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  1. I'm agreeing with most of what Mike has to say here. The piano sound overall is a bit fakey, and I wish there was a better sample given that it is the lead for pretty much the entire song. Along with that if could be a bit more up front in the mix overall. The arrangement has done pretty great details thrown in that I was really enjoying. I think the personalization is well taken care of. I wasnt feeling the tempo change into the Prime source as much, but that might be a matter of opinion. I do agree also that the full stop isn't really working for a transition as is. The first transition from the two Super Metroid sources was pretty solid though, nice work there. I think this is pretty close. Some massaging of the production and work on the transitions in general would put this on track in my book. NO (resubmit)
  2. *NO* Final Fantasy 7 'Chasing the Masamune'

    Justin has a ton of really great advice here, and honestly I feel like there's little to add to what he's said. I will point out the solo with the OWA theme starting at 2:17 has some notes that aren't really working with the backing chords. I'd look over that section again to make sure everything is working well together. This has a lot of potential, and I think it would be a great candidate for our WIP forums. I hope to hear this again after its fixed up! NO (resubmit, please)
  3. *NO* Mega Man Legends 'Another Flawless Operation'

    The Sir has given a lot of great critiques that I think you should really take to heart. I found the arrangement to be a pretty fun take on the original source, but overall the elements don't seem to be working well together. They're not really matters together well and sound like they're in top of one another instead of paying together. Some humanization, rebalancing, and variation will be a good start to get this in the right direction. NO (resubmit)
  4. OCR03342 - *YES* Kirby's Adventure 'Silver and Gold'

    Popping in for a quick final yes. Pretty straight forward but there's a lot of personality in the mix, plus the laid back feel just makes this a pleasure to listen to. Very nice, very grape. Grape
  5. *NO* Kirby Super Star 'Green Dreams'

    I definitely agree with Mike that the track is really repetitive to the paint that it's too much here. The original is so short I understand that there is little to work with, but the piano playing the same chords and other instruments relating with very little change makes it hard to stay focused. Something like an original section or some chord changes would d definitely help out. I'll also agree on the synth choice. The sound sounds very mechanical and the synths are a bit thin overall. If consider changing up for some more realistic samples and work on humanizing the parts. There's a lot of work to be done here. It's an interesting concept, but with do little source to work with you're going to really need to get creative to figure out how to expand the arrangement and keep things interesting. Good luck! NO
  6. *NO* Sonic Colors 'Misty Night' *RESUB*

    Haven't heard the original submission, but I am enjoying the soundscape you've got going on here.everything definitely feels super chill. The arrangement has a few issues if like to bring up. The main motif is used a lot, which is a great part to return to since is a good chorus and is pretty recognizable. The other sections of the source feel pretty marginalized in comparison, and more importantly the parts in between the chorus feel like filler that doesn't have a lead to guide it. As a result the mix feels stagnant and noodley. I'd love for you to really work another lead melody in there to drive the track along. I am heading some balance issues between various parts. ~1:00 is the first time where the backing harp synth is really quiet compared to the guitar. Would really like you to go through this with a fine tooth comb and really listen to the parts to make sure everything is clear. The bells are also somewhat piercing and could be ruined down based on how well they cut through. There's also a lot of high hat usage through the track, and it starts to get a little tiring. I've got a lot of small crits here, bit they do add up, and I think the track needs some more work. I'm most interested in getting you revise the more aimless sections of the arrangement to give the track more direction overall, but I do think the balance issue needs to be stressed as well. Good luck! NO (resubmit)
  7. *NO* Digimon World 'The Metal Emperor' *PROJECT*

    Definitely some good advice here already, and there's little for me to add here. I definitely want to emphasize the drums sounding pretty distant and not having the effect that they could. Would love to hear this one cleaned up a bit! NO (resubmit)
  8. *NO* FTL 'Fate of My Crew'

