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  1. This is very close to the remix that I was looking for years. I was hoping the whole remix to be "XTREMEZ OMG!!! ITS BOWSER WIT TEH FIRE BREATH AND HELLFIRE LAVA EVIL CASTLE LEVEL OF DOOM1!!!!111 TIME TO DIE!!! RUN THE F**K AWAY!!!" It definitely got there near the end. I do like how it starts also. Thanks PriZm for this much needed remix.
  2. Due to the simplicity of the source, it would be easier to remake it pixel by pixel. Is it worth it? LT: If you were to do that, Muncher must be immaculate. Cuz if it's not, I'll know. (someone go for screen grab!)
  3. Very great remix. The song itself deserves to be in an RPG. It doesn't sound familiar, but maybe I need to hear the source again.
  4. LionTamer: Anything in specific you are looking for (spritewise)? I doubt we will need the ones that OCR already has. LT: Nah, I mean not really. I certainly could come up with ideas, but if you can think of any classic game and come up with some sprites, it's all good. Once a certain series seems like it has enough avatars, I'll let people know, but otherwise anything that looks good from a game is fair game. Use your imagination.
  5. Pwnership. Edit: I was wanting to do one of Bill Rizer from Shattered Solider, and this was the best image I could find. http://games.kikizo.com/media/contra_shattered_soldier/css_01.jpg Should I make one off of it? I also have some wallpapers of Neo Contra that actually might be better. LT: Doesn't seem workable from that pic. I'd stick to trying to get stuff from resizies that wouldn't be so drastic, as well as sprites. We're always in need of good looking sprites.
  6. This Delta Force Logo? http://www.oldbastardsclan.com/images/SIGS/Delta%20Force.gif LT: Not sure how that could be made serviceable, but you're welcome to try.
  7. Yeah, as soon as you find me a program that can take images from a DOS program. Or if you can give me some real pictures of it w/o numbers in the way. (which at that point, you could probably make one yourself). Edit, I might be able to do one from the lives in that picture, but it would look cruddy, unless I perhaps recolored it. (Clearing up "clumped" pixels) Edit: Back to Razsputin. Look at the diff. btwn the sharpened and unsharpened one. The Sharpened one is brightened, but a bit too sharp on the edges. The unsharpened one is perfect on the edges, but a tad dark. I think if I just increase the contrast on that one, it would be perfect. As for the ChibiOCR-Tans, I knew the first looked the best. The other two I couldn't sharpen anymore if I tried (except maybe with the manual sharpening tool). At this point, do we need the others? LT: Don't worry about Number Munchers. In a perfect world, there would be many pics online with which to get some avatars. Best best for anyone interested would be to emulate the Apple IIe and get some screen captures. Sharpened Raz is a little too sharp, but from a casual distance, you can't really tell. If you want to lighten to smoother one, you're more than welcome to try. No need to worry about the other OCR4-tan pics, as those weren't the best shots anyway.
  8. I'll jump on the Number Munchers request because I loved that game. However, I'm not wanting to do the others right now. May do them later if I feel like it. Edit: I happened to find a download for the game and a clone of it. Now I can't remember why I loved the game so much (I guess it was fun when you didn't know the number so easily). Oh well, here it is. LT: That clone can die! Apple IIe or nothin' as far as I'm concerned. (Actually, the old Mac Color Classic had a good upgraded version of the game with improved graphics.) But yeah, fuck that fake clone version there. If you get the REAL pics from Apple IIe Number Munchers and them some Troggles, then I <3. Troggle-us Smarticus, baby. Nevar forget.
