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  1. Going to immediately chime in that I'm also not feeling the ending. It just seems odd and glitchy and too abrupt for the rest of the track. I think the soundscape you are going for is really awesome here! There are some production issues that need to to happen to fill out the track and 'warm it up' a little more, but I think you are definitely on the right track here. I'd also like to note that I appreciated some of the subtle panning you did; it's a nice touch. The drums stick out first for me, being so repetitive. I think varying up the drums and using them to lead the track could really add a ton more direction to the track and really help prevent that repetitive feel that we're all experiencing here. I also think a little more humanization in general could help[ the melody lines out as well. I'm also going to agree about the balancing, and the drums being a bit high whereas the melodies could come through a bit more overall. On the note of melodies, I think some variation there would also help out, they play the same pretty much every time. Great start here! You've got some work to go, but I think you're on a good track. NO (resubmit)
  2. Gario's advice here is spot-on. You've got a lot of good things going on for this, but ultimately the samples and simplicity of the sounds is dragging this down. The mix feels hollow despite the amount of details you put into certain aspects, like the glitching. I'd love to hear this worked on further to really flush out the soundscape and add the humanized element that will bring this up a few steps. Good luck! NO (resubmit)
  3. Got a new 3DS a while ago, forgot to update code 5344-2792-7064
  4. Hey guys, I need two more pokemon to complete my dex, and they are the two Moon exclusive Ultrabeasts! If someone has some they'd like to trade, I can offer the Sun exclusives, or can breed you a couple starters or something!
  5. The real question I want to know is what the Pokemon Go nest in the Gaylord is at the moment. (Please be Dratini...)
  6. Got my present from my secret santa! At first I was a little skeptical of the box it came in...but inside were some adorable Eeveelution pillows! Thank you very much Ryan (and Addie!)
  7. Definitely a close one here overall. I think that the ideas presented are great, but are played too much and become stale as a result. I think that either done more variation in the rhythms our backing parts would make a pretty big difference, and/or shortening the overall length. NO (resubmit)
  8. I'm just on the NO side here, I think the compression/balance along with the super fake strings is enough to warrant another pass to get it improved. It's super close, though, and the arrangement itself is great. NO (resubmit please)
  9. Have my gift packed and ready to bring to the post office tomorrow, assuming the snow isn't too bad to make it there!
  10. Beat the game today! One survivor of my Nuzlocke Lite (Lurantis!). The challenge was fun, and Lurantis and Mudsdale ended up being the two unexpectedly good surprises for me that I really enjoyed playing with. I am excited now to start catching up on the Poke Pelago stuff now that I can catch the rest of the pokemon in the game
  11. I am just starting the third island now. Nuzlocke Lite run is going alright, boxed 4 guys so far, and have allowed one 'revive' due to the unfairness of 4 SOS helpers that also locked my 'mon in. But that's why I'm calling it 'Lite'
  12. Been playing a Nuzlocke lite version, still on the first island. Couple dudes got OHKO (in normal battles no less!) and it made me sad. Also what made me sad was Kadabra learning Kinesis when evolving and not confusion, and not having an attacking move until level 21 :/
  13. Signed up!
  14. Thanks for pointing that stuff out, I'd say it's still a bit close in terms of source usage, but I think it's there! YES (borderline)
  15. Gario really has some great advice here. The repetition on the opening motif definitely is a bit much, and some sort of variation would make a world of difference. Either shortening the number or changing the pattern would be effective (or both!). I'm also going to agree that the high end feels a bit lacking. The track feels almost stuffy as a result, and getting more of the higher end frequencies will really help open up the track. The Mega Man death sound effect could also be louder at the end, it's barely noticeable as is. Great start, but it needs a couple adjustments yet. NO (resubmit)