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  1. Relistened, and I gotta agree with the 'Tamer. I think this is a relatively easy fix, altering the arpeggios would work pretty well to still give the Moonlight Sonata feel but not be too close to it. Hope to hear this fixed up! NO (resubmit)
  2. What a great transition between the themes at 0:45. Overall I felt the arrangement was pretty smart and fun, and the adaptions of the sources were good. I wasn't feeling the combination of the sources at 2:23, but that was pretty minor in the long run. The production was pretty clean, and there was a good use of panning between the melodies. Overall I'm on board with this! YES
  3. *NO* Undertale 'Symphonic Arrangement'

    One of the better songs (all of the songs are great though!) Of the soundtrack. I like the approach to go fully orchestral. There's definitely some personalization in the arrangement, and while it is short I think it achieves a good arc of build-up and conclusion. My issue overall stems from the production. Everything sounds dry and mechanical. The instruments are all hitting at the same velocities and it sounds very unnatural. Aside from that the lower end feels pretty empty and the percussion is pretty repetitive. I'd love to hear you go over this and really work on humanizing the performance. I suggest bringing this I've to the WIP boards and getting some advice on how to fix this one up, there's definitely promise here. NO (resubmit)
  4. *NO* Undertale 'Sins'

    Overall I'm agreeing that the soundscape sounds a bit empty. Done backing pads could help fill up that space and make the arrangement feel more expansive. The synth work overall has some really nice detail, though overall the arrangement feels pretty repetitive in the long run. A break from the main riff would do a lot of good here do the listener doesn't get to tired of the repetition. The arrangement as a while also feels a little stiff, and some humanization on the parts could help. Some more variation in the drums would also help out. I think this is a solid start, and I think this is a great candidate for the WIPboards. Hope to hear this again! NO (resubmit)
  5. *NO* Ninja Gaiden 'Blood & Steel'

    Pretty much agreed here. I enjoyed that the leads were shifting around and there was a good deal going on to keep the listener interested, but the repetitive nature of the arrangement definitely brings this down a notch. A break from the melody would have helped here, maybe a bridge between sections or even a reference to a different theme. I did enjoy the instrumentation and I will disagree about the military drum, which felt regimented and fit the theme of being mechanical by nature. Overall I'd say this will be a close one. YES (borderline)
  6. *NO* Chrono Trigger 'Vengeance of the Prophet'

    I'm mostly agreeing here with Mike, though I do feel like you have spent a good amount into personalizing the track with flourishes and re-instrumentation. I think the track does get too repetitive in regards to following the original repeats vs. developing a track that builds to a solid ending. The instrument quality definitely berries quite a bit, from realistic to pretty fakey. The woodwinds are definitely the biggest offender here. The laugh also gets to be too much after the first couple of times. I don't think this is necessarily a lost cause but I do think the arrangement would have to be restructured and the production would need work as well. Whether or not you continue to work on this I hope to hear more from you! NO (resubmit)
  7. *NO* Hybris 'Actually Hubris'

    Pretty cool jam, love the funk bass throughout. The issue I'm having with this track is that it is super repetitive. The lack of a solid melody isn't helping, though I do like what you did on guitar to the melody that does exist. Beyond that it is the same riff pretty much throughout the entire track, which starts to wear the listener down. I'd love to hear some more variation in the riff as well as the percussion. Some noodling over the top near the end might actually be warranted here, as well. The drums sound fairly fakey, especially the hi hats, and the kick could be a little stronger overall. Guitar is overall pretty good, though a bit more humanization wouldn't hurt. I think this is actually fairly close in regards to the stylistic and instrumental change, but I think a little more expansion on the bass riff and maybe a breakdown or something to get away from the same thing repetitively would make a big difference. Curious what the other judges will think! NO (resubmit)
  8. *NO* Hybris 'Actually Hubris'

    My Remixer Name: UncleBibby my website: www.petermobeter.com my user ID: 28302 name of game remixed: Hybris name of my arrangement: Actually Hubris name of song arranged: In-Game Music (i can't find a more specific name than that) System of game origin: Amiga i actually made this a while ago but i realized it might be one of if not the best remix i've ever done.... or at least i think i did great on this one. so i thought i'd submit it. I originally made it for my boss when i worked at EBGames a few years ago. here's the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKKNBjFz9XE sincerely, Peter "UncleBibby" Locke
  9. I'm agreeing with most of what Mike has to say here. The piano sound overall is a bit fakey, and I wish there was a better sample given that it is the lead for pretty much the entire song. Along with that if could be a bit more up front in the mix overall. The arrangement has done pretty great details thrown in that I was really enjoying. I think the personalization is well taken care of. I wasnt feeling the tempo change into the Prime source as much, but that might be a matter of opinion. I do agree also that the full stop isn't really working for a transition as is. The first transition from the two Super Metroid sources was pretty solid though, nice work there. I think this is pretty close. Some massaging of the production and work on the transitions in general would put this on track in my book. NO (resubmit)
  10. OCR03360 - *YES* Sonic Adventure 2 'Chao Cave Rave'

    Going into this blind from the other versions. Right away I'm noticing the kick and snare are very up front, but that fades when other elements come in. There's a lot of use of the 'fairy' sounds, for a lack of a better term, and I feel like it's a bit too heavy on them at times. The track gets into a groove after that, and while a little repetitive, it is overall pretty fun. 2:17 has some strange chord choices that I don't think are working. The dissonance is a bit too pronounced there. After that we're back to the groove, which sounds very similar to 1:30. The added elements to help there, but I do wish it was still a bit more different from the earlier section. I think this one isn't there for me yet, but it is pretty close. The soundscape is minimalist, but I do feel like there's some good development going on. I'd like a little more variation later on and some adjustments to those chords at 2:17. NO (resubmit, please)
  11. *NO* Final Fantasy 7 'Chasing the Masamune'

    Justin has a ton of really great advice here, and honestly I feel like there's little to add to what he's said. I will point out the solo with the OWA theme starting at 2:17 has some notes that aren't really working with the backing chords. I'd look over that section again to make sure everything is working well together. This has a lot of potential, and I think it would be a great candidate for our WIP forums. I hope to hear this again after its fixed up! NO (resubmit, please)
  12. OCR03356 - *YES* Pilotwings 64 'Hang in There'

    Me three! I'd say you're there in terms of the production and the interpretation has a good start and gets you above the bar, but I agree with the gents that you could take this further. Overall a fun mix to listen to! As a small bit too pick I found the lead synth to be a little harsh when wearing headphones, but no big deal. YES (borderline)
  13. *NO* Mega Man Legends 'Another Flawless Operation'

    The Sir has given a lot of great critiques that I think you should really take to heart. I found the arrangement to be a pretty fun take on the original source, but overall the elements don't seem to be working well together. They're not really matters together well and sound like they're in top of one another instead of paying together. Some humanization, rebalancing, and variation will be a good start to get this in the right direction. NO (resubmit)
  14. Pretty much in full agreement with Larry here, the piano sound is not blowing me away with realism, but the arrangement more than makes up for it. The performance is wonderfully emotive, and it was easy to just close my eyes and get lost in the arrangement. Very enjoyable! YES
  15. OCR03342 - *YES* Kirby's Adventure 'Silver and Gold'

    Popping in for a quick final yes. Pretty straight forward but there's a lot of personality in the mix, plus the laid back feel just makes this a pleasure to listen to. Very nice, very grape. Grape