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  1. Want to officially release this on an album with art and such but eh you know don't really have a budget so an unofficial Soundcloud release until I can acquire the rights to this bad boy. Do I need to mention Soundcloud's terrible upload quality?
  2. Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    I am very interested in participating in this project. Very interested. Let me know about updates on this project! I'd probably do some jazz piano stuff with hip hop drums and the like. Let me know!
  3. MnP 90: Metroid - Brinstar

    I think I'll participate in this compo, and this is a pretty classic tune. Remember finally getting this on virtual console and being stoked.
  4. Can't say I was ever a fan of the GB Zelda titles, but this arrangement is quite nice, I like how it goes from being kind of hoppy, and then you make it a bit more romantic, with some pretty rich chords. Sounds good!
  5. Original Video Gamey Disco Track

    Here's an original song I'm making - not sure that I'm finished with it yet, but it's close, just gotta edit some things! It's kind of a fusion between jazz, disco, and electronic music. And that bass sounds pretty smooth. Just good feels all around! Electronic Jazz Definitely an improvement overall in production and arrangement from my past stuff.
  6. 1. recruiting Final Fantasy XIV remix album

    I've never played any Final Fantasy Games, but I'm interested in The Twin Faces of Fate. I'll take that one. Does it have to be any genre specifically?
  7. I think whoever this Garrett guy is should stick to his day job
  8. I started a remix of the Minish Village in a bluesier form. A little liberal in comparison to the original. Source: ReMix: Somebody Stole My Jabber Nuts
  9. 1. work-in-progress Sonic Advance 3 Staff Roll - Jazz Quartet ReMix

    Update: I added the melodica solo I desired and am working on getting a drummer to make drums for me so the drums don't suck. Just a little too much reverb.
  10. 1. work-in-progress Sonic Advance 3 Staff Roll - Jazz Quartet ReMix

    Yeah that whole open section I'm gonna get into the studio and record some melodica. I might go back in and flesh out the piano part a little bit. Some parts I'm happy with, but others not so much. Thanks for the feedback. EDIT: I'll probably add some tritone stuff and some passing chords as well, especially during the chorus.
  11. I have this arrangement of what I think is a rather obscure Sonic theme. I used to play Sonic Advance 3 a ton, and this song is engrained into my childhood. And instead of the traditional R&B type style that it's originally in, it works really well with jazz. Source: ReMix: Sonic Advance 3 Staff Roll Jazz ReMix Please don't hate my that my arrangement is really out of time, I'm not done yet. There's also a section for a melodica solo, so there will be melodica in at some point. Here's some jazz.
  12. 3. completed Street Fighter III Third Strike - Ending 1 Remix

    Lo-fi tracks are always a good listen. Never played Street Fighter very much, but this mix is a nice listen. The only thing I wish is that that piano patch was a little fuller, maybe just a little bit darker, but this does the job decently.
  13. I think this is pretty good, the only thing that really throws me off is the piano bass part. All the velocities sound the same to me, and despite the fact that whatever instrument patch you're using is MIDI, it just sounds really quantized and mechanical. Doesn't sound like a human is playing it: it's too perfect.