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  1. How Can I make a part of the song in fruityloops to speed up? I checked out the link on the first post and the post doesnt exist, so I'm asking here. Thanks in advance.
  2. Listening to this reminded me very much of how It went the first time I fought the Atma Weapon. I think that I am the only one who got what he did at the end. The person is defeated, and he says "Aw crap" The "you died" music starts, and the guy gets up and turns off the game. Then he walks out muttering "Stupid game" I'm pretty sure that Mustin just hid a microphone in my room for most of the track's inspiration. I give it 999/1000, for truly replicating a day in my gaming life.
  3. Nice to see some Circle of the Moon Remixes. I've been playing this game a lot lately (That damn thief isn't strong enough!). Anyway, Quite an interesting take on it here. I didn't really hear a percussion backup, except for the snare drum quarter note repitition... And I can't help but feel this was made on the Game Boy Camera Dj Mode. Not bad overall, but I would suggest doing a more orchestral take, and improving your sound slightly. 7/10
  4. I gotta say, great idea orchestrating this. It followed the original closely. Then again I'm biased toward classical songs. I like how there were about 3 movements, felt like I was at a classical concert! But at 4:40, where you pick up the pirate tune again, well that was so good that there is only one word to describe it: SHNAW! Very nice indeed!
  5. Great stuff here! Made my playlist. This is a very good remix and you should consider making more.
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