  9. Here's some updates. I just realize that i didn't load my CoTM ghost one up. I don't think you are collecting enemies, but I thought it looked really cool, and I truly hope you consider it. I made different versions of the skeleton so you choose. By the way, the grey line on the left is the bone it is throwing. Should I keep it or erase it? LT: Skeleton's kinda iffy anyway as the main image was too fuzzy and the sharpened one is too sharp. The bone would have to be erased though. If the size was smaller to allow more of the skull in the picture, too much detail would probably be lost, so I'd scrap it. Kind of a lot of white/empty space in that one anyway, so I'm trying not to add it many like those. White space looks bad over a silver/gray background. Dracula's a little bit pixelated, but good enough, so thanks for sharpening him. Ghost looks awesome as hell, and no I don't descriminate against what type of characters/things are given images. Anything from a game that would look good as an avatar is fair game. By the way, I did see your earlier comment about the CV images you linked to. Tough break there, but I see how the grainyness wasn't your fault at all. The images Classic Gaming had were already muddy and small to begin with, so you tried to work with what you had. But yeah, that's why some of them aren't that hot. Do you think Coach Oleander needs to be sharpened/brightened? I also added a couple of more characters. There are ton of avatar worthy characters from the game, but I think we have enough. I thought the ones I added were really worth adding. Agent Ford Cruller Sheegor Raz (I made a simple .gif conversion and a sharpened edition, I leave it up to you to choose) After posting Ford, I see that it doesn't look that good, but I really enjoyed the character. LT: Actually, now that you mention it, Coach Oleander and Lungfish could use a tiny bit of brightening, but it's not a huge deal if not. I think they come out ok. I also took Sasha Nein and the sharpened Raz. The others didn't look like they would fit as much. Hope you're not offended by that. Thanks for coverting those JPGs. Edit: forgot these LT, from left to right: thanks/just right, too sharp, not sharp enough
  10. How did you improve OCR-tan? Did you just use sharpen? Thumbs up on Jade. Only she can make green lipstick hot.
  11. @ Liontamer Really? They all came from the full sized version of these pics: http://castlevania.classicgaming.gamespy.com/cotm/ and in most of them, I used a fixed size selection square of 32x32 instead of manual selction and cropping (which doesn't yield the best results). But I agree with you about the outcome of the Werewolf and Necromancer. Should just increasing the resoultion in Photoshop (via image size)do the trick)? I can do some Dawn of Sorrow ones also, they were definitely more simple anime like (Think Pokemon people), so they should come out clearer. I also think we should have one of Agent Cruller from Psychonauts, great character. Boyd's character really stood out in the game and is worth an avatar also.
  12. This song played again in my playlist, and now, I don't think of harshly of it as I did for it. It's pretty nice actually. Still not on the top of my list, but not at the bottom any more. This definitely opens the idea that more of HoD (or any of the GBA CVs) music should be remixed.
  13. Like these? Psychonauts: Boyd The Butcher Coach Oleander Crispen Lili Lungfish Milla Razputin (Raz) Agent Sasha Nien I can't remember Millia's last name. I think it might Vodello. I could do some from Castlevania CotM and DoS if those are wanted. Edit: Crap, I just realized that only .gifs are allowed. are they ok other wise? I'll fix 'em later LT: Ain't that a lot. Well, many of these Psychonauts pics look too weird to be serviceable, but there are some cool ones. Do some GIFs of Coach Oleander, Lungfish, Raz, and Agent Sasha Nien. Castelevania: Circle of the Moon Nathan Graves: Morris (Baldwin?) Hugh Baldwin Carmilla Dracula Maneater (monster) Necromancer Skeleton (not sure which crop to use) Werewolf Axelord (not so cool looking with size limitation) For the CV: Circle of the Moon ones, the resolution looks fuzzy on most of them. Necromancer and Werewolf were good though, so I took those. If you can clean up the resolution on the 2nd Nathan Graves, Hugh Baldwin, the 1st Carmilla, Dracula, and the close-up Skeleton, those would be good. The rest, fuggitaboutit. Edit: Some links are broken, intentionally. Just check for newer ones in later posts.
  14. I'm not so crazy of this remix myself. Maybe the work put into it was really good, but in the end, it doesn't please my ears. It does make me respect the original music though. Opinion wise, I'm kind of on the same page as joltmans. Just sounds weird and crazy and not I'm not sure about the crazy voices (however, I do agree they add a certain depth or feeling to the song, I just don't like it.) However, this remix did give me a higher appreciation for the source. I was a bit annoyed by the Harmony of Dissonance music, it was very annoying. However, I could tell if the composers had better technology to work with, it would have sounded so much better. So I appreciate this remix.
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