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OCRCL - January 2008 Chess Tournament


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METZGERISM (6:50:51 AM): I think I'd rather have the commies than the Osamas

MAngers99 (6:50:56 AM): Well, it's not like it doesn't exist. I mean, Russia is still there

METZGERISM (6:51:09 AM): yeah but it's Putin

METZGERISM (6:51:15 AM): he's all 5'6" and shit

MAngers99 (6:51:20 AM): lol

METZGERISM (6:51:41 AM): it's all he can do to keep Kasparov from 1. e4++'ing his ass

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If you play me you'll suffer a QUICK and WEIRD loss.


That's weird, because I could swear the board says we already had our game and I served you an embarrassing defeat. Or maybe I'm thinking of the last tourney. No, wait, in the last tourney I served you two embarrassing defeats. So hard to keep track.

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