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  1. So I called in to CIBC to activate my new credit card

    Here we are: https://app.box.com/s/yywrf519s98ubhl3sfe9 FWIW, the number I called into was 1-888-661-6623, around 12:20AM EST on 2014-12-20.
  2. And guess what their holding music was? ... Pot Hocket - Sleep, My Sephy (Judgment Day) No joke. I have it recorded.
  3. Great song, but there's just too much compression on it relative to the genre(s). I started to get a mild headache a few minutes into it. Just not fair.
  4. From 0:20 to 0:23 I always think I am listening to two different songs. Other than that, good stuff.
  5. What happened at 3:31? Intentional dissonance?
  6. Cantata for Dancing 3rd Movement

    Hmm... many months now. Can't wait.
  7. OCR02388 - Final Fantasy VI 'Prancing Dad'

    Love the DT bit at 3:28.
  8. OCR02338 - Chrono Trigger 'Glenn'

    Awesome work! Also, sheet music!
  9. Finally, a song that isn't compressed to hell. Great job on the mix.
  10. Like it a lot. The intro sounds as though you could turn it in a dubstep mix pretty easily, heh.
  11. Oh, fantastic. I was walking to school when I heard that line and I laughed out loud.
  12. Good song, but did I hear "hammering my mouth" in there?
  13. I hope by "mastering" you don't mean compressing.