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OCR00897 - *YES* Ogre Battle 'Zenobia's Grave (A Champion Has Risen)' *FT*


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game: Orge Battle

track: Zenobia's Grave

remix: A Champion has Risen

[18:42:56] <Kwixinator> Umm.. i sent this in about 4 months ago..

i can't remember the exact date..I switched Email addresses between

that time..but i havent heard anything about it, so.. umm yea.. the mix

is actually a co-piece between me and Michael Dover, he also goes

by the name of "israfel" .. I did the initial remix via FL, and we passed

it back and forth, and he pumped out the final product, and gave me

permission to post it, that simple.

[18:56:48] <Kwixinator> The remix name is

Zenobia's Grave: A Champion has Risen.

[18:57:48] <Kwixinator> its from the 3rd Stage theme, i believe,

the overworld theme. its from Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen.

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