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  1. i'm starting a chrono cross remix project. i've always wanted to get back to the game that got me into remixing, and for the past six months or so, i've found myself listening to this soundtrack again more heavily as i have gotten back into writing music again. mitsuda's work on this album is timeless - the unique sound he created for CC is so consistently represented in these tracks that it's always apparent when you hear a song from the soundtracks. notably, his use of the arpeggiated minor 9th chord comes back again and again and never fails to inspire and move me. similar to the Link's Awakening project i directed, i'm interested in using a defined genre element for this project. ideally i'm thinking 20 tracks on a total of two discs - 10 fast/intense and 10 slow/languid. genre ideas for the first one would be faster rock, edm, or even intense film-style classical. genre ideas for the second would be chillstep, solo piano, groove, etc. the CC soundtrack combines some really fun and funky upbeat tracks with elements of mixed meter and ethnic instrumentation with some incredibly beautiful, more relaxed tunes that thrive on realistic articulation and great performances of solo instrumentation. i want to reflect both aspects of the game as clearly as possible. note that i have no problem with the same tune being on both discs - i would love two versions of the same tune as long as they're heavily different and unique takes on the theme, one faster and one slower. also please note that i'm interested in sticking with 10 tracks per disc - i'd like to not have 15 fast and 5 slow, for example, so when you note that you're interested in a track, please say which disc it might be on. if there's enough interest, i'll expand past 10 tracks/disc, but not until those ten are 'filled'. here's a tracklist. note that i've marked some songs as being repeats, arranged versions of the original, or just noise tracks - i've taken them out. 67 original tracks minus 12 repeats/arranges leaves us with 55 possible tracks. i'm leaving weirder or non-melodic ones like Grief and Fortress of Ancient Dragons on here because, honestly, i'd love to hear a remix of grief done well =) i'd encourage you to pick tracks that aren't super popular, like Scars of Time and Frozen Flame, but of course would accept WiPs for those too. there's a lot of gems on this soundtrack that have never been remixed and i'd prefer to focus on them if possible. to reserve a track, get me a WiP. all tracks are fair game until i've heard your vision realized. if i get a few of the same one, i'll determine which one we'll stick with. black is available, red is taken, green is done. [Disc 1] 1. "Chrono Cross ~ Scars of Time ~" (CHRONO CROSS ~時の傷痕~) 2:29 - tentatively claimed! 2. "Between Life and Death" (死線) 2:38 3. "Arni Village - Home World" (アルニ村 ホーム) 3:23 - taken by @VGPianoMan, finished 4. "Fields of Time - Home World" (時の草原 ホーム・ワールド) 3:26 5. "Lizard Dance" (トカゲと踊れ) 2:41 - taken by @evktalo, wip 6. "Reminiscing ~ Uneraseable Memory ~" (回想 〜消せない想い〜) 3:25 7. "On the Beach of Dreams - Another World" (夢の岸辺に アナザー・ワールド) 2:22 - taken by @The Coop, finished 8. "Arni Village - Another World" (アルニ村 アナザー) 3:32 <- Mostly same as D1S03 "Arni Village - Home World" 9. "Ephemeral Memory" (うたかたの想い) 2:51 - taken by @OA, wip 10. "Lost Fragment" (失われた欠片) 3:12 <- Mostly same as D1S01 "Chrono Cross ~ Scars of Time" 11. "Drowned Valley" (溺れ谷) 2:00 - taken by @prophetik music, finished 12. "Termina - Another World" (テルミナ アナザー) 2:43 - taken by @Peíorele, wip 13. "Departed Souls" (去りにし者ども) 3:43 - taken by @prophetik music, finished 14. "Forest of Illusion" (影切りの森) 3:25 - taken