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  1. *NO* Overwatch "Worth Fighting For" *FALLTHROUGH*

    Wow, definitely a pretty unique take here. I love the unique soundscape you've created. I think the voice clips fit really well, though I do think they overstay their welcome as the track proceeds. My bigger issue right now is that I'm not hearing a connection to the source at all. I'm hoping it's an obvious thing that I'm missing, so I'd love some help here. Holding off a vote until then, because this is an easy pass for me if the source is there. EDIT: Couple of us checked this out and definitely not hearing it. It's a super unique sound and really fun, but the source isn't there. NO OVERRIDE
  2. OCR03629 - *YES* Heretic "Cathedral of Carnage" *PROJECT*

    Lot of good points made by the others here, I totally agree that the build up is really well accomplished and the instrument balance is top notch here. Everything has it's place and contributes to a pretty great build. The actual payoff is good, though I agree that it does end up being repetitive with the same riff being used a lot. I'm not really bothered by it overall given the repetitive nature of the original and that there are some subtle differences in the end riffs that help keep things interesting. Nice work, glad to hear you submitting again! YES
  3. Remixer name: Ghetto Lee Lewis real name: Thomas Nelson email address: website: https://www.patreon.com/Thomas_Klavier userid: 1002 Name of game arranged: Heretic Name of arrangement: Cathedral of Carnage Name of individual song arranged: The Cathedral Download Link: Heretic, 1994, Created by Raven Software. Published by Id software. Composed by Kevin Schilder. Link to original soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFFA9A564103330CE It's been about 14 years (I think) since I've submitted anything. "Cathedral of Carnage" is part of a remix album I'm releasing called "Heretic Sinphony". The album is now available for free on bandcamp (24 bit FLAC). I'm hoping the album can be released as an official solo project (I've submitted a WIP through projects submissions already; still waiting to hear from them). This song is the first one I worked on for the album, and featured as the third track. It was produced using FL Studio, and features samples from East West Hollywood Orchestra and Native Instruments, along with a mishmash of VST synths, and drums from the Vengeance library. I plan on releasing more songs from my album over the next few weeks. Stay tuned. =)
  4. *NO* Mega Man X3 & X5 'Thermoception' *PROJECT*

    Gario's got a lot of good crits here. I like that the mix of the two sources comes together well, which sometimes can be very hard to do. A casual listener wouldn't be able to separate where the two sources are in the mix. Beyond that the funky style threw me off a bit but once things got established I think it came together pretty well. Back to Gario being right, the opening flourish is a pretty big jumble, not sure what's going on there. I assume it's supposed to be a bit chaotic, but it sounds more like a mess than anything else, to be honest. After that you have that weird out of key arpeggio at 0:47 (and 2:13). Just adjust the key there to get it to match better, and you're good there. The lead does definitely get drowned out at times, and that's one of the bigger concerns. 1:24 feels a little strange on the timing, I think it stems from the slight delay on the attack of the e-piano. That might be more of a personal taste thing, but I'm curious what the next judge thinks. Overall this has some really creative vibes here, and I think it's close, but needs a little adjustment. Send this back to us! NO (resubmit)
  5. *NO* Legend of Mana 'Nocturnal' *RESUB*

    I do have to agree with a lot of what Larry said here about the first half of the track being a bit on the plodding side. The repetitive kick and slower melody are the culprit to me here, and I think some variation in either of those would make a difference here. That being said, I think 2:39 really brings things together quite well, and would have loved that sort of interpretation/extra touches earlier. I think this is really close for me as-is, and just a little more TLC on the arrangement side would be what does it for me. One more time, please! NO (resubmit)
  6. *NO* One Piece Grand Adventure 'Sky Treasure'

    Listening to the source I can definitely see this being your style of song, let's see what you've got! I like the sound choices overall, the soundscape is expansive and the Japanese percussion works well here. Nice use of the backing xylo part in the original to tie things together here. It took me a couple of listens to make out the melody, but once I heard it things made more sense. I do think the source is a little hard to make out at times, and overall I feel like the track is a bit source-light overall. Part of the issue is that the melodies aren't coming through a bit stronger than the rest of the backing parts. They don't feel highlighted, and it's easy to dismiss those parts as more of the backing while looking for the main melody to come through. Some balance changes there would help, or possibly picking some different melody instruments/synths that cut through more. There's also a lot of clunkiness in the parts, and some humanization would go a long way here. The piano and sitar (I think?) are the biggest offenders here, along with the flute at times. A little extra note that the sparkle effect at 1:33 sounds out of key and feels weird because of it. I do have some issues with the track overall. One of my bigger concerns is that the second half of the track feels like it's a transitional section for the main melody to come back in, but it never does. 2:00 on, even with the source use in the strings, feels like it's a build-up for the main melody to come in. Then when 2:40 hits where I expect a big melody, is more chords and some noodling source between instruments. Then the song ends. Because of this, the second half of the track feels like it has no impact. I think this is close, but the combination of issues is bringing it down. Hope you look at this again! NO (resubmit)
  7. Ribbit ^__^ it's me, Guifrog! Sim, foi um big hiatus and a pseudo-depression, and I haven't been making music ever since. But I'm back to it, and I just completed this thing for Malik's Shonen Jump ReMix album. If approved, please put it on hold until album release. I decided to do this because One Piece is the only anime I've been watching for years. Although I've never either played the games nor heard their tunes, it still made sense for me to express myself through music made for a game that evokes nostalgia, adventure, risks, rich experiences, and all of those things that I ironically keep inside my thoughts while locked inside my bedroom-dome. So yeah, I'm a One Piece otaku who will totally claim to feel deep connections with the Straw Hats as if they were my family, BECAUSE THAT'S TRUE and because I live alone most of the time, by choice Game arranged: One Piece Grand Adventure Song arranged: Skypiea (Angel Beach) Name of arrangement: Sky Treasure Link to arrangement: New e-mail address: New websites: Official home: https://guifrogmusic.weebly.com/ Jamendo: https://www.jamendo.com/artist/501264/guifrog Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guifrogarts Instagram: @guifrog - go check my illustrations! P.s.: "Sky Treasure" because I believe we all have a ginormous treasure/microcosmos and my intention is to feel and use it for whatever I want. By making music, by never giving up, by improving my skills on something, by learning Japanese, by KABOOOOOOOM and so on! And One Piece is all about that (just like Saint Seiya, which I used to watch as well :P)
  8. I remember Andrew working on this one for one of the contests a while back. There's a good mixture of sources here, though I do think some of the transitions are a bit abrupt. That being said, I didn't find it at a level that was too jarring, and overall the flow of the overall track works. Plenty of energy, and a ton of detail went into the backing parts to keep things interesting. Listening on headphones I think the organ is a touch loud at times, and could have been dialed back a bit. Otherwise there are some good layerings of synths to make the track clear and poignant. Fun that I recognize the part you pulled from this into the Spring Break album. Nice use there Loves you, husbando <3
  9. we need some more synth metal Castlevania on the site so here comes Alucard to the rescue! sources: https://youtu.be/XnuqGIKXPyc https://youtu.be/78706bv98S8 https://youtu.be/GiXCote6N6s
  10. *NO* Secret of Mana 'Into the Calm of It'

