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  1. Does anybody here know a program for Mac that lets you edit complete ID3v2 tags? Because all the ones I have tried so far will only let me edit the most common ones, and that's not enough. And if not, what are my options for the *shudder* PC?
  2. I just don't know what else to say then thank you so much for making this remix! It's one of my alltime favourites! Thank you!
  3. Awesome remix! This is one of my alltime favourite OCremixes. Good job Star Salzman!
  4. This remix is so good. It is one of my favourite ocremixes and I've listened to it a lot. Thank you The Wingless.
  5. This remix is great. Apart from the fact that it brought back memories, it's a great version of a great tune. Thank you for remixing it so well.
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