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Chipamp update

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I like Winamp for listen chiptune, and Chipamp is a good bundle making easy to use Winamp, but there is a lot of time Chipamp do not receive a update, I had make a preliminary work about some plugins update and some new plugins for Chipamp .

updated plugins

vio2sf 0.23.13
asap 3.2.0
MDX Input Plugin 1.14.5
VGM input plugin 0.40.7
VGMStream r1050-test
NotSo Fatso (officil By Disch) (fork By Drag) (new links for update)

new plugins

aoqsf 0.07
FMP/PMD input plugin
AdPlug 1.8.2
in_openmpt  (I use it to replace in_mod, this is the best module playback)
AUD Player
Highly Competitive
IMF Music Player tools/in_imf WinAMP plugin/
Ken's plugin

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I still making some researches, and I found the WRS plug-in site (with source core)

also some others plug-ins, I'm just listing this but still have to test and select which ones go to Chipamp

Ganbatte! v2.2
Highly Quixotic
viogsf (more recent than Highly Advanced, maybe battler)

the next Chipamp release will be the ultimate solution for chiptune playback

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