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  1. Nope, yeah @Nabeel Ansari I was just being an idiot. Just figured it out. It works just fine. Thanks anyways.
  2. I did a solo electric piano cover of John Coltrane's "Central Park West." Cover: Here's the original:
  3. I am trying to load regular NKI stuff (like MegaBrass) but wouldn't I still need to run that through my DAW with Kontakt? Because the issue is that Kontakt won't let me add files because it doesn't see Native Access. Maybe it's an issue with my DAW. I honestly don't know. It doesn't seem to be an issue between being a regular NKI or library because either way it won't even let me browse for files.
  4. So, I know how it all works and stuff but when I go to Kontakt 5 in my DAW and hit the "Add Library" button to add files to it, a prompt tells me I need to download Native Access, which would be great if I didn't already have Native Access. Kontakt's Factory package thing and Super Audio Cart works just fine and I added them with Native Access. I've tried a few things to make it work, but I just can't figure it out. And the files I'm trying to add are from Impact Soundworks, and are compatible with Kontakt. I'm thinking perhaps it's looking for Native Access in a certain directory and maybe I moved it? But it never worked to begin with so I dunno what the issue is.
  5. Absolutely, messing up and still going is the true mark of a good musician
  6. You can tell when I messed up because I sustained absolutely horridly, "Just gonna solo up a bi- WOOPS" *cue piercing sweep of keys*
  7. 3. completed

    Nice, I thoroughly enjoyed this
  8. I did a cover of the jazz song Autumn Leaves originally written by Joseph Kosma and lyricists Johnny Mercer and Jacques Prevert in 1945 and released in 1946. Cover: Again not sure that I could really find the original but here's some renditions by Chet Baker, Paul Desmond, and another by Nat King Cole
  9. I agree with the car stereo problem, sometimes I mix things on headphones and it sounds fine and then I go to drive somewhere and say "Hey I'll listen to this just to see what else I can do" and then it's just BASS.
  10. Oh yeah, Sinatra definitely has an incredible arrangement of that song. Regarding the tremolo of the electric piano, I find beauty in it, though I know it's not for everyone. It's an acquired taste I guess
  11. I did a solo electric piano cover of the jazz song "Autumn in New York" originally written by Vernon Duke in 1934. Cover: I couldn't find an original recording (probably because it was in 1934) but here's a couple of renditions by Sinatra and Billie Holiday.
  12. That electric piano is quite zesty
  13. Working on this for that Christmas album, gotta get this more christmasy. Gonna happen. Not done yet. ReMix: Source:
  14. I haven't been a part of any project before, and I'm gonna have a huge lifestyle change in the fall, but you know what, whatever, I don't care how crammed I'll be, I'm in. I'm willing to challenge myself. I'm thinking of doing Outset Island from Wind Waker in a Christmasey jazz form. I've been contemplating the source and what to do with it for a short while, and now I think I've found the direction.
  15. I mean, if you've got a Mac, I'd say start with Garage Band, but of course it's limited to just Mac, and it has a bad reputation for not really being a full DAW because of its lack of mastering tools and mixing isn't the greatest either. And the sounds are garbage. That being said, there was an update a while ago that added one synth engine to it with a whole host of usable and really customizable sounds, and they did actually add some more in depth mixing and mastering options such as an actual compressor now rather than just the one bar that you slide to add or reduce compression. They also added stuff like effects (tremolo, overdrive, microphaser, etc...) which is pretty great to add even more uniqueness to your sounds, and they improved stuff like track reverb instead of, again, just a slider. Garage Band also has a bunch of loops (while inherently not amazing as standalone, basically just short 1-4 bar samples of synths, drums, rhythm stuff) and if you can learn how to chop them up and use it creatively in a project without just throwing a loop in there, it can be pretty functional. Not knocking down Reaper though, if you can use that it'd probably be better. It's WAY a more of a DAW than Garage Band. I'm just putting it out there that Garage Band is a lot better now. Still not amazing but good if you wanna learn basic stuff about production.