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  1. Not out for a sig, but i'd just like to say this one: Awesome. Though it reminds me of Excel Saga.
  2. Uh...you could just use that file if you think you can do anything decent with it, otherwise i could send you the PSD [which i'm sure would be...much much easier to work with] edit: for those interested, Cap'n Hulk reworked it and here's the product:
  3. Made this for a friend. Problem is, almost any sig i make that isn't for me..isn't very good [mine aren't great either, but..comparatively, anyways]. Anyone feel like pulling a Joyzilla and doing a little sig pimpin' for me?
  4. Pretty simple, but nifty. Nothing wrong with a simple sig. *points to mine* Anyways...just a heads up, you should really refrain from double posting. People tend not to like it much.
  5. You might want to try one of the Sig request threads [either in the technical assistance, "Ye Olde Sig Shoppe" or the Unmo-....actually, nevermind that. Stick to the one here. Unmod is dangerous.] ...it's much easier than actually bothering to make your own.
  6. *erhem* Just like to add here that anyone who thinks this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v422/WesPip/WesPipSigv2.jpg is a good sig can feel free to solicit for a sig from me. Though...to be honest, the actual sig makers in this thread are much more experienced and...well, better. ^^;
  7. Ehhe, i think the pic is a little stretched. Anyways, since there's very little rating going on in the "rate my sig" topic in gen disc, if someone would be so kind? Yeah, i actually made one myself. MADNESS!
  8. Filled in that dead space there. Sooo...whadda you people think NOW?
  9. Would someone be so kind as to tell me if this one's okay? I made it for...actually, i think he goes here too, but he requested it on another forum. I personally think i'm getting less incompetant at this whole sig thing as the days go by... But yeah, what do you actual sig-makers think?^^
  10. Omg, someone actually requested a sig by /me/ in a different forum. It hurts my brain. Yessir, niiiice and shittay. Woo. edit: uh...do image tages hate .png format? edit2: heh...thanks. i'm not usually that dumb. really.
  11. I haven't played Killzone yet, but it looks like it fits the Killzone-esque feel in those colours and stuff... i'd say good job, but it's not FOR me, so.. yeah. Aw, screw it, Good Job anyways. Take THAT convention!
  12. Geez, people these days don't even say "please" anymore. The manners on these kids. tch. Anyhoo, actually mainly posting to mention that DJ Tempora, love your sig. That light suit is all...awesome and stuff, so that helps matters as well. Yeah.
  13. Could i perhaps, for variety's sake, have someone make a sig featuring some of these pics? http://img128.exs.cx/img128/1695/AngelKarinka.jpg http://img110.exs.cx/img110/6285/AngelKurumi.jpg ESPECIALLY the last two [Karinka and Kurumi] Of course, there's no hurry, since Chiz was already nice enough to make my CURRENT sig. edit: also, forgot to mention this. if possible, i'd like it to include the "Japanese Brush" font, available at www.bakaneko.com, under Koneko's Toybox [Mod Edit: If you're doing to post pictures with nudity as a request, link them; don't include them in the post, and mark
  14. me? im using it... AH! CONSPIRACY! COVERUP! ARRR. [pirates go arrr too.] Uh...to make this less spam-like... *still enjoying his sig* Thanks again Chiz.
  15. You'd think that'd mean he'd...be using it, wouldn't you?
  16. Heh... "Not like those freeloading Canadians...[the more you know]...Canada sucks." *erhem* Yeah, teh Hulk mentioned that he didn't care less, so i figured you felt the same. I don't like praise, so i always forget when other people do. *change* There we go.
  17. Ooh...i've saved em all, no more need for you to host any of them. Not entirely sure which I'll use just yet, but i have 'em all, so i have choices. Thanks a lot. ...now...which colour...
  18. Hm...it's nice and stuff, but...perhaps a little /too/ pink? If you have some spare time, maybe de-pink-ify it a little...if not, i'll have no problem using the one you made. Thanks a lot. ~WesPip edit: and..actually, i'll use it for now anyways^^
  19. *sigh* Man, being one makes me hate to ask for help on anything ever, but i have no photoshopping skills whatsoever. Could you p'raps make me one...if possibly, featuring a nice Ayumi Hamasaki picture [i'd hate said 'hot' picture, but it's my understanding that you're not exactly a fan], and p'raps featuring as many of the following pics as you'd care to incorporate... In advance, thanks.
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