by @noTuX, finished 15. "Viper Manor" (蛇骨館) 2:54 16. "Victory ~ A Gift of Spring ~" (勝利 ~春の贈り物~) 0:56 17. "A Child Lost in Time" (時の迷い子) 3:24 18. "Guldove - Another World" (ガルドーブ アナザー) 3:26 19. "Hydra's Swamp" (ヒドラの沼) 3:10 20. "Fragment of a Dream" (夢のかけら) 1:35 <- Music box version of D3S15 "Radical Dreamers ~ Unstolen Jewel" 21. "Voyage - Another World" (航海 アナザー・ワールド) 2:32 22. "Ghost Ship" (幽霊船) 2:00 23. "Death Volcano" (死炎山) 3:39 24. "Fortress of Ancient Dragons" (古龍の砦) 3:54 25. "Grief" (悲愴) 0:20 [Disc 2] 1. "Beginning of a Dream" (夢のはじまり) 0:42 2. "A Narrow Space Between Dimensions" (次元の狭間) 2:47 3. "Termina - Home World" (テルミナ ホーム) 3:38 - taken by @Peíorele, wip 4. "Dragon Knight" (龍の騎士) 3:01 - tentatively claimed! 5. "Voyage - Home World" (航海 ホーム・ワールド) 3:22 6. "Guldove - Home World" (ガルドーブ ホーム) 3:58 - taken by @OA, wip 7. "Marbule - Home World" (マブーレ ホーム) 2:55 <- Mostly same as D2S26 "Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves" 8. "Zelbess" (ゼルベス) 2:42 9. "The Splendidly Grand Magic Troupe" (天晴驚愕大奇術団) 1:31 10. "Nap" (まどろみ) 0:13 11. "Chronomantique" (クロノマンティーク) 3:18 <- Mostly same as D1S04 "Fields of Time - Home World" 12. "Dilemma" (窮地) 2:47 13. "Optimism" (楽天) 2:19 14. "Isle of the Dead" (亡者の島) 3:11 15. "Dead Sea/Tower of Destruction" (死海・滅びの塔) 3:10 - taken by @Kat, wip 16. "Prisoners of Fate" (運命に囚われし者たち) 3:26 17. "A Light for Lost Hopes" (あらかじめ失われし、ともしび) 0:32 18. "Island of the Earth Dragon" (土龍の島) 3:16 - taken by @Peíorele, wip 19. "Navel of the World" (世界のへそ) 2:59 - taken by @prophetik music, finished 20. "Gale" (疾風) 2:00 21. "Victory ~ A Cry in Summer ~" (勝利 ~夏の呼び声~) 0:53 <- Mostly same as D1S16 "Victory ~ A Gift of Spring" 22. "Marbule - Another World" (マブーレ アナザー) 3:00 <- Mostly same as D2S26 "Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves" 23. "Magic from the Fairies" (妖精のくれた魔法) 0:13 <- Mostly same as D2S26 "Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves" 24. "Etude 1" (エチュード1) 0:12 <- Mostly same as D2S26 "Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves" 25. "Etude 2" (エチュード2) 0:14 <- Mostly same as D2S26 "Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves" 26. "Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves ~" (MAGICAL DREAMERS ~風と星と波と~) 2:02 [Disc 3] 1. "Garden of God" (神の庭) 2:45 - taken by @Peíorele, wip 2. "Chronopolis" (クロノポリス) 4:12 - tentatively claimed! 3. "Fate ~ The God of Destiny ~" (FATES ~運命の神~) 3:10 4. "Jellyfish Sea" (海月海) 2:55 - taken by @avaris, wip 5. "Burning Orphanage" (炎の孤児院) 2:44 6. "The Girl Who Stole the Stars" (星を盗んだ少女) 3:48 - taken by @Wiesty, wip 7. "The Dream that Time Dreams" (時のみる夢) 4:01 8. "Dragon's Prayer" (龍の祈り) 5:37 - taken by @prophetik music, finished 9. "Terra Tower" (星の塔) 2:26 10. "Frozen Flame" (凍てついた炎) 2:54 11. "Dragon God" (龍神) 3:21 12. "Dark Realms of Time" (時の闇にて) 0:42 <- Just noise 13. "Life ~ A Distant Promise ~" (生命 ~遠い約束~) 6:32 - taken by @Theophany, wip 14. "Reminiscing ~ Uneraseable Memory ~" (回想 ~消せない想い~) 1:39 <- Mostly same as D1S06 "Reminiscing ~ Uneraseable Memory" 15. "Radical Dreamers ~ Unstolen Jewel ~" (RADICAL DREAMERS ~盗めない宝石~) 4:25 - taken by @DragonAvenger and @prophetik music, wip 16. "Fragment of a Dream" (夢のかけら) 2:00 <- Music box version of D3S13 "Life ~ A Distant Promise" things i'll still need: release mirrors, when the time comes website design and hosting. some artwork would be nice! CC has some incredible visuals that would be great to capture. alternatively, some screenshots from the game would be cool too. i will look into a forum area we can work out of in order to be more organized, but ideally we'll use a private ocr forum section in terms of expectations, please note that while i don't expect you to burn out