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  1. I almost feel dissatisfied with my DS except that Hunters is awesome. 'cause all I've gotten for it so far is SM64x4 and MP: Hunters. =^/ Feel like I'm not getting my money's worth. Although Trauma Center looks groovy, as does the Wii version...
  2. Jesus Christ. What kind of lifestyle is it that compels you all to bitch at each other all day? Get other hobbies. Like, I dunno, reading a book. Quit being visual stimulation addicts. It makes me ANGRY to come here for info and instead be subject to all your bitchings.
  3. Stop. Think about something else. Ooh. That bad?
  4. I think they've lost some of the funny in recent years. But then again, I only read them sporadically. Most of my experience with them comes from their The Root of All Evil book.
  5. I'm thinking about Star Fox Command. Anyone know how the storyline is? Good? Bad? WTF?
  6. Finally, a Marathon remix at OCRemix. <3 Very chilled. Very peaceful. Very lazing-around-on-a-space-station music. Kinda reminds me of the Acme Station level from Marathon Infinity. Well, except for the life-sucking lack of oxygen and the hostile alien troops on board. Marathon Trilogy for life. Best shooters evar, IMHO. PEACE OUT!
  7. Crowe's weird cyborg-slug form from Timesplitters 3 (second-to-last boss). The bastard took me a while to realize his attack pattern and some of his weak spots...
  8. Star Wolf on Hard Route Venom in Star Fox 64. Or at least they were hard back when I was 10 or so and the game had just been released. Man, were they a pain... Goras from Titania in the same game at the same age for similar reasons. He/she/it was freaky. Final fight against Molov in Red Faction II. Pure insanity. The first airship fight against the Valua chick in Skies of Arcadia. I shoulda levelled up more...
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