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  1. Honestly, I liked the other one better. Before the change to synth.
  2. I tried it in WMP like you suggested, and it ends normally at the 3:07ish mark. So why does it get almost a full 2 minutes added onto it in Real Player? That I don't know.
  3. Having a strange problem listening to this mix. If I let it play from start to finish, the sound cuts out at 3:17. If at any time I jump to a specific time, it doesn't cut out. I have tried redownloading this mix 4 times now, deleting all web page history, predeleting, etc. Nothing seems to fix it. Otherwise, awesome work here. EDIT: I studied what was happening a bit, and it would seem that the section that starts at 3:07 and ends at the end of the mix is played early, and when I said the sound "cuts out" I hadn't noticed the fade. So when I forcibly go to the 3:07+ section, it actually does cut out at the end of the timer, because it's playing the wrong part of the mix. I honestly don't know how these things work, but it would seem as if it's divided into sections that are played in a certain order and the order is screwed up or something for mine. Since nobody else has said anything, I surmise that I'm the only one who is getting this problem. So I don't know wtf.
  4. Definitely not the quality of mix you're capable of now, and I'd very much like to see you remake this. The source track is just begging for it's beat to be dropped properly.
  5. If I had a theme song for myself, this would be it. Excellent work, and great listening material - what more could you want?
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