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  1. Entered, liked and hoping to win!
  2. Tostilism, In response to your disappointment, sure, that's fine. Happens all the time. Hell, that's part of life. The difference here between you and me? You got disappointed and told someone that they interpreted a piece of music and created art based on that interpretation incorrectly because it didn't please YOU. You have NO idea how much that pisses me off as someone who has performed music in the past. The key word is 'interpreted', as in 'filtered through your personal experiences'. By saying, and I quote directly "*The Chocobo rap song...wow. You're doing it wrong. I couldn't even make it through that disrespectful piece.", you are not only ignoring that someone not only has personal experience different from your own, but are implying that they are not allowed to use that experience as their own filter in a project that you had no creative control over. Really, think about that for a bit. I hope you come to realize exactly how insulting that can be to an artist. You stated later that you have a dislike of rap music, which is also OK, but please try to see the difference between stating a dislike of something and laying out that kind of insult. d And as a post script - Why you two were come down so hard upon wasn't that you stated you disliked something . . . but it WAS the manner in which it was stated. Last edit - I do apologize if I came on like I was trying to attack . . . That wasn't my intent. I admit I got a bit pissed, and I have explained why above. So, if I was in the wrong, mea culpa.
  3. I just want to start off by saying I'm a new poster, but a long time listener. This collection is absolutely fantastic and lives up to the expectations I have grown with every release over the years. With that, something has to be said . . . So, just what did they do wrong? I heard a piece that caught my ear in such a way that I look forward to it playing again every time I listen to the compilation. You state later that you dislike rap, which is no crime. I happen to dislike MOST rap with a fiery passion, yet, I loved the HELL out of this song. It was a great performance that, in my opinion, comes out of left field, kicks you in the stomach to grab your attention, holds your attention the entire time and leaves you with a smile, wondering if you just heard what you just heard. I had to rewind it three times just to verify I wasn't insane. I challenge you to go back and listen to the ENTIRE compilation once if not twice to listen for the very reasons you listed that you dislike the album. Ignore that there are changes to the source. Allow the artistry to come through. Otherwise, what you are saying is that you'd rather extract the tracks from the cartridge and listen to them in their original VG sound format, which is also a great idea, but TOTALLY makes your bothering to download this album something you did just so you could complain. Anyway, I plan to go back and write up a much more comprehensive review other than my above "This was great!" and will try not to ramble on about other's needlessly attacking the art. This has simply been my $.02. Take it or leave it . . . Just try to leave me some change, eh? Inflation's a killer these days. d