a track in two weeks, i will not accept extended absences without you at least telling me what's going on. my goal for every project i work on is to discharge my obligations as quickly as possible, and i will expect that you're actively working on your track to get it completed within a reasonable amount of time. i personally have no issue filling in gaps where they appear so i can always pick up the slack where it appears. i've got two small children and limited time to work on music, but i'll make sure to do my best to be just as prompt and active in managing this as i am expecting you as a remixer to be in your writing. let's work together and create something really special. remix list (subject to change): disc 1: FROZEN (slow) 1. "Departed Souls" [prophetik] 2. "On the Beach of Dreams" [the coop] 3. "The Girl Who Stole the Stars" [wiesty] 4. "Ephemeral Memory" [oa] 5. "Dead Sea" [kat] 6. "Island of the Earth Dragon" [Peiorele] 7. "Garden of God" [Peiorele] 8. "Forest of Illusion" [noTux] 9. "Life ~ A Distant Promise" [Theophany] 10. "Jellyfish Sea" [avaris] 11. disc 2: FLAME (fast) 1. "Lizard Dance" [evktalo] 2. "Navel of the World" [prophetik music] 3. "Dragon's Prayer" [prophetik music] 4. "Drowned Valley" [prophetik music] 5. "Arni Village - Home World" [VGPianoMan] 6. "Termina - Home World" and "Termina - Another World" [Peiorele] 7. "Guldove - Home World" [OCU] 8. "Radical Dreamers" [DragonAvenger and prophetik] 9. 10.
  2. @Theophany has claimed Life ~ A Distant Promise! @avaris has also claimed Jellyfish Sea! i've also marked two big tracks as tentatively claimed (Scars of Time and Chronopolis). we're filling in the tracklist quickly =) also, per reinhold's update, i've contacted members of Game-Art-HQ (of FFIX project fame!) to assist with artwork. so now we've got some people interested in doing art, and we now need a web designer at some point.
  3. some great news on potential remixers who hope to join the project - i'll update as soon as i have wips from them. a few names that people will recognize =)
  4. @Neemux - you are indeed! shoot me a private message and we can go from there.
  5. got a three-fire-emoji.jpg wav from @noTuX, so he's done! also sent a possible wip to @Tuberz McGee so we'll see if that turns into anything. beyond that, we have four or five that are fairly close or waiting on a single recording. i haven't heard from a few people in some time though so barring anything happening there a track or two may become available - i'll post updates on that when it occurs.
  6. and...thank you, bahamut! if you want to buy something, pm the seller. if you want something or are selling something, post in this thread.
  7. hey everyone, if you're looking for a mezzo for your song, janna mckinley graciously offered her services. let me know if you want to get in touch and i'll pass along her contact info.
  8. are PM to: lists limited to five people? i can't tell if it's a bug in how the forum's interacting with Chrome or if it's a hard limitation. the PM system has some issues with Chrome 56 at least. if it's a limitation, can it be changed on a per-user basis? it's hard to communicate with a lot of project members without using direct email, and i'd prefer to use the forum if possible.
  9. heard a final for Forest of Illusion today, so as soon as @noTuX gets me a lossless, that one's done! also heard a badass jazz arrangement from @Wiesty that is gonna be a real standout collaborative performance on the slow album. i also have WIPs promised from several people by the end of the month...looking forward to hearing it! my music pc is back in business after some issues with hard drives so i'm excited to get working again as well.
