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  1. Yeah, in the end I'm agreeing with the NO side here; there is some added parts and it is and interesting track that expands on the original soundscape a bit, but it isn't enough overall to fit the standards. Outside of said standards this is a really nice listen and could easily be considered a nice remaster of the original. NO
  2. I can see a little of what Larry is saying in regards to a couple of the transitions, but overall I felt that they were a bit to abrupt overall and hurt the overall flow. I am also surprised the other judges didn't mention that there seems to be a decent amount of reverb, especially in the lower instruments. The track feels a bit washed out and muddy, and I would have liked a cleaner room sound overall. I think the individual sources are treated fine, but I think the combination of these sources isn't working with the transitions that are there. As with some of your earlier pieces I'm going to suggest working with 1-3 sources and work on having them connect more strongly, as well as consider being a little more bold in your arrangement ideas to differentiate from the sources a little more. Each submission is improving, and I love seeing how you've grown each time I listen to a track! NO (resubmit)
  3. That amphitheater is pretty dope
  4. Already known in staff, but opting in!
  5. Pokéception in my house, guys. Haven't been to my regular work ER yet, but the hospital I worked at yesterday had a Pokéstop at the front that I visited as often as I could
  6. Definitely like where you are going with the Success theme here! Very pretty arrangement, and it fits solo acoustic guitar quite well. I think there reverb and sound delay is a little bit too heavy, though I like the swimming feel for the track in general. I can't say I'm feeling the transition and the Cornered theme at 2:00. It's sudden, doesn't really lead in or connect very well, and the arrangement isn't as strong. The shorter and faster plucking also sounds a lot thinner on the sample as well. I suggest taking the second half out and expanding the victory theme arrangement. The Cornered theme has some nice points, and that certainly can be used for a different arrangement, but I don't think these two together is working in this context. Also check out our WIP forums, I think you'd be able to get some good advice there from the mods and forum users on how to improve this further! NO (resubmit)
  7. Remixer Name: Terracorrupt Real Name: Pádraig O'Connor Email: Website: terracorrupt.com Name of Game(s) arranged: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Name of Arrangement: An Evening with Jake Marshall Name of Individual song(s) covered: "Dick Gumshoe", " Won the Lawsuit! ~ The First Success", "Investigation ~ Cornered" Comments: If it fails submission I'd love for some feedback. Wanted to do a version of these songs that fit that "Bambino" aesthetic, and I think at least the guitar delivers that feeling at least ------------------------
  8. This stays fairly close to the original in terms of structure, but there's a lot of melodic changes in regards to key signature which gives this a fairly unique feel. The instrumentation, as mentioned, is reminiscent of the original, but again has a lot of it's own flair. The detuned bells at the beginning were a nice touch in particular. The arrangement doesn't really feel like a builds very much, and I felt like the end was a bit abrupt as a result, but it wasn't a huge cut off or anything major. Samples overall are pretty good and work well together, though there's a lot of bleed from the instruments that can get a bit cluttered over time. Would have loved this to be a little cleaner on the instrument decay, but again it's not a huge deal and adds a bit to the soundscape in it's own way. Overall it's a nice tribute to the original with a lot of personal touches, nice work -- EDIT: Went back and relistened after reading the other votes and i think I have to agree. The repetition doesn't bother me as much as the others, but i definitely agree that it is a bit much for the length of the track. The bigger issue is the lack of bass and the weakness of the percussion. I think there's a really solid base here and I hope you fix this one up! NO (resubmit)
  9. Hello, I hope I'm doing this right! Here's the requested information: Link to listen / download submission MP3: Track Info: Name of Game: FTL: Faster Than Light Name of Arrangement: Spaced Name of Individual Song: Space Cruise (Title) Original Composer: Ben Prunty Original Soundtrack: https://benprunty.bandcamp.com/album/ftl Notes on ReMix: This started as an attempt to create synths as close as possible to the wonderful retro sounds that Ben Prunty used in the FTL soundtrack. After lots of experimentation with both similar and quite different virtual instrumentation, I ended up layering a full arrangement of the title track, Space Cruise. Everything was performed and arranged in Ableton, other than the famous "Jump" sound effect at the end, which is pulled straight from the game. Artist Info: My ReMixer name: insomnis Real name: Matt Panay E-mail: Website: www.soundcloud.com/insomnis Twitter: @panaysayer UserID: 33424 (I believe this is correct, it appears before my userID in profile URL) I think that's everything! Thanks very much for your time and consideration! Best, Matt Panay / insomnis
  10. Not a source you hear often, and it's a pretty fun one! This sub is suffering from a lot of the same issues as your others; the parts are very mechanical, and the instruments themselves are not very realistic. The balance is a little muddy at times, with all the parts going on around the same volume, rather than highlighting the main parts. The arrangement is also an orchestral cover of the original, with a repeat in the middle. More expansion is definitely needed here for our standards. I do definitely appreciate that you pick songs that are inspiring to you and are also off the beaten path, and hope to hear more from you as you improve! NO
  11. RebeccaETripp Rebecca Tripp http://www.crystalechosound.com/ ID: 48262 Game: Legend of Zelda, Oracle of Ages Song's Remixed: Song Title: Waltz Under the Sea I attached the song for you. You can also hear it here: I hope you guys aren't getting sick of me. -----------------------------------------
  12. Totally agreed on the storm volume here. My suggestion is that after the initial entrance to bring it down a touch to Larry the other parts come through bete, and maybe bring it back up at appropriate moments. I'll also agree that the interlude is just too long, and really could be cut down to maybe 15-20 seconds and abusive the same effect. The track is really cull, and I loved how smooth you were able to make this compared to the original. I will agree again with Gario (nice judgement, BTW!) That the parts after the interlude overall feel a bit too similar to what's come before. A solo or maybe another track cameo might be useful in its place, our trimming down the track in general. I think this is close, hope you fix it up! NO (resubmit)
  13. Not too much to add here, but I would like to note that I feel like your voice gets a little nasally in the lower register at times, our occasionally when you're singing a rising section. I think the vocals being unplugged here makes it a little more noticeable, as I don't usually hear that in your vocals on other tracks. It might also seen from the track being lower in the register than I'm used to hearing from you. Mind you this is not something I feel is holding the track back but just something extra that i can nitpick on dying the others already hit the major issue. A tip to help with going flat while singing is to slowly raise your arms while singing a phase. The action helps remind you mentally to keep your voice strong and helps keep you from falling flat. Doesn't always work but it helps! NO (resubmit)
  14. Gonna straight up agree with the gentlemen above. The arrangement is lovely, and I do hear some subtle personalization in the backing parts, but it does remain pretty close to the original structurally and methodically. I think this is very close in regards to arrangement, and if the production were spot-on I'd be pretty tempted to go YES. The strings are definitely the offender here, though the flute has a couple of moments that sounds a little stiff and could be touched up. Overall I think this is very close, and I really hope you take another look on this. The track is pretty lovely, and i think maybe expanding out the arrangement a little could go a long way here. Getting a little more humanization will also put you over the tipping point. Good luck! NO (resubmit, please)
  15. Pretty much this is amazing. Great style to take this source, and you guys rocked the performances of of the park! Really love the dystopian feel this gives off, and I think the vibe(tee hee) is great. Love the cameo themes as well. Great work! YES