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  1. I haven't been a part of any project before, and I'm gonna have a huge lifestyle change in the fall, but you know what, whatever, I don't care how crammed I'll be, I'm in. I'm willing to challenge myself. I'm thinking of doing Outset Island from Wind Waker in a Christmasey jazz form. I've been contemplating the source and what to do with it for a short while, and now I think I've found the direction.
  2. I mean, if you've got a Mac, I'd say start with Garage Band, but of course it's limited to just Mac, and it has a bad reputation for not really being a full DAW because of its lack of mastering tools and mixing isn't the greatest either. And the sounds are garbage. That being said, there was an update a while ago that added one synth engine to it with a whole host of usable and really customizable sounds, and they did actually add some more in depth mixing and mastering options such as an actual compressor now rather than just the one bar that you slide to add or reduce compression. They also added stuff like effects (tremolo, overdrive, microphaser, etc...) which is pretty great to add even more uniqueness to your sounds, and they improved stuff like track reverb instead of, again, just a slider. Garage Band also has a bunch of loops (while inherently not amazing as standalone, basically just short 1-4 bar samples of synths, drums, rhythm stuff) and if you can learn how to chop them up and use it creatively in a project without just throwing a loop in there, it can be pretty functional. Not knocking down Reaper though, if you can use that it'd probably be better. It's WAY a more of a DAW than Garage Band. I'm just putting it out there that Garage Band is a lot better now. Still not amazing but good if you wanna learn basic stuff about production.
  3. I could figure out recording, if you need a piano player, I can probably find some way to do it. I just gotta put the time in and though I'm gonna be at school after the end of this summer, I'll have to adjust to a schedule where I have some free time to play around with anyways. I'm interested in this one, I think you've got good ideas. I wouldn't be opposed to older games, I'm familiar with a bunch of older (mostly Nintendo) games. Most of my mixes have been from Gamecube games and earlier. I think more people should jump on this, it could be something good. And if it's time you're worried about, if I could find a way to record personally without a studio, I could get a lot done on my own, I feel like. One of my mixes I haven't finished yet because I was waiting for someone on the drums, and even my most recent one I would've gotten done if I could play the guitar myself (which I might start teaching myself this summer...) But, I digress, I'm interested as a performer, this could be a good learning experience for me. And, I could arrange something, I would only be comfortable arranging jazz for something more professional like this because that's what I'm most experienced with.
  4. Despite my lack of hardware, it isn't stopping my interest in this project. I'm getting a new computer for school sometime this summer probably, so that helps. I have an 88 keyboard and it has a decent built in piano/electric piano sound. That being said, at the school I'm going to, there is a recording studio, so that might not be as big an issue as my empty wallet makes it out to be. All I'd have to do probably is just book recording time, if I was a performer that is. I guess my question is, what's the idea for game/era or what have you?
  5. 1. work-in-progress

    Thanks! I certainly will, though I just left for vacation today so I won't be able to work on it until I get back, but when I do, I'll certainly try to bang this out.
  6. 1. work-in-progress

    I'm working on getting actual guitar in there, I just gotta finish arranging it and then I'll probably be able to find someone to do that, so by the end it'll have a lot more life to it, my only thoughts on that synth was that I was gonna use it as either a layer to the guitar or not, or I might just take it out entirely. As of right now, it's mostly a placeholder. I'm gonna arrange a guitar melody part, and a rhythm part, maybe 2, I've gotta figure out how I'm gonna do this. It'll be much more lively by the end, at least I'm hoping, and I'm glad you share the same concern as I do lol. If you've got any advice of arranging guitar parts, I'll take it, as I've never done it before. Not to mention that ending section is empty because I intended that to be a solo section for the guitar.
  7. Yeah, with that pad that's in there, I tried to make it as open and airy as possible as if it'd be the wind from the ocean or something. Given this is a relatively short source, I'll probably do some sound design changes and more ambient stuff further along. I did some more editing on it but nothing overly substantial yet, so I'll update it when I get more of it done. I had an idea of, because there's so many different parts, doing some call and response thing between the different bell stuff and what not.
  8. Alright, I can't stop with all the ideas, I'll never get anything done at this rate. I'll make this into an arrangement of History Unfolds from Soul Calibur 2, and hopefully I'll find someone to do guitar for this. Remix: Azure Lightning Strikes (History Unfolds ReMix) Source: EDIT: I'm editing the drums now to make it more interesting, I know the arrangement is fairly short, but so is the source, I know the source usage here is sparse even though that part that I wrote uses the main chord progression just very very different rhytmically, I dunno hopefully this'll be good.
  9. There was someone in one of my classes who was a complete nerd (obviously accepted). But he came into class one day with poke ball headphones (which he said were a bit small). And then he pulled out some pokemon sun and moon Z crystal or whatever bracelet thing. And he was like, "Yeah and it cuts off the circulation." I do not think he realized that when he bought that stuff from Toys R Us, most 19 year olds don't buy that kind of stuff. Because they're made for kids. And he's 19. Shopping in Toys R Us. But he came into class acting like he was all rad because bought this stuff. :/ That's what this situation reminded me of anyways. Kinda sad to see.
  10. Well, it being your first remix, I can probably say, you shouldn't worry about getting anything onto the site yet. How much do you know about music? If you don't know a lot, I'd suggest reading up on music theory, at least the basics. From there I'd say start with Garage Band. Garage Band is great to start, not the best DAW, but certainly worth it as a learning tool. I'd say given you only have less than 24 hours, that's not really enough time to make anything spectacular, albeit your first stuff is never gonna be spectacular. Especially since it seems like you haven't used a DAW before, it's gonna take some time just to learn how to use it. On the other hand, though, compos are what help you to get better. If you wanna try, I'd say go for it, but don't be hard on yourself or discouraged if it doesn't come out amazing. That'll come with experience.
  11. *apologizes for pestering* *pesters about remix again*
  12. This was a song I remixed a while ago, but frankly, it wasn't good by any means. So I'm deciding to "use tackle" on this one again with a little more style. ReMix: Bubbles Shining Over the Sea ReMix Source:
  13. For me, a huge transitioning tool is, like some people already mentioned, is in the drums and sound design. Using the drum fills, and of course taking sounds out and possibly replacing them or adding them back in, this time with an evolved rhythm/chord progression.
  14. 1. work-in-progress

    I hadn't thought of using star road or anything, that might be a good idea. I was thinking about doing reharm because of how short the source is and because of how elementary it sounds as well. That's a good idea, though, I didn't think about it quite that way, thanks for the advice!
  15. This is just a rough draft but an idea I had while fiddling around with some hip hop/lo-fi sounding fonts. Feedback, ideas, if anyone wants to rap to this? I'm not done with it yet, but I'll hopefully get the full thing done soon. ReMix: Mario World - Map/Star Power Themes ReMix Source: Map Star Power