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  1. MW pretty much said everything I wanted to say here, but there's a couple things to add. At 0:53 the backing pad that comes in on the beat is very mechanical and feels a little too marching for what is going on otherwise in the track. Softening that section, or using that idea a little more sparely would allow it to fit better into the track or just be used to emphasize one section. I'd also like to emphasize that the lead feels like it's placed on top of the track instead of balanced in with the other parts. A lot of that stems from the fact that there is a sparse texture throughout, but a little more work balancing would help it feel more gelled with the rest of the track. There is good work here, but it still need some more. I'd suggest using our WIP boards to get some more feedback and resubmitting after that NO (resubmit)
  2. I think this is a lot closer than the other judges make it appear to be in their votes. The arrangement is driving and energetic, and the additive writing you've put in here does enhance the original a lot. That being said, I do think that this isn't quite there yet, for the same reasons that the others mentioned. There needs to be more variation in general; attacks on the instruments, preventing repetition, etc. I'd love to hear this again, and I you can get it back to us and get it posted relativley quickly NO (resubmit)
  3. Yeah, gonna throw my vote in here with Gario as well. The track has some really nice adaptation, and I really like the overall sound structure you have going on here, but there is just too much clutter going on where it becomes hard to focus on the main parts of the mix. Similarly, the main melody has been put way into the backburner while the backing parts are been brought up to the forefront. This can work in it's own way, but I don't think how it is handled here provides the direction and structure to drive the mix in the same way. I think a rebalance would go a long ways here. NO (resubmit)
  4. I do feel like there are too many melodies in the center section, and it feels a very medley there. I wish that that had been singled out to only a couple themes instead of so many. It ends up feeling cluttered and unfocused, which is enhanced by some of the mixing issues. Ryan sounds good here as always, though I agree that he isn't mixed super well into the track and stands out a bit too much. I do like the energy of the track overall, and I think cleaning out some of the fluff melodies would really help the track feel much more cohesive and would strengthen the arrangement immensely. I can see this going either way, good luck! NO (resubmit)
  5. This is really coming down to whether the repetition and static overall arrangement is too much. I think it just clears the bar for me, because the soundscape is pretty interesting in overall design, and I found myself enjoying the arrangement throughout. I can honestly see this going either way, and I'm not opposed to switching my vote if it means getting feedback to the artist sooner than later. That being said, I think in the future there can be more variation overall to provide more sonic and arrangement variety. Hope to hear more from Jacoby soon! YES (borderline)
  6. What a sweet arrangement! I'd love to hear this performed live! This is a super tough decision based on what everyone's said here; the arrangement is so great it almost makes up for the mechanical instrumentation, but at the same time the production is dragging the song down overall. In the end for me I think another pass at humanizing the parts would really make a difference here and the track would sound all the better for it. I'm curious what the other judges are going to say, and I wish you luck! NO (resubmit, please!)
  7. Pretty much agreeing with the NO votes here: the saw synth is pretty vanilla, and being close to the source melody isn't helping the situation. Adding some changes in the melody and playing around with the lead will help set it apart more and overall will feel way more interpretive. The bass is a pretty awesome sound, but I agree that it is a tad low (apparently a little too far from the first sub!) and could be brought up just a bit. Lastly I'm going to agree that the soundscape feels a bit empty at times, and the rhythm guitars do seem like the issue there. All that being said, the solos and a lot of the drumwork really is pretty unique and fun, and I enjoyed what you did to the arrangement in general to make it your own. I think you can (and should!) take some more creative liberties like you've got here in future works. Look forward to hearing from you again! NO (resubmit)
  8. Nothing really to add here, the mood is pretty cool, and while this isn't my thing, it's a fun adaption of the original. My nitpick is there are a couple of times where the soundscape feels too empty. Some light pads might have helped fill out those sections, but it doesn't end up being a dealbreaker for me. Creative for sure! YES
  9. Yeah, for me this comes down to the transition at 3:11, it feels pretty awkward with the jarring chord lagging into a fairly different mood and feel. That being said I think that one transition isn't enough to bring down a good, simple, and fun arrangement of these tracks. I will also now that I agree a bit with Gario about the rubato yardage being a little too much at times, but overall i didn't find it to be a deadbeat here. Good luck on the rest of the vote! YES
  10. Gonna have to agree here, the track is lovely and the production is on point, but the track gets really repetitive. I would have loved some more dramatic changes, especially regarding the background bells. Altering the part throughout the track would have made a difference in my ears getting tired after (almost) 4 minutes. There are a couple times that they drop out, which definitely helps. Otherwise, having a small original section here also could have done a lot to break up the repetitions here. Lovely take on the theme, and I super appreciate you thinking of us with your arrangement album! Hope you submit more in the future, we'd love to hear it! NO (resub would be loved, but not expected)
  11. *real vote* Some really nice use of details, like fading and velocities which add a ton of flavor (1:08ish being the first example that comes to mind). Definitely an in-your-face type of arrangement, was half expecting some sort of sick rhyming flow to come in eventually. I do like that the motifs were stretched out rather than jumping back and forth through them. Curious how Larry would timestamp it, but I have no issues. Nitpick for me is that the kick feels a little...hollow? In no way a dealbreaker, but I felt at times it didn't totally fit the soundscape. Might even chalk up to personal preference. Ending is also a touch abrupt. Something slightly more definitive, maybe accenting the last chord could have helped. No big deal in the long run, as well. YES
  12. Agreed with pretty much everyone above. The sidechaining is definitely strong, and while I wouldn't mind having it toned down, I don't think it brings it below the bar overall. Hope to hear more from you in the future, the arrangement here is really nice, and the instrumentation is well-chosen. YES (borderline)
  13. Yeah, that mud is just not working here. For a good portion of the mix it's alright, then there are times where the lead is totally drowned out. I would really like to hear this cleaned up, because the arrangement has a lot of personalization to it, especially for the second half! NO (resubmit)
  14. Going to immediately chime in that I'm also not feeling the ending. It just seems odd and glitchy and too abrupt for the rest of the track. I think the soundscape you are going for is really awesome here! There are some production issues that need to to happen to fill out the track and 'warm it up' a little more, but I think you are definitely on the right track here. I'd also like to note that I appreciated some of the subtle panning you did; it's a nice touch. The drums stick out first for me, being so repetitive. I think varying up the drums and using them to lead the track could really add a ton more direction to the track and really help prevent that repetitive feel that we're all experiencing here. I also think a little more humanization in general could help[ the melody lines out as well. I'm also going to agree about the balancing, and the drums being a bit high whereas the melodies could come through a bit more overall. On the note of melodies, I think some variation there would also help out, they play the same pretty much every time. Great start here! You've got some work to go, but I think you're on a good track. NO (resubmit)