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  1. Loved it! Very jazzy, highly enjoyable. The kind of song that I could put on repeat and zone out or do some kitchen work to.
  2. I will never use another radio station at work again. Thank you.
  3. First-timer? Really? I couldn't tell, 'cause...I like this. A lot. This remix comes in fast and hot, enjoyable right off the bat. See what I did there? I totally didn't mean to. Anyway, I have to agree with Chimpzilla. Shaboogen has made an excellent remix, and I hope to see a lot more in the future!
  4. The 1:20 mark did it for me, even though earlier than that I was already rocking. Fantastic remix, guys!
  5. This is quickly becoming a new favorite. Love the slow, atmospheric intro, and the fantastic build-up.
  6. I just blasted into funk town, took a funk train to get to the funk tower, took a jump off and landed in the funk pool. I am now drowning in heavy, amazing funk.
  7. What a unique spin on this timeless classic. Relaxing, soothing, and makes me want to slow dance? I'll be taking a copy of this to play the next time date night comes around
  8. Let's rock this bitch! That's what I wanted to literally shout when this song got started at the :19 mark. Fast, furious, intense and dramatic, this song pulls absolutely no stops in the 'Let's rock this joint!' vibe. Very entertaining and well made!
  9. I uh, almost forgot all about that. Wow. You'll need to let me know when you get the chapter up, alright? I've been tempted to go in and do my own fanfic with him, buuuuut... I'm a terrible writer.

  10. A mix with outstanding, almost palpable energy that sticks closer to the original melody, but produces it's own wildly energetic and original material.
  11. Hey, just letting you know I haven't forgotten about ol' Anorax, or the story. Currently gearing up to start working on a new chapter, this one with Anorax in it :D

  12. Excellently entertaining. Had this on loop for a while, definitely one of those songs one can easily get lost in.
  13. The second this started, I could tell it was going to be one of those remixes that was going to be a seriously solid song full of awesome, beers and bulls. Thank you, Guifrog, you've delivered charmingly.
  14. Oh hey, man! That message notification needs to be more noticeable <.<

    The fan-fic is going all right. You've probably already seen the update. Kinda slow getting the next chapter up, but that's mostly due to some stressful times. Hopefully before next year pops up I'll have a new chapter up :D

  15. Hey dude, long time no anything. How's the fanfic going?