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  1. The movie is awesome! May the Force guide you away from spoilers XD I liked your tribute. It evokes a cool sense of grandeur. I'm just not much fan of the brass samples, but the choir ones worked very well Thanks for sharing it
  2. Hey folks, I'm kinda new to this kind of stuff. After I saw this post I've searched the Wikipedia article about SoundFont, but even reading it I feel to not be able to grasp it yet. So... what's a SoundFont?
  3. About the Aquatic Ambience track: Jesus, 9:36 is a hella long track, but here we go =) I loved the glissandi of the first 2 min of the piece. It was unexpected and pleasant, and reminded me Leandro Abreu's remix of another DK number titled "Sinfonia del Sabio". The water sounds on the first minute sound somewhat contrasting with the other materials because of the quality of the samples. For what I know of OCR style, if this is not a fully integrated aspect to the song as a whole they (judges) tend to not like it. I don't know about the politeness of suggesting a solution, but if I wa
  4. Hi Aquadango =) I like so much this piece from Megaman X. From X1 to X4 I believe the Opening Stage numbers could have more attention by remixers in general. The following is my take on some tips to look after in your ReMix. I used and adapted the form on the fixed post in this forum and hope it may help you to refine your work =D ARRANGEMENT / INTERPRETATION [X] Too conservative - sticks too close to the source PRODUCTION [X] Drums have no energy [X] Mixing is thin (e.g. too few depth in some frequency ranges) PERFORMANCE (live recorded audio/MIDI p
  5. StormSkuggan, you are in the right path! You have good ideas that gave me incentive to finally make an account to post into these forums. I have a lot to comment, but I'll focus on the "to improve on" because that's my reviewing style, but don't think that because I will speak little of the qualities I didn't liked what you did. I do like, and a lot ^^ Overall, if you do intend to label this ReMix as rock/metal, I feel the mix to lack the punch and the groove of these styles. What kind of do you have familiarity with Power Metal? Are you thinking more in the lines of an Angra, a Gamm
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