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  1. Wow...I know this is a lil late but wow....I really wish that I could change some of the song in game with stuff like this....it would definately add mass replay value to my older games
  2. Very nice remix of the Ice Cap theme, Lyrics are very deep, good job...keep it up.
  3. Freakin Sweet! This being one of my favourite songs from an SNES game, this ReMix does it justice, great justice! The opening part with the start up sequence is pretty cool as it builds up into the main part of the song. Nice!
  4. Wow this ain't too bad. I really like the sound of the begining with the strings and piano. Have to make sure that I get this one >.>
  5. This has got to be one of the best interperetations of these two songs that I've ever heard. Good freakin job!
  6. I agree with this, I have the actual BGM,but I wasn't overly impressed with it. Mostly due to the, in my opinion, better themes for Zero from X3 and X4. Yet this remix melds all the themes of from the pre-playstaion zero, into one catchy tune. Kinda makes me wish I had gotten the chance to finish X2
  7. I may not be re-inventing the wheel with this but, you can really feel the sense of majesty that this remix gives off. This is one to just play and turn up, reeling in the grandeur of it all..
  8. Wow, this is pretty good, especially with the use of the zero's orignal theme from MMX, and making a solo out of all in game SFX. Good work.
  9. Really nice, when I first heard the voice samples from Pitch Black, it caught me off guard in a sort of "wuzzat??!" moment, it's a nice touch and I can almost imagine Magus saying those lines and sounding like that.
  10. Ryu's theme..Remixes for it aren't few and far between, but this is one that I could actually feel emotion from. The opening was done well and had a majestic feel to it, and it just built up from there. I did think that near the end around 2:40, it sounded to me like it was a lil crammed together there, but still played out ok. Overall a really decent mix that conveys the sutble emotion in this song nicely, Good Work.
  11. Wow..good stuff, this being one of the more serious songs in the game, the enhanced drums really accentuate that seriousness it. I repeat..good stuff
  12. I liked it,Sephiroth's theme as background was nice, and the shift to Terra's theme at 4'00" was very, very good. Nice, even though it didn't sound all that great coming from the speakers of a laptop
  13. Awesome, very awesome. Not much else I can think of saying..other than awesome
  14. Well...umm..one thing I can say I guess..that would be w00tness. I really liked the original quite a bit, this remix just adds to my liking of this song. Much w00tness.
  15. Nice, very nice. I likes it so much that I end up listening to it at least once a day just to get it stuck in my head. Good work
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