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  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy birthday to you and to me!
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO as for enguarde the swordfish... they could introduce a level where you ride him on top of the water, kind of like a surfboard. that'd be a lot of fun, since it'd be pretty fast and include some nice particle effects too, i'd wager.
  3. Hahahahahah... well, color me excited. See you guys in a year or two!
  4. You might want to have someone else edit your article before posting next time, duder. How do you expect people to take your review seriously if you can't keep your verb tense straight? Or how about: "...it would make Alex Trebek poop out his mustache 3 times." Really? Really now? And you wanna rag on Taucer's song for corny lyrics? I don't care if your opinion is spot on, this is just sloppily done.
  5. vilecat still has the most hypnotic sig OF ALL sup vilecat also i would totally buy a longcat scarf
  6. Nekofrog, I salute your shorts. edit: for a Nickelodeon reference that sure sounds p gay this post brought to you by extreme sleep deprivation
  7. lol entitlement much "I DESERVE THIS MUSIC MAKE IT NOW EARN MY MONEY"
  8. this part is always the worst the project dangles near-completed in front of your face, but you just can't have any project release date: 2 years from now
  9. First Audix, then Oinkness... and now zoola, too? Everyone is changing their name for this project @_@; Also, erm... Brandon? After hearing this track a second time, I gotta say... I love it! It's perfect.
  10. Your user name is humorous only if you chose it knowing how ridiculous it is. If you picked it just because you actually hate GTA then rofl.

  11. ROFL people who hate hip-hop. You know what? I think Jose did a fucking good job with his writing and flow. I certainly couldn't do any better. In fact, the rest of the song is fantastic as well. How about this, Teeth? Why don't you teach yourself how to use a music program like FruityLoops or ProTools or some junk and DO YOUR OWN RENDITION? Instead of being close-minded and hurtful, why not try to one-up them instead? And while you're at it, why not listen to some fantastic hip-hop music instead of the Hot 100, and really learn why it's a beautiful method of expression worth defending. edit: also, GTAHater836 (rofl), I'm pretty sure they're kidding about there being a giant dick painted on the front of the mona lisa's mouth.
  12. Hey, I understand. Here's hoping everyone will have some extra free time to finish things after the holidays, hmm?
  13. I really like the idea of lego pc cases. Definitely gave me some ideas for my future case projects, heh.
  14. Please send me your payment information, as I'd like to donate some moolah towards the printing of the CDs, bro.

  15. Is it fair to ask how much more needs to be donated for the CD printing to be a go? I think I could swing $40 your way.
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