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  2. That was me that said that. And I agree. Toxic Caves is just off the charts awesome. Maybe someday I'll be good enough to remix it
  3. Happy birthday, OCR! Thanks to everyone for making this place awesome for thirteen years!
  4. This is great stuff! Goes down nice and easy... very relaxing to listen to!
  5. This mix is insanely good. Great work to you all-- I love Ecco, and I love this mix. It's got a really solid sound, and is just overall awesome!
  6. Congrats, Zircon. And congrats to everyone else who participated, and thanks for all the awesome new mixes
  7. I absolutely adore the source tune in this one, and this mix of it is utterly outstanding. Thanks to both of you for doing such a damn fine job on it.
  8. I agree. I listened through all the tracks together without looking at titles or names before listening in sets of two. I could tell zircon's the moment it started playing. It's not like this for all mixers, but for the most part it seemed to me like people were being fair and unbiased in their voting. This was a ton of fun for me. Great mixes from everyone... really, you guys all rock. Can't wait for round 2.
  9. This, exactly and totally. It drives me crazy when people don't even attempt to listen to the music in a game and immediately turn on some other music. The music can make so many things in a game that much more memorable.
  10. I am absolutely in love with what you've got here now. I've been listening since you first posted, and I love how far the track has come-- I don't really have technical commentary to make beyond the fact that I love the source material and your mix of has really come into its own and kicks ass! keep up the great work!
  11. Count me as a huge fan of this mix. The addition of meaningful lyrics was brilliant, and came off really well. One of my favorite S&K mixes, and one of my favorite mixes in general.
  12. I am in agreement. This mix is incredibly well done. So good, in fact, it makes me want to go replay Chrono Trigger. I really like the blending of the two styles, the orchestral section is well done, and flows into the second half very well. Despite the difference between the two styles, they flow really well, and manage to maintain the feeling of being a single song really well. I really can't say enough about this mix-- amazing job.
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