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  1. I've been regularly enjoying this track over the last few days. When I am cold it makes me feel warm. It satiates my trance desires. It cheers me on when I am running away from angry goblins...
  2. I love this mix. It's great, stadium rock epic and makes you feel like crowd surfing naked. I emplore people to download it. Also see Shaun of teh Dead.
  3. There you go ya cheeky scamp. now run along
  4. Here it is. Us doing things live. In a tent. With lots of people watching. There will be mirrors at a later date. If you'd like to mirror it please do...my poor little laptop will cry if it has to do all the work. just download. It's a 6MB quicktime file. Oh and the girls were playing in the previous tracks and aren't just there to dance. and stuff. and dancing. and making pies. we make fire. play keyboards. hunter-gather. MIDI modulate. [stare]
  5. This mix took me back to a special place... Getting a SNES with SF2 on xmas day....ah.... tatsumakisenpyukyaku!
  6. I'll put it on my site when I get a chance for a short while. Will post a message when I've done it.. EDIT: here it is. A remix of the Super Mario Bros - Dirty Mix by Nervous Testpilot. http://www.nervoustestpilot.co.uk http://www.brfuk.com/temp/mario_wtf_mix.mp3 An intricate delibrate mangling of filfth. ...and you thought the only wicked/lame thing out of Oxford was Radiohead. Get it whilst it's hot....won't be there forever.
  7. Hello. Me again. The WTF mix (by Paul Taylor) is as you say down at the moment. I've requested to Paul Taylor (the mixee) that he gets it up again ASAP as it's....[pause]....amaaazing. It will really make your head die. His site is http://www.nervoustestpilot.co.uk and has good free music. ps - [whisper] their is another mix happening....[/whisper]
  8. Thanks for the reviews Comp CD? Spread the damage! However richbrf, nervous_testpilot, binster & A Scholar and A Physician would like to remind you that all distortion is intentional. Over & Out. Dirty Mix Spokesperson - Rich [KSSSHHHKKX!] (radio off)
  9. oh my sh****ng jesus christ...that is fantastic. Well done to all concerned. I never could have dreamed whilst laying down the first part of this track that....the shyguy playing the trumpet... ....[sheds a single solitary tear] sooooo good. This should bne on the front page...maybe a whole new section of Overclocked. Well done. [claps] [claps some more] [falls over] RichBRF
  10. Mr Pretzel? Is there a way of getting a remix of the Ninja Turtles 'TURTLE POWER' track onto OCR? Or has it never appeared in a game to anyones knowledge? Rich
  11. Just thought you might like to know the Paul Taylor WTF mix was played...and remixed....live in The Cellar bar, in Oxford (uk). To an appreciative crowd. It's not often videogame remixes get played live yaknow... I've got a short mov clip but I haven't got anywhere to put it up... schnoop Rich
  12. How about a Gabba mix of the NES version of the Cantina music in Star Wars? Actually Zelda sounds good. Which one though? Theres so many to choose from? Zelda2 boss music? Gameboy Zelda:Links Awakening? Snes? N64?
  13. Hello all. Glad to see you all liked it. We thought it had been ignored by the uber-pretzel-meister. Anyway. There's a little story behind it so if you feel like knowing how it was put together and where it went from there....please excuse our ego-trip... [ego] Basically a very bored me (rich) decided to instigate an idea which was 'chinese remixing'. Basically taking a track remixing it and then passing it on to someone else who chopped it up a bit more each time. The basic idea being similar to the game 'chinese whispers'. yaknow? Where people whisper a phrase around a large group and eventually it ends up completely different to what was said by the first person. anyway... The track started off as a Jools Holland (UK big band music TV presenter type) Big Band style rendition of the Super Mario Bros theme and went from there.... First it went to Steve (of ASAP)... Then Oli (of ASAP)... Then Martin Binfield (http://www.abandonedsheep.com) That created the final version which you all heard. However...then we entered the dark side.... enter the Paul Taylor Node who cut up the track beyond all description creating breakbeat & sample fusion that defies reality and at some points just makes me want to cry...(check out 2:00onwards...sweet jesus) http://www.brfuk.com/noise/Super_Mario_Bros_WTF_Mix_OC_ReMix.mp3 yes. The "what the f**k" mix. Again it's a silly bit-rate...really really sorry. Too lazy to change it and I have my real work to do...bumpf... [/ego] Anyway...that's that. Sorry about the long post. Enjoy it if you think you can handle it.....
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