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  1. Pretty much agreeing with the NO votes here: the saw synth is pretty vanilla, and being close to the source melody isn't helping the situation. Adding some changes in the melody and playing around with the lead will help set it apart more and overall will feel way more interpretive. The bass is a pretty awesome sound, but I agree that it is a tad low (apparently a little too far from the first sub!) and could be brought up just a bit. Lastly I'm going to agree that the soundscape feels a bit empty at times, and the rhythm guitars do seem like the issue there. All that being said, the solos and a lot of the drumwork really is pretty unique and fun, and I enjoyed what you did to the arrangement in general to make it your own. I think you can (and should!) take some more creative liberties like you've got here in future works. Look forward to hearing from you again! NO (resubmit)
  2. Nothing really to add here, the mood is pretty cool, and while this isn't my thing, it's a fun adaption of the original. My nitpick is there are a couple of times where the soundscape feels too empty. Some light pads might have helped fill out those sections, but it doesn't end up being a dealbreaker for me. Creative for sure! YES
  3. Yeah, for me this comes down to the transition at 3:11, it feels pretty awkward with the jarring chord lagging into a fairly different mood and feel. That being said I think that one transition isn't enough to bring down a good, simple, and fun arrangement of these tracks. I will also now that I agree a bit with Gario about the rubato yardage being a little too much at times, but overall i didn't find it to be a deadbeat here. Good luck on the rest of the vote! YES
  4. Gonna have to agree here, the track is lovely and the production is on point, but the track gets really repetitive. I would have loved some more dramatic changes, especially regarding the background bells. Altering the part throughout the track would have made a difference in my ears getting tired after (almost) 4 minutes. There are a couple times that they drop out, which definitely helps. Otherwise, having a small original section here also could have done a lot to break up the repetitions here. Lovely take on the theme, and I super appreciate you thinking of us with your arrangement album! Hope you submit more in the future, we'd love to hear it! NO (resub would be loved, but not expected)
  5. *real vote* Some really nice use of details, like fading and velocities which add a ton of flavor (1:08ish being the first example that comes to mind). Definitely an in-your-face type of arrangement, was half expecting some sort of sick rhyming flow to come in eventually. I do like that the motifs were stretched out rather than jumping back and forth through them. Curious how Larry would timestamp it, but I have no issues. Nitpick for me is that the kick feels a little...hollow? In no way a dealbreaker, but I felt at times it didn't totally fit the soundscape. Might even chalk up to personal preference. Ending is also a touch abrupt. Something slightly more definitive, maybe accenting the last chord could have helped. No big deal in the long run, as well. YES
  6. Agreed with pretty much everyone above. The sidechaining is definitely strong, and while I wouldn't mind having it toned down, I don't think it brings it below the bar overall. Hope to hear more from you in the future, the arrangement here is really nice, and the instrumentation is well-chosen. YES (borderline)
  7. Yeah, that mud is just not working here. For a good portion of the mix it's alright, then there are times where the lead is totally drowned out. I would really like to hear this cleaned up, because the arrangement has a lot of personalization to it, especially for the second half! NO (resubmit)
  8. Going to immediately chime in that I'm also not feeling the ending. It just seems odd and glitchy and too abrupt for the rest of the track. I think the soundscape you are going for is really awesome here! There are some production issues that need to to happen to fill out the track and 'warm it up' a little more, but I think you are definitely on the right track here. I'd also like to note that I appreciated some of the subtle panning you did; it's a nice touch. The drums stick out first for me, being so repetitive. I think varying up the drums and using them to lead the track could really add a ton more direction to the track and really help prevent that repetitive feel that we're all experiencing here. I also think a little more humanization in general could help[ the melody lines out as well. I'm also going to agree about the balancing, and the drums being a bit high whereas the melodies could come through a bit more overall. On the note of melodies, I think some variation there would also help out, they play the same pretty much every time. Great start here! You've got some work to go, but I think you're on a good track. NO (resubmit)
  9. Gario's advice here is spot-on. You've got a lot of good things going on for this, but ultimately the samples and simplicity of the sounds is dragging this down. The mix feels hollow despite the amount of details you put into certain aspects, like the glitching. I'd love to hear this worked on further to really flush out the soundscape and add the humanized element that will bring this up a few steps. Good luck! NO (resubmit)
  10. Got a new 3DS a while ago, forgot to update code 5344-2792-7064
  11. I'm going to agree that the murky/muddiness of the track opening is a bit of an issue, and I'd love to hear that get fixed up. I also felt that the string attacks are just a touch slow, and it makes the track feel a little bit out of time. Similarly going to agree with MW that the low end is a bit overpowering on some instruments and it's causing others to be lost in the process. I think overall the bass end of things can come down just a touch. The arrangement is pretty interpretive, and I felt like it does a good job of keeping the elements of the original while still going off on it's own. If I were to nitpick on the arrangement, I'd say it feels a little too meandering at times, but that is pretty small of an issue on the big picture. I'd like to hear one more pass on the production side of things here to clear things up a little. The opening is the biggest issue, and I like the idea of having a wash of sound, but I think this goes a step too far in that direction. Good luck! NO (resubmit)
  12. Hey guys, I need two more pokemon to complete my dex, and they are the two Moon exclusive Ultrabeasts! If someone has some they'd like to trade, I can offer the Sun exclusives, or can breed you a couple starters or something!
  13. The real question I want to know is what the Pokemon Go nest in the Gaylord is at the moment. (Please be Dratini...)
  14. Not hearing the rigidness really being a problem overall, but I do hear what Larry is talking about. The arrangement is really solid and there is a great mood overall in this track. I also wouldn't have noticed the cymbal panning, but I do think that's something to think about for future tracks add it doesn't make logistical sense (rotating stage???). Really enjoyed this, and I think others will too. YES