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  1. holy crap this song was awesome! brings a whole new perspective to the blast hornet BGM
  2. i'm a huge fan of the gravity beetle BGM. this song made the song even better! it's an awesome remix and i love it!
  3. this song is pure genius. i'm still laughing at it. normally i despise remixes with lyrics. but this is a comedy song. and the flash video that goes with it is to die for. this song kicks ass! the mp3 has notable differences from the flash video. the whole "fi-nal-fan-tas-y" whsipering thing is new...and i don't like it. i don't like the alterations in the mp3 at all.
  4. even as i post this, i'm listening to this masterpiece. i simply cannot get enough of this song! i love it!!!! on a scale of 1-10, i'd give this song a solid 10!!!
  5. i'm not going to say anything harsh. but as soon as i heard singing, i stopped playing the song and deleted it. this is megaman. lyrics do NOT belong in megaman music....... i didn't like this tune. but....that's just me i guess
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