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  1. I haven't heard a good Zelda remix since I've joined OCR. Everything that's been made in the last year has barely peeked my interest. They haven't been able to compare to "A Storm in the Desert" or "Ancient Hero" by any means. I'm glad to say that this has made it into my list of Top 5 OCR songs. It's very charming and sweet, and the secondary melody at 2:00 is very beautiful. The ending is unique, making the guitar sound more like a harp, and the cute little Zelda midi added on at the end leaves the listener in a cheerful mindset. This is an excellent remix. Download it now.
  2. I didn't like this song the first time I listened to it. I do like the jazzy flute solo in the middle, but the excess beeping in the background is about to drive me nuts. I like it when it mellows out after the solo, but then it goes right back to the beginning.
  3. Now, this piece is something I like. Different enough to be unique, loyal enough for me to keep listening. This whole piece just screams Zelda. Nothing much I can say but excellent. 9/10
  4. Eerie beginning, but fifty seconds without hearing the melody is too long. When we actually get into the guitar solo, it sounds much better. It still has that edgy feel, but now we have a central theme. Very different from just about every other Zelda remix. I like how the melody comes back slightly in the chaos at the end and then everything but the melody is gone. Still, there are too many things that I can't stand about this piece. 6/10
  5. I didn't like this song when I first heard it. Upon taking a closer look, I've had a change of heart. It's loyal to the original theme and still is original. The vocals add a nice touch as well. 8/10
  6. Very simplistic. But it's still catchy. Not much variation from the orginal theme. 6/10
  7. A bit short, but I like it. The ending is especially nice, ending without the resolution. Not a bad jazz song, either. 7/10
  8. Nice. I like the take on the Zelda theme; most of what I hear is set to a march tempo. However, this song needs a bit more variation for me to truly like it, but I think that it is still a fairly good remix. 7/10 EDIT: I actually like this remix better after listening to it several times.
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