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  1. Cool guys, thanks for all the responses. To all you who thought I was acting like a judge, sorry. Didn't mean to come off that way. I appreciate everyone else who gave me the time of day and knew what I was really trying to ask.
  2. I found http://www.vertexguy.com recently, and his music is something I tend to hear on OCR. I asked him if he heard of this place, and he told me he submitted in the past and was rejected. Why? His music isn't outside of anything I've heard on OCR before, and he meets the rearrangement requirements.
  3. I see this as the perfect re-arranged theme for an epic Legend of Zelda RPG.
  4. In your face stuff that's definitely worthy of a fighting game. I like.
  5. Very interesting. It's both dark and triumphant, and it turns the Zelda theme into a song of raw determination. The ending to it is very unique and creative and, like the games, leaves me feeling like there's still more to come. It'd make great final boss music.
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