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OCRCL - January 2008 Chess Tournament


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Alright alright, time to end it (I know I'm a little late).

There is a significant change in the playoff format, since dP was the only one to answer, and he voted 2 and I vote 1 and my vote is the tiebreaker etc etc etc...Anyways...

You will play ONE game at 10/15 time controls against your opponent.

Higher seed chooses color. In case of a draw, switch color and play again.

First one to record a victory wins the match and advances.


(3) MechaSonic4ever [1¾ pts] vs. (6) dPaladin [3 pts]

(4) estêvão [8 pts] vs. (5) Setz [4¾ pts]


(1) damathacus [10¼ pts] vs. (3/6)

(2) Keegan The Fox [7 pts] (4/5)


(1/3/6) vs. (2/4/5)

*note: I changed around the matchups from a standard format so that damathacus and Keegan would not be playing divisional rivals in the semifinals, and so the top side of the bracket wasn't solely a rock divisional championship...I guess I found out first-hand what crap the NBA and NHL have been going through :P

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I know that as a group we've never really been good about playoffs.

I won't start the next tournament until this one is either done or mostly done (damathacus is very MIA for a little while so I know we won't be playing that game).

Don't forget, you CAN play games ahead as if the result of your current match is a victory, but I do not encourage it as a replacement because it forces me to be subjective. That being said, I'll probably do it anyways :P

estevao vs. Setz

dPaladin vs. MechaSonic

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February tournament?
No, but I'd like to start a new one before the week is out. It'll be three-phased (league, pool, and final), single-round-robin (with assigned colors), so I'm a little torn on the scheduling (I'd like at least 24 days for the first phase, and probably 14 for the second) and number of players to advance (but it'll probably be six).

And I'll probably call it March.

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