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Journey (PS3) - The Call

(I can do this. I can write this without being self-defeating.. )

I wanted to make a fitting remix for a Journey video montage. I sampled the original track so I guess it doesn't meet OCR guidelines, but that's fine whatevs yo. It's also very incomplete, as in missing instruments toward the end.

I need help. Please, any advice simply to make it sound professional and intelligent. Thank you.

You'll find the link contains a sufficient amount of suck and awFFFFFUUUU--NOI'MDONETYPING.

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Old 07-19-2012, 12:13 AM
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The sampling itself is not such a big deal as I see it.... but... the fact that its just a random sample(and low quality) in an otherwise unrelated tune is.

though.. I DO happen to like that unrelated tune!

I dunno... this just... isnt a remix so... yeah.. but its not a bad start to some other kind of song!
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