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  1. 1. work-in-progress

    Thank you! I liked this one a lot too, compared to my other stuff. I'm still editing it, though. But thanks, I really appreciate it!
  2. @Mordi Oh man, I love this remix so much, I came back to listen to it while I'm doing homework. Helps calm me down, especially with the stress of college coming soon and having to deal with that.
  3. 3. completed

    I'm not really qualified to evaluate this, so I won't lol. I did really enjoy this. The muted trumpet around :50 was cool, I liked that. The reverby sax at 1:30 was real cool too. I liked it, a nice jazz piece. As far as anything else goes like mixing or production lol, I can't really say I'm qualified to tell you about. But I enjoyed this.
  4. Oh, really?! Aw sweet! I'm probably gonna buy it then lol.
  5. 1. work-in-progress

    @YoshiBlade Lol, I'll take into consideration what you said, thank you. But, what realized after listening to this really is how repetitive that early pluck and how it needs to be fleshed out more. So thanks for pointing that out!
  6. You should consider selling this xD because I'll be first in line to buy it.
  7. 1. work-in-progress

    Fixed some issues that I thought were prevalent.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I'll make sure to check them out.
  9. I'm in search of some new plugins, and I wanna know if anyone knows any good ones that are preferably free. Thanks!
  10. Haha alright, thanks for all the info! I'm probably gonna start diving right into automation and see what I can do with it. (I have midterms next week but to be honest I think I'll just remix all weekend).
  11. 4. submitted

    Aaaaaand submitted!
  12. I agree, The Minish Cap had some classic tunes that I feel often go overlooked. I dunno. I think I loved it so much because Capcom was involved. But thanks for enjoying it, I'm still working on this, so I'll update it as soon as I can.
  13. Thanks for the info, guys! Really helped!
  14. 4. submitted

    Ok, I can tune those crashes down. Thanks for the input!
  15. I know this is gonna sound like I'm ignorant xD but in the process of teaching myself production, I'm ready to step further out of my comfort zone and ask, what IS automation? I looked it up and I still don't get it. What does it do?