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Found 9 results

  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SuY8PDqJ8sp9N0M6pAArJIPVs-8D00wR/view?usp=sharing So I haven't tried making a remix in a loooong while, and I thought this would be a good track to try out. Ice Cap is a pretty simple tune, and it's been covered a lot, so finding ways to make it unique and interesting seemed like a good challenge. At the moment the track is relatively short (<3 min.) but I don't know if it necessarily needs anything else.. I'd love feedback on whether or not this track is worth pursuing for possible submission to the site. Thanks! Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYxlqTpZ-24 Edits made since first mod review: Added 1 1/2 minutes of audio - 2:07-3:46 is all new Removed drums from last 20 seconds to give it a more outro feel Added reverb to percussion More conservative panning, melodic instruments mostly centered, no hard rights/lefts Added flute to 3:48-4:06 to differentiate the section from opening Didn't switch out the snare because I like it but if it's really problematic I'll change it
  2. Hello everyone! It's been a long while since I have begun a new composition! This is more of a spiritual composition that is deeply emotional (at least I think it is so far). June 26, 2020: New Version!
  3. Bit of an odd one here - it's a concept piece inspired by Solaire and his unwavering faith and love for the sun. I tried to empathise with that feeling of pure enamourment and immediately thought of my wife, which made writing lyrics really easy. Musically, it's a bit on the heavy side, but I think there's something there for everyone, if you're not too limited in your tastes. I'd adore some feedback, whether it's about structure, the mix or even tones. Though, please keep in mind that this is only about 80% complete - I'm touching and tweaking the middle bit and some of the vocals need a bit of a polish/ re-recording. Thanks in advance - lyrics are at the bottom. Lyrics: With the thirst of the flora, I open my arms, Craving aurora, I yearn for the sun. *Chorus* Faith and honour, as pure as the water, As sure as I suffer, I will burn until I'm bone. Faith and honour, as pure as the water, Sure as I will suffer, I will never die alone. The grace of another, The failing of want, Through an end sought together, I become the sun. *Chorus* My faith bathes me with fire, (When I can't feel your warmth) My faith blinds me with light, (When all I see is dark) My faith bathes me with fire, (When death has overcome) My faith blinds me with light, (When I can't see the sun) *Chorus*
  4. https://app.box.com/s/8rylfzh6pdt4eu8yyrxtk7a3g0612tkn Still need to do lyrics for bridge. Any ideas would be helpful. That last part is a bitch to sing tho lol. I keep losing breath.
  5. I started a few days ago on a remix of . I decided to go a bit on the more atmospheric side of things. The remix borrows heavily from the source but I found that stretching out the main chords while maintaining the original timing of other instruments makes for an almost totally different feel to the piece. I've still got a lot of work to do and I'm only on my second revision to the track right now. Listen or download rev 2 Listen or download rev 3 Listen or download rev 4 Listen or download rev 7 Listen or download rev 8 Some things I know I need to work on already: - The percussion is pretty minimal and I need to put some more variation in there; i.e. a few more individual elements and change up the patterns. *Something I noticed about the bass as well is that keeping these fairly minimal and the same adds a certain hypnotic quality I feel* **Some slight changes here mainly for accenting certain points in the first half** - The bass while I mostly like still needs work. Right now it is Synthmaster Player but I really want to change it to something else, but that is going to necessitate building a new sound from scratch. Just not something I'm in the mood for currently. Additionally, I really need to vary the pattern a bit more. *Changed the sound up, but haven't changed the pattern. It seems kind of hypnotic keeping it the same throughout the track* **Again some slight accenting, but primarily adding some more movement as it were in the second half of the track** - The main pads while exactly what I want I almost feel there is something else missing. Haven't figured out what yet. Thinking some pumping synth strings at certain times would be a great addition. Possibly a full on arp to add more texture. Have experimented, but nothing I've tried I really like. - I realize there is distortion at a few points. Haven't figured out what it is and probably has more to do with the individual instruments. - Mix has a billion issues, but it will change quite dramatically before I'm fully done with this. Any suggestions on things to try to make it an interesting listen would be appreciated. - The breakdown I want to make it more unsettling, but haven't decided on how yet. Really need to ramp up the volume of that section as it goes on though. *Did some changes here and feel pretty good about it now* So, yeah still long ways to go, but definitely turning out to something interesting yet. Let me know what you think.
  6. So here's a medley of sorts of Mega Man 2, though the vast majority is Dr Wily's Stage. It's a thrash metal ballad so it starts off slow but picks up about halfway. It also has a bit of jazzy piano at the end. https://soundcloud.com/j-quinton-545429679/dr-wily-stage-draft-9 Also, apparently this song has been remixed a bunch of times so hopefully I've brought something new... Let me know what I can improve on! Link to originals:
  7. Hi, everyone! It's kinda intimidating for me to post a topic here. Especially since a lot of my favorite ReMixers already precede me by sharing their own WIPs with you all before they quickly became really outstanding pieces of music. I recently worked on a remix of 'Ada's Theme' from 'Resident Evil 2' and, as I know it's far from being perfect, I was wondering if I could get some very helpful advices from you guys. Maybe it'll help me make the track … listenable. Original Source: Remix (ver. 2.0): http://www.mediafire.com/download/8d42zq42ypd23ee/Ada's+Theme+%28ver.+2.0%29.mp3 I do not expect it to be good enough to be submitted to OCR, I am way too bad at mixing and mastering to make it sound THAT great. I just wish I could end up with the best arrangements I possibly can for it. Thanks in advance.
  8. So I originally made this for MnP#22 a while back. I'd intended to revisit and touch it up, but life had other plans for me and I never really got around to it. Almost a year later and I've decided to go back to it(and several other unfinished or unpolished pieces) and fix them up. https://soundcloud.com/katallen-12/serdian-memories I haven't done much to it yet. I gave it a bit of a boost in volume(it was really quiet), but I still need to touch up the arrangement and articulation. The percussion is another area I'm looking at. The drum kit that comes in is more or less how I wanted the arrangement to go, but at the same time I know it's a bit out of place in a primarily orchestral piece. Any thoughts? Opinions? Critique?
  9. I've been gone for a while and super busy at work, but now I'm on vacation. So I got to thinking, what better place to vacation than Costa de Sol? One thing led to another, and... https://soundcloud.com/tesonael/costa-de-sol-acoustic-cover This is really my first time mixing recordings in with samples. I'd dabbled in it a bit(in a cover of Dimensional Breach), but I barely used anything there. I'm happy with the results so far, but there are a lot of improvements to be made, especially with the song's progression. As far as the soundscape and instrumentation goes, I think it's entering "Bossa nova" territory.
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