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  1. First off, I love just about any metal/rockin' remix of Castlevania music (rock on goat and Minibosses!), but after hearing this, it reminded me that Castlevania music should work great in orchestral also. In fact, I would love to hear some more orchestral versions of CV music, that would be lovely. Great work RC, I hope you do more like this for CV. Edit: Abadoss makes a good point, parts of this really reminds me of the Fortress levles from Super Mario World, not to say that is a bad thing, but almost a deviation from the source material. Ahh, what do I know? All I know is that more orchestral remixes for CV (and other should be made).
  2. Haha! Dis' b tyte, yo! I remember emulating MR and wondering where the music came from. Thanks HHog for the reminder. Playing MR made me think that F-Zero was somewhat based off of it, I think it is. I wish more "obscure" games were remixed. It seems like it is nothing nothing but "The Legend of Super Mega Final Mario ZeldaManvania Trigger Kong Fantasy 64 X7 5 : The Innocent Sonata of the Lamb Dragon" these days. Not to say those are bad songs, but it seems like they were the only ones listed in the 100 at http://oc.ormgas.com . What is that saying about OC Remix in general?
  3. A wonderful remix. I usually prefer a mix to remind me of the game (I hate it when I can't recognize it), but this song blows that thought away. Does remind me of Sim City/The Sims at times, but that is all gravy with me. I honestly think that this could be put in a lounge (maybe even elevator music) and it would sound like authentic Lounge music. People here have noted the SOTN samples with positive opinions. I like them in there myself also, but they actually seem less "loungey" to me. These are one of those songs that the genre works the game music, not the other way around. A definitely well done remix that is certainly going on my Castlevania mix disc(s).
  4. A very nice remix that separates itself from other Castlevania remixes (that I like as well). I really like how the boss music comes in at 2:18. As for bass, I'm no musical judge at all, so I see no need for anything else. But many of the people's opinions here (in this thread) seem so single minded. Guy 1: OMG! This has no bass! It sucks! Guy 2: It doesn't need bass, it is perfect, you suck! 1: You are an idiot for thinking that. 2: You have no taste in music. If somebody thinks that a song needs bass, then that is perfectly fine to state, and I see no reason to bash somebody just because their opinion states so. But you are perfectly reasonable in saying that it doesn't need bass. I just don't see the sense behind calling somebody an idiot for thinking it does or doesn't. I don't have a strong taste or knowledge in music, nor a strong presence here. Add on to the fact that I'm "Just another Internet personality" and what I says pretty much has little to no creditability (but if you do a Google search for me, nearly all the results are related to me). But I wish some people here would take what I said into account at least.
  5. I first downloaded this using Mozilla, and it had some odd skipping or something that made it sound terrible. I read the reviews and I couldn't understand why anybody would call it good, or they just have distinct tastes that I will never understand. So I tried IE, and it came through right. I must say, it is quite awesome. Castlevania has my favorite game music, and I love metal remixes, so this is perfect for me. Very nice ending effects. Hehe, its kinda like it went from being totally marred into being totally perfect.
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