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  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy birthday to you and to me!
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO as for enguarde the swordfish... they could introduce a level where you ride him on top of the water, kind of like a surfboard. that'd be a lot of fun, since it'd be pretty fast and include some nice particle effects too, i'd wager.
  3. Hahahahahah... well, color me excited. See you guys in a year or two!
  4. You might want to have someone else edit your article before posting next time, duder. How do you expect people to take your review seriously if you can't keep your verb tense straight? Or how about: " would make Alex Trebek poop out his mustache 3 times." Really? Really now? And you wanna rag on Taucer's song for corny lyrics? I don't care if your opinion is spot on, this is just sloppily done.
  5. i wait now in silence for the curtain to rise
  6. deep down, i knew it
  7. yesssssssssssss
  8. vilecat still has the most hypnotic sig OF ALL sup vilecat also i would totally buy a longcat scarf
  9. Nekofrog, I salute your shorts. edit: for a Nickelodeon reference that sure sounds p gay this post brought to you by extreme sleep deprivation
  10. lol entitlement much "I DESERVE THIS MUSIC MAKE IT NOW EARN MY MONEY"
  11. this part is always the worst the project dangles near-completed in front of your face, but you just can't have any project release date: 2 years from now
  12. qft 10 scrolls seriously, this is near perfect.