    I do like the mood change here, as well as the change-ups between the instruments. Arrangement overall is fairly close to the original, but the orchestration adds personalization, and there are some nice countermelodies sprinkled here and there. I do feel like it sticks too close overall, and that the arrangement gets repetitive because it continues to follow the original structure. I think that some sort of divergence either from the original melody or structure is needed here to vary things up. The ending is also pretty abrupt and feels lazy. My issue with the track comes down to some of the samples. The men's choir especially has a slow attack that muddles up a lot of what's going on. The strings are also pretty thin overall. The piano, flute, and bassoon (?) do sound pretty good though, and there's definitely a lot of care put into humanizing parts. I think the arrangement is the dealbreaker here for me, but I would like both arrangement and samples to get some fixes here. Good luck! NO (resubmit)
  11. Contact Information Remixer Name: Albert Fernandez Real Name: Albert Fernández Ventura Email Adress: Website: afventura.com Userid: 34.600 Submission Information Name of game(s) arranged: Secret Of Mana Name of arrangement: Into The Calm Of It Name of individual song(s) arranged: Into The Thick Of It Link to the original soundtrack: Comments: My idea with this rearrangament was to rearrange the song into something more calmer, more contemplative, but mantaining at some points the adventure that made characteristic the original song. Also, I wanted to make a face-wash in terms of reality of samples from the original song, since it's made with samples from the 90s. -------------------------
  12. *NO* Legend of Mana 'Nocturnal'

    I love this source, one of my favorites from LoM. There's some fun stuff you have going on here, and some unique sound choices. I don't know if all of them are really working in the end. The opening is really buzzy, and that kind of takes over that entire section. I think if the buzziness were more in the background it would be ok, and would work, but it's too strong as-is and draws a lot of focus. Also not sure what's up with the animal growls, they feel a little random. After that the melody comes in, and the synth has a somewhat nebulous attack, making the track sound out of time. Once the groove starts things fit better in place, but there's not much development. The harmony/counter melody is a nice touch, I enjoyed that, but the rest of the instruments are doing the same melody/background for a few repeats, then the track goes back to the buzzy intro for a fade-out. There needs to be more development overall. I'm pointing out a lot of negatives, but I think this has promise. I like the overall soundscape you're trying to achieve here, but I don't think it's at potential yet. I hope you keep working on this, there need to be more Legend of Mana tracks on the front page! NO (resubmit)
  13. *NO* Xenoblade Chronicles 'Surfing with Zanza' *RESUB*

    I've only heard this version, so this is all new to me. I think right off I'm noticing what both the gentlemen above are saying. The sounds overall are pretty warm, and overall it sounds pretty clean, though there is a bit of muddiness in the more busy sections. I also feel like the drums feel a little on the weak side overall, with the kick specifically needing a bit of a boost. That might be a product of the bass being a little on the strong side and the lead being a little on the weak side, as well. Listening in a vacuum, I do agree that there's a lot of the same sounds throughout the track that don't change up much. I would have loved some more variety in both the instrumental changes as well as the backing section to break things up a bit more. If I were to describe the track as-is, I would say it's a lot of noodley guitar. A little more direction in the arrangement might focus things as well. I think this is close, but with both the levels and the arrangement needing a little boost it's not quite there yet. If the arrangement stayed as-is I think I'd still be good to pass it if the production side gets fixed up, but I would love to hear some touch ups to both! NO (resubmit)
  14. I think this is pretty close, although in the end I do agree with MW here. I like the grittiness of the track, but I think it gets to be too much grit when multiple instruments that are gritty are combining. The arrangement overall is pretty fun as well, though I agree it can get repetitive. I think, though, that if there weren't other elements bringing this down the arrangement would be OK in the long run. A more definitive ending would help, though. The biggest element to me is toning down (not completely removing) the grittiness, especially in the busier sections. Hope to hear this again! NO (resubmit)
  15. *NO* Sonic Adventure 'Big Fish' *RESUB*

    Yeah, this is a tough judge track. I can see both sides of the fence here, and I think taking into light the genre change and the intent of the track to be a bit floaty and calm surfer rock that the static arrangement, while not entirely ideal, does work here for me. I can totally see both sides, but I'm good to give this one a go. YES (borderline)