShellWestBristol. if u have recommendations ill be glad to check them out. Also if any remixers read this im just wondering if someone can remix some more Xenogears tracks like Awakening or One Who is Torn In Two and some Final Fantasy 12 tracks. Thanks and keep up the good work!
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