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  1. I made a medley of all of the stage music from the NES Ninja Gaiden 2. Since this isn't a remix but a medley, I figured it didn't belong in the remixes forum. It's also almost 15 minutes long!
  2. Sure, I'd still like to know how I can improve this track composition/production wise
  3. Remix of the Final Fantasy Prelude/Prologue themes Prelude Prologue
  4. This is an instrumental I wrote about 10 years ago that I decided to try and make a good mix out of after getting some new gear and recording equipment. Feedback is appreciated! Let me know how I could improve the recording.
  5. Hello all! Working on a doom/death metal remix of Golbez's theme and Cry In Sorrow from Final Fantasy IV. Remix: Deepest Night: Golbez: Cry In Sorrow:
  6. work-in-progress

    Ok, here's the last minute and a half of the song that I rerecorded using your suggestions...
  7. work-in-progress

    A friend of mine said the previous track was too long, so I attempted a more direct version which is shorter by about 2 minutes
  8. So here's a medley of sorts of Mega Man 2, though the vast majority is Dr Wily's Stage. It's a thrash metal ballad so it starts off slow but picks up about halfway. It also has a bit of jazzy piano at the end. Also, apparently this song has been remixed a bunch of times so hopefully I've brought something new... Let me know what I can improve on! Link to originals:
  9. Hello all! First time poster, I've been lurking for about 2 years. I've been listening to video game music for over 30 years (I remember recording Nintendo VG music from my TV onto cassette so I could listen to VG music on my way to school on my walkman...). I've also been playing guitar for about 20 years, I play mostly doom and thrash metal. Hoping to get more into remixing and improving my music production skills!