    Gonna agree with a lot of what Mike is saying here. I definitely feel like the slower sections feel more cohesive than the faster sections. The that being said, I will also agree that the soundscape overall needs some work. The guitar sounds aren't really cutting it as is, and the percussion feels thin, especially in the faster sections where they need some more power. Some more personalization and variation on the drum rhythms will help as well. In terms of arrangement there's definitely some expansion and personalization, but I feel like the track gets repetitive and uses the same motif a lot. I think taking out a little of the fluff would help. The bell synth at 1:55 has a really slow attack and sounds out of time as a result. The section at 3:00 on really sounds a lot more personal to me and worked a lot better. The soundscape has the backing chorus and the guitar sounds more emotional. Easily the best part of the track to me. I think this needs work, but you have some good arrangement ideas to work with and a lot of the ground work set up. Hope to hear this again! NO (resubmit)
  9. The opening starts or somewhat similar to the original source, but there's some fun sounds used that I felt were a nice touch like at 0:28. The theme overall remains pretty similar to the original,I would have liked a bit more variation there. 1:12 has a really cool countermelody/solo that fits quite well. I'd love to hear more along those lines. There's mostly original material from 1:41until 2:26 when the theme comes back in with more rhythmic variation. Again I wish there was more like that earlier on Sound wise I feel like the synths are good, though at times the leads feel somewhat thin. The percussion also feels like it's missing some lower end frequencies. The kick especially could have more meat. The track suffers from a lack of humanization across the board, and I'd really like that to be addressed. Even if you just worked on the leads it would be an improvement but I think the percussion and backing could be touched up as well. This is on the right track, and the latter variations you added plus your original wiring show promise.I hope to hear this again! NO (resubmit)
  10. Contact Information ReMixer name: AntFactory Real name: Mikel Fernandez E-mail address: Website: www.soundcloud.com/ant_factory User ID: 32158 Submission Information Name of game(s) arranged: Touhou Koumakyou: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Name of arrangement: It Was Her Indeed! Name of individual song(s) arranged: U.N. Owen Was Her? Comments about the mix: It had already been a while that I'd been looking for some videogame music that would inspire me to make my own cover-remix-thing (as I usually refer to them), but, quite unexpectedly (because I never paid any good attention to any Touhou title before) for me, it was not until I listened to this song, being such a good one, that I felt a rush of inspiration and an urge to make something with it. So I threw the famous chorus' loop into my Sequencer and listened to it while I added drums and various sounds to make it more aggresive, more like Flandre had some kind of thirst of revenge/action running through her veins after being locked away for that long. Those Flandre Scarlet wallpapers that one can see around where she is making those creepy faces were definitely what I was trying to capture. From there I went on to add my own instruments (most of them I designed from scratch) that would replace the original loop altogether, and then proceeded to arrange the song itself in a way that would very much resemble the progression of the original work, to get the feeling that it could be heard as the actual background music during the battle, but with my own personal twists and variations. Hope you guys enjoy listening to this as much as I did producing it! ------------------------
  11. *NO* Child of Light 'The Moon, the Stars, the Sun'

    No reason for me to hold this up. Listened again, and I'm hearing more of what you guys are saying. I'd love to hear another pass as well to get things really matching how great the arrangement is! NO (resubmit, please)
  12. *NO* Phantasy Star 4 'Red Dam of Motavia'

    Oops Leaving it as is for posterity, but *all *countermelody *fits *too *countermelody
  13. *NO* Phantasy Star 4 'Red Dam of Motavia'

    Lots of good advice above. I'd like to add a couple things that stood out to me. The first is the lead synth at 0:34 has a really long attack and Abby of the faster movements feel very sloppy as a result. I like the contentedly you have at 1:11 but the synth doesn't sound like it guys into the soundscape very well and actually takes up to much attention at times. The drums are pretty repetitive overall, I'd have loved some more variation. Similarly the kick and the claps sound pretty weak. The arrangement is pretty close to the source, I think you could be more adventurous here. The counterproductive was a good start and more like that would be even better. Hope to hear more from you. NO(resubmit)
  14. *NO* Child of Light 'The Moon, the Stars, the Sun'

    Goodness this is gorgeous! Really love the orchestration here, and I can tell there was a lot of care put into the arrangement. I do feel like 2:05 - 2:30 sounds a bit awkward. The lack of a lead focus might be the issue there, but it gets back on track after that. Quite enjoyable, especially for someone who is a sucker for orchestral arrangements. YES *changed below
  15. Pretty neat style change from the original. I like the combination of instruments, and over all the track is a somewhat carefree take on things.I have an issue with the panning. The guitars are all panned hard to each side and it sounds a bit awkward, especially on headphones. I'd suggest toning the panning down (a bit is good for separating the parts) and working to make sure the balance doesn't get lost. The other issue I have is with the bass sound. The lower end sounds really buzzy and almost washed out. The arrangement is definitely short, but I think it works at the length it is and doesn't overstay its welcome. I'm a little hazy on some of the source connection: I hear the trumpet line as well as some guitar connection, but I think this runs a little short. If another judge picks up on something let me know! In the end I think this is pretty close, but I'd like to hear the panning shifted and possibly some work on the bass sound. NO (resubmit)