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Old 03-06-2012, 11:14 AM
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Symphonic or "indie hip-hop" remix of "Eight Melodies" from Earthbound

I know it's considered poor form to post requests when you haven't really established yourself within a community, but for as much as I love this site and all of the work put into it, I have not a bit to contribute, so I think leaving the art to those who possess talent would be in my best interest.

I came here to introduce a casual gamer friend to OCR, and figured I would use one of her favorite games to ease her into the idea. I was surprised that a mutual favorite from the game only had a single remix, and it was made 12 years ago. While not bad, I'd like to hear something more up-to-date. Either a classy, symphonic sound, with piano, violins and such, or (if it's even possible) something along the lines of underground/indie hip-hop like Aesop Rock or Atmosphere. If anyone could manage any of this, I would be very, very grateful. Thank you in advance. And thanks for maintaining one of the greatest websites of the geek subculture for over a decade. This place is truly a gamer's haven.
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ah, a great song, and one of the few VGM songs i know by heart on the keys

if i weren't so damn lazy i'd do a full piano arrangement

unfortunately i am. and i have tons of crud on my to-do list as it is. but i'll add your request to it and i'll get arounds to it eventually.

tl;dr i post in thread in hopes someone who isn't lazy/busy sees it because there's never enough earthbound. NEVER

because really people there would still think about right though.
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