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  1. Sonic Mania

    I haven't finished it yet but I like it a lot. BTW, I liked sonic 3 better than sonic & knuckles....:thinkingemoji:
  2. Sonic Mania

    how come this thread died with only 2 pages? :thinkingemoji:
  3. James Pond 3 the lunar expanse

    OMG! I totally forgot about this song! Enclosed Skulduggery
  4. James Pond 3 the lunar expanse

    One of my favorite games ever james pond 3 the lunar expanse.
  5. Psychic 5

    Oh yeah baby, how can a game from 1987 have such a good music is beyond me, don't believe me? check this out, boys. amazing, isn't it? it would totally rock if anyone could remix anything from this game.
  6. Online Jet Set Radio Station

    that's pretty cool!! I checked it and I liked it!
  7. Lufia II: Of Gods and Men

    I hope this is still moving....
  8. Almost ten years? holy cow! kuddos to all of you who made it happen! After almost ten years of that amazing project, is there any chance to release flac version of the songs? I know it's almost impossible but I had to ask. Greetings to all of you who made possible such gem. Still loving Gamebox's Robotnik Radio and iMushroom so much!
  9. I hope it's good!!! and Vamos Argentinaaaa!!!!!!!!!
  10. BT's Producer Challenge!

    Create a original track that catches BT's ear using izotope breaktweaker for your chance to get released on Armada Music! Contest Details Grammy Award and Beatport Award nominee BT (aka Brian Transeau) is best known for crafting classic trance anthems as well as collaborating with some of the biggest names in dance music over the past two decades. A-list DJs like Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Sasha, Armin van Buuren, and tyDi, just to name a few, have him locked in their smart phone. Certainly, one reason he’s garnered so much attention from the dance music elite is due to his pioneering production technique known as the “stutter edit,” which takes a small sound fragment (or fragments) and then repeats it rhythmically. Needless to say, the guy knows his way around a studio and can recognize a fresh sound when he hears it. That’s where you come in. For Beatport’s exclusive BT Producer Challenge, you have the unique opportunity to sign-in, download a free 10-day trial of the new BreakTweaker plug-in (a collaboration between iZotope and BT), and use it to create your own original track. Then, BT himself will pick one lucky grand-prize winner as well as two runners-up. It’s that easy. And that amazing. Ready to make your mark and become the next big name in dance music? Enter this special Play contest by May 5 for your chance to win a grand prize software pack including BreakTweaker Expanded, Stutter Edit, and Ozone 5, and an official release on Armada Music. Link:
  11. Risk of Rain - Surface Tension

    oooh, thats good news!! will be looking forward to it!!!
  12. Risk of Rain - Surface Tension

    hehe, I wasn't expecting an: "OMERGERD!! thats the best song ever!!! I'm gonna remix it right away!!1" but an message just saying "I like it" from anyone would suffice. BTW <--I'm starting to love that track!update!: at the first link I shared in my first post, you can see Chris Christodoulou said: "I would love it if people remixed any of the tracks " to my statement that someone at OC remix should remix one of his songs.
  13. Risk of Rain - Surface Tension

    No one liked it??? :/
  14. Risk of Rain - Surface Tension

    Amazing track from an amazing OST!!!
  15. Baby Felix.

    catchy tune!