  10. upping the maximum recipients per convo would be nice to let project admins send 'email blasts' to their project members. we used to be able to send 10-15 at a time and that was real nice. an elevated group would be fairly easy to manage there, i'd think, and would prevent that people who have no remixing experience pinging the entire remixer list to join their SUPER MEGA SWEET NEW PROJECT that they abandon twelve minutes later...maybe only after a project's out of the recruiting stage and shows functional leadership? maybe also up the number of PMs you can send in a day, but even that, i dunno. the per minute one is fine.
  11. @djpretzel @Liontamer
  12. i'm selling a key for EITHER ghost recon wildlands or for honor. it came with a graphics card i purchased for a build for a friend who doesn't want it. 20$ snags it. you'll need a geforce-based graphics card to redeem it, or else we can work something out with me logging into your uplay account to redeem it for you if you're ok with that. i am also considering upgrading my cpu, mostly for vanity's sake. i'd be selling my cpu, mobo, and ram. cpu is an i5-4670k, never overclocked. mainboard is a gigabyte z87x-d3h-cf. RAM is 2x 4gb g.skill ripjaw sticks at 1600mhz. i have no idea what i'd sell it for but if you make me an offer i'd consider'd probably be in the 350$ range. note i'm not selling the cpu cooler.
  13. i'll be sending out update requests again fairly soon. still trucking along =)
  14. unrelated: topic title made me laugh out loud =)
  15. i'll send you a PM with a few suggestions.
  16. might as well update this. i build computers for pretty cheap. i've sold systems to a lot of OCR folks (like, 40+ at this point). i do a lot with specialized hardware. i also charge next to nothing for my services - just 10% of the cost of the parts, plus 50$. this means that for a monster system with 1500$ of hardware under the hood - which might cost $3k or more at a boutique builder - only costs about 1700$ for me to select parts, build it, and test it. that's a killer deal. if you've got questions or just want a quote, please let me know. i have no problem just talking hardware with you if that's all you've got the time for. i don't charge for advice =) pretty much i just like playing with new hardware, and this gives me an opportunity to do that. i also usually have used parts for sale if you want to lower your price further. feel free to drop me a line to get some info about what i'm selling at any given time.
  17. i am pretty happy with where the radical dreamers collab with @DragonAvenger and @Chris ~ Amaterasu is going! most of the backing track is done and now i am focusing on prepping for adding the vocals and string parts.
  18. 80% of tracks are now claimed! @noTuX just hit me up with a great wip of Forest of Illusion, with a really cool vibe that reminded me of one of my first favorites from this site (hint: the remix number is double digits!). we're down to one slow track and three fast remaining! i should note that while my goal is to have two equal discs, i'm happy to have one be longer or shorter than the other depending on song length. i'm not going to shovel some trash on there to meet an arbitrary track requirement.
  19. so i enjoy chopping up drums and goofing around with drumloops, but i usually use either dblue's Glitch effect or do the chopping/pitch-shifting straight into FL studio. i'm interested in finding some effects (tape-stop and stutter mostly) that are less clunky to use than Glitch. anyone have ideas? i'm aware i can simulate these in FL but a push-button approach is appealing.
  20. i have no wips for that track yet. i'd love to hear it! send it my way if you get some ideas written down. it by no means needs to be full length or anything - just a promising concept.
  21. you know you want to do a track for the fast album... =)
  22. gonna officially write DA and i down for Radical Dreamers. we're doing a chillstep-ish version. got the drums down and now need to work on the build.
  23. i am certain i'm not the only one who's tried this game. how are you all finding it? it's easily the best non-port tactics game on mobile right now, in my opinion, and the freemium aspects aren't really that onerous. if you're not interested in playing several hours a day, it's a solid free game to check out. the animations and art are excellent and the gameplay is typical FE. thoughts? friend codes: prophetik: 7783827320
  24. it's definitely a pooping game with the length of the fights, but i've found that there's still a lot of strategy there at least once you get to higher levels. it seems like a bit of a slog earlier but i didn't mind since i love the FE games and it was fun seeing the characters i remembered being realized in new ways.
  25. you mean, like, it got caught in the 'whoops i forgot' bin?