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  1. Parts in games so difficult they made you stop playing

    The Legend of Zelda: The Spirit Tracks final dungeon just wore me the F down. As some of y'all might know, I have a triforce tattooed on my spine. I'm pretty serial about my Zelda, and this is one of very few in the series I haven't completed. Just sooooo tediously difficult. One of the other Zeldas I didn't complete? 2. And it wasn't Shadow Link. It was the area leading up to the final Temple. You know the section on the overworld with the random encounters with super strong Lizalfos, the weird eyeball dudes that dropped fire, and the lava? Yeah, that. So !#%$ing frustrating. Ground me right down.
  2. MAGFest 2017 (see you next mission)

    Hey y'all! I'm gonna be there! What's on the docket this year? Late night PPR discussions in real life? Profanity-laced pancake breakfasts? Nuking forums for bad behavior? On the real though, when's the OCR workout? When's the OCU concert? When's the panelz? I probably could look all this up, but I'm lazy.
  3. MAGFest 2016 (Combat your Post-MAG Depression here)

    Grrr! I had like next to no chilling with OCR peeps time this year. What's the next east coast event, yo?
  4. MAGFest 2016 (Combat your Post-MAG Depression here)

    Checkout is at 10 actually and then I ride back to Raleigh, soI may not work out in the morning after all. Next MAGFest for sure, bros.
  5. MAGFest 2016 (Combat your Post-MAG Depression here)

    So, I showed up to work out at like 1045 or so, which is perhaps a little late given I said 10 haha. I met Jeremy (Taucer) on the way down but I don't think anyone else was still there. I'm working tomorrow morning until 1pm but how about we work out Sunday morning at 10? For real? I'll set an alarm and stuff. Let's bro it up. P.s. GroupMe isn't working for crap for me. Thus, forum posts.
  6. MAGFest 2016 (Combat your Post-MAG Depression here)

    @OA Sweet. I will see you around 10 or so tomorrow then, hopefully!
  7. MAGFest 2016 (Combat your Post-MAG Depression here)

    @OA Sweet. I will see you around 10 or so tomorrow then, hopefully!
  8. MAGFest 2016 (Combat your Post-MAG Depression here)

    Hey guys, I'm here! I have seen a few OCR peeps I think, but have been working. When's the MAG workout, bros?
  9. Fit Club ahoy! Where men are bros and women are also bros!

    Sorry for the emotional turbulence, man, but considering that, still pretty manstrous (yeah I said it) progress overall. Those pullups are balls nasty and that OHP ain't no joke either. You'll get it this year!
  10. Request for permission to play your music

    ^It's actually a fairly simple process. Not easy, per se, but uncomplicated. All you really have to do is take the test from whomever you would like. I went through ACE, the American Council on Exercise. They are one of the most commonly recognized. While passing that is all you need to do to get the certification, the material covered is pretty effing expansive, so I would suggest to anyone interested to invest in as much of the learning aids as possible. Thanks everybody so far for the info/permission! The content policy does indeed seem to work fine and is very reasonable, thanks!
  11. Request for permission to play your music

    Hey everybody! I got my personal trainer certification on the 29th of January and am starting my career. To this point, I had a two-fold request: 1. What are some great OC Remixes for training? Think of what you might hear playing over the PA at a gym or in an aerobics class. Obviously fast-paced techno is a winner, but anything you guys like to listen to when you're getting your sweat on? I would just put this in the Fit Club thread, except... 2. May I have permission to play your music? Anyone who is or is not ok with this, please let me know. Natch I will shout you out. I rep OCR pretty hard as is and have been doing so for over a decade, so have no doubts as to this. Thanks!
  12. Fit Club ahoy! Where men are bros and women are also bros!

    Did this for a while and then fell off. I was spending a lot of time tracking my goals and I just started having less time in general. Hahahahahaha no. No sir. This might have happened if I had been hitting bench hard all last year, but I did a bunch of other stuff. I think I'm fairly well plateaued on bench, though I think if I learned how to really engage my chest I would get better results. I'm not too worried, as my current 1rm is 210, so if I keep that and am kicking around at 170 lbs or less, it's respectable. So close. I tried this a couple weeks back and didn't get squashed...butttt I didn't get down far enough to count it either. It was not a great lifting day for me in general due to various factors, so I'm pretty sure I could do this one. Haven't tried again, but perhaps soon. Also, I have been squatting barefoot, and I gotta admit, I think I'm converted. It was nice, especially since I have some very flat feet. Gripping the floor so hard. Forgot about this one. Last I left it, my 1rm was 165, and I might be a little better now cuz I've still done these, but haven't went for a max in a sec. Nope. Haven't had the time, sad to say. I think I'm gonna start consistently doing yoga on Sundays, so this might happen. I'm not that worried about it. Nope. Went down, went back up, but now I'm doing a 24 hr fast from Saturday morning after breakfast to Sunday, and this has been going really really well, actually. I'm excited about my progress. Nope, cuz of the above. We'll see. Totally did this! I started doing Brazilian Jiujitsu in August and have made some real gains in my grappling game. I have a decent Americana! Watch out, world! Sort of did this. I have rolled with and sparred with my BJJ and Muay Thai coach (same guy, total badass natch,) and it's not really my conditioning that stops me so much as his feet and hands. Haven't done a ton, but enough to know that I'm not that bad off on this. Been doing Muay Thai! I would still like to just straight up box (totally an option at my fight gym,) but boxing is at the same time as BJJ, and I probably need to grapple more. Nope. Forgot/neglected this one. It would be cool, but it's not super high on my list of priorities. Nope. Never really put in much time on this, either. I got my ACE personal trainer certification on the 29th! And, as of this past Tuesday, I have a client! Getting this ball rolling, damn it! Feeling good about it, to be honest. What he said.
  13. Fit Club ahoy! Where men are bros and women are also bros!

    Hey guys! Haven't posted in a month of Sundays, but hope everyone is doing well! A cursory glance shows many of the same old faces, and I'm sure you guys are crushing the weights/goals and making them your bitches as you fine people always do! My own progress has been all over the board, though mostly good. Too much to post right now, but I'll try and catch up with you guys soon. Speaking of MAGFest, we gonna do a MAG workout? I was super bummed to miss it last year, and I want to make sure I have my shit together for it this year.
  14. MAGFest 2016 (Combat your Post-MAG Depression here)

    I'll be there, and I won't even be staffing that much this time!
  15. Fit Club ahoy! Where men are bros and women are also bros!

    Good work again, zircon! I'm sure there will be more hairy man pics to come. Soul Splint: how's Romanian deadlift for you? That's what I've been doing, and it seems like at least there's less action on the knees, if not necessarily less stress. I've been busy as hell so I haven't had much chance to log in here or Fitocracy even. I need to get on it, I suppose. My cut has been going okay, if slow. It's hard for me to really keep to IF and my calorie count given two jobs, a four year old, and a 21 year old girlfriend who is not bound by the same dietary and time restrictions. Less qq, though, more pew pew. I know. My lifts have mostly gone okay considering that I am usually working around 2000, 2100 calories a day (at least a few hundred under what I figure I should be at.) It's hard to know, really. My activity level is all over the place from day to day. Like I've said before, my life's a mess right now. Still though, I made all my new 1rms: 225 bench, 285 squat, 165 push press, 345 deadlift. I got squashed a lot though, on my 5's and 3's. That was mostly on my upper body stuff, so next mesocycle I'm going to keep the same targets for bench and push press. I probably will make my goals for push press and squat for the year, but I'm really not too worried about it for bench and haven't set one for the deadlift. 405 lol? No idea there.