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  1. 1. work-in-progress Sonic Advance 3 Staff Roll - Jazz Quartet ReMix

    Yeah that whole open section I'm gonna get into the studio and record some melodica. I might go back in and flesh out the piano part a little bit. Some parts I'm happy with, but others not so much. Thanks for the feedback. EDIT: I'll probably add some tritone stuff and some passing chords as well, especially during the chorus.
  2. I have this arrangement of what I think is a rather obscure Sonic theme. I used to play Sonic Advance 3 a ton, and this song is engrained into my childhood. And instead of the traditional R&B type style that it's originally in, it works really well with jazz. Source: ReMix: Sonic Advance 3 Staff Roll Jazz Quartet ReMix Please don't hate my that my arrangement is really out of time, I'm not done yet. There's also a section for a melodica solo, so there will be melodica in at some point. Here's some jazz.
  3. 3. completed Street Fighter III Third Strike - Ending 1 Remix

    Lo-fi tracks are always a good listen. Never played Street Fighter very much, but this mix is a nice listen. The only thing I wish is that that piano patch was a little fuller, maybe just a little bit darker, but this does the job decently.
  4. I think this is pretty good, the only thing that really throws me off is the piano bass part. All the velocities sound the same to me, and despite the fact that whatever instrument patch you're using is MIDI, it just sounds really quantized and mechanical. Doesn't sound like a human is playing it: it's too perfect.
  5. I need to know if this is normal...

    Besides, you said you're still in university, you've got plenty of time to make great music. I don't think Herbie Hancock was making hits with Miles Davis right out of college.
  6. I need to know if this is normal...

    Honestly, I don't feel like anything I've worked on is all that amazing. I've gotten better. Only been doing it for about a year now and some change now. Sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to go forward with a project, and lots of ideas end up getting scrapped. Could they have been good? Maybe. Could they have been bad? Probably. But you never know. Feeling like what you're doing is wrong is completely normal. If you know your limits, strive to break them: today, tomorrow, or within ten years. At the end of the day what really matters? Is it what others think of your creation? Or is it the improvement of personal craft?
  7. R&B Jams (Album in progress?)

    Thanks, man! I really appreciate the advice. Some of the layers in there I definitely did not spread out a little in terms of timing, so that could be something to edit.
  8. R&B Jams (Album in progress?)

    Updated the links a little, got 2 finished tracks.
  9. 1. work-in-progress Ocarina of Time Title Theme

    Sweet, thanks for the advice. I'll keep the tone in mind when editing.
  10. I'm always all over the place with tracks, and I had on attempt at remixing this song a while ago and it sucked. This already sounds miles better. ReMix: Ocarina of Time Title Source: You all know the source, it's iconic, it's been done a lot, it's cool, its chill; I dunno I had this idea so I guess it's cool.
  11. album Monster Hunter

    I would LOVE a remix album of Monster Hunter. I would take part in it if it ever happened. The only problem I see arising is that, even though it's gained popularity, MH is still kind of obscure and resources for already transcribed source material is harder to come by, that being said, I'd be willing to do a track on an album like this.
  12. Here's a remix I began working on of Road Taken from Fire Emblem Fates. Currently only a short WIP: ReMix: Road Taken Trap Remix Source: Never really done trap before. Trying it out. The electric piano in the beginning is way too static for my liking right now so I will flourish that. Any feedback is appreciated; thanks for listening. EDIT: Also don't know how I feel about that lead panned to the left.
  13. R&B Jams (Album in progress?)

    Here's a couple of songs I finished. I used a couple of Garage Band loops and a bunch of reharmonization. Hopefully I'll make this into a whole album. Mr. Jazz Man (This one's more Daft Punk inspired, funky and electronic) generic electronic track#1 (This one is kinda R&B and electronic) I've got 3 more in the making at the moment but hopefully I'll have 10 or so.
  14. Native Access with Kontakt 5???

    Nope, yeah @Nabeel Ansari I was just being an idiot. Just figured it out. It works just fine. Thanks anyways.
  15. I did a solo electric piano cover of John Coltrane's "Central Park West." Cover: Here's the original: