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  1. So, I wrote a song a while ago for a friend but I never really had the resources to make something AMAZING until now. This is not done yet. There will be changes, and tweaks, and additions, it will be longer. However, the story here is that my friend has been pretty much my best friend since the beginning of high school, and with graduation soon coming I thought to actually produce this song as a graduation present. Dreams of Nostalgia Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. I'm very glad you spelled all that out for me lol. I'll certainly work on all that. As for the synth... I'm hoping to use my school's Juno and record with that, because it is just top quality. Right now I'm using some half decent samples, but if I got the Juno in there, it's all over lol.
  3. @TCHLE Thanks for pointing that out! I tried layering the synth with a pad to make it more moody I guess, I dunno lol, I see what you mean though, and I was going to add vibrato, especially in that first B section, after putting it in once I did notice the plain-ness of it. I did try to change the tone of that first lead but it still sounds a little weird to me. Maybe it's just too much sine lol. I might try to find a different sample. I will be getting a drummer to do the drums for me so it'll be more interesting, so that'll really help to make it less repetitive. I'm making small changes here and there, and hopefully I'm gonna make this really interesting. The thing I was worried about, you mentioned heavy, and I want to know, is that a result of the bass, or is that guitar too much? Or maybe just some things are layered too loudly? This sure as heck ain't final, though.
  4. Recently, a mix I posted back when I knew very little about production was just recently reviewed by the judges, and I'm fixing the issues that were prevelant. Knowing what I know now, I hope I can fix all the issues and resubmit it. Reviewed Mix: New Mix (In fixing progress): The Boss is Back in Town ReMix Source: If anybody could compare the original to the new remix and see if you think I improved on the judges critiques or not, that would be awesome. Thanks to anybody offering insight! (I'm not done with arrangement or production just yet.)
  5. This was actually really cool, I loved it when the guitar came in later in the track.
  6. I knew this one would get in, and I'm glad it did. Great job, @Mordi! Loving the soundscape.
  7. Oh wait lol wow, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you updated it, ignore my last comment, I didn't listen to the updated version. Sorry lol, didn't realize until just now lol.
  8. No problem, man, I'm no professional myself, I'm still learning, and certainly I agree with you on the masterpiece of the original song, I could personally play it for hours and not get tired of it. To add some more info, I really did like when you brought the percussion stuff in, it came in at the beginning there and I was like, "Ooooo." Lol I think this has some pretty good potential.
  9. The problems I see with this is how conservative it is. Not much here in terms of arrangement. Towards the end, the chords way overpower the lead, and I feel overall the chords could be taken down just a smidge. Love the sound design. These are my thoughts. It's a good idea, but I feel like the arrangment needs to be spiced up a bit more, (I know the song mainly only focuses around an Fmaj6/7 and Cmaj9 chord, but I'm sure there'd be a way to spice it up.) Considering you really only used the A section of the song, and left out the whole B section.
  10. Gotta, keep working on this to fix the flaws that Gario mentioned, and I think it will be great, I love the idea.
  11. Hmmmm... I just got a melodica. Perhaps I'll tackle this one. Though it's much more ragtime than it is "redneck" per say, at least in terms of structure.
  12. 2. ready for review

    Just wondering @sleepingforest, was this live guitar, I'm assuming it was, but if this was a plugin I'd be surprised.
  13. Life pretty much takes fun things away because of committments and responsibilities, but just yesterday, I watched this video: ... And I started bawling my eyes out because I miss the days when I could just go home and play Melee without having to do anything else (and I no longer have the game anymore because my brother never returned it).
  14. I don't play many new games anymore. Usually I'll just play Mario Kart 64 now and then or some Gamecube games.
  15. For me it had to be the AT-ST fight on the second level of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire for the N64. I've since beaten it, but as a kid, I could never do it. It was the hardest thing on the planet, coupled with the poor camera and looser controls.