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  1. Hmm... This will probably seem like a n00bish question, but I suppose this is the right thread for it(I hope). Well I'm thinking of finally starting to remix. It'll help develop my musical ear and composing skills(and hopefuly, I'll be able to create some good stuff. ). Anyway, I'm gonna go with Fruity Loops and I was wondering, which add-ons should I get along with it. Is there a prefered basic set?
  2. Wow...Yet another great piece of work from goat. Has anyone noticed how his work keeps getting better each mix? Go download this mix now. And if you're new to his work, I suggest you download any other mix he's done thus far. A real treat for Halloween.
  3. Hey Capn'! I was wondering if you could make me a sig that's about Fighter from 8-Bit Theater. I hope I'm not asking too much.
  4. Yo...I've already made a few posts around here. I guess I'm still new so I thought I'd do the intro thing. Malaki's my name, interests are most things musical, playin' video games(duh), primarily RPGs and action games, playin' my guitar and anything else that tickles my fancy. Came to this site about a year or so ago, but I decided to join now for some strange reason instead of earlier. I hope that I eventually make a few good mixes to post up here. I also have a dumb newbie question about qoutes. How am I able to get "_insert person's name here_ wrote", or the same thing in a double quote? Thanks in advance and sorry for any previous grievances.
  5. I downloaded it knowing Goat is both heavy metal/castlevania loving. I heard this and it was pure awesome. The guitar work is simply great and the intro is very pulsating. I'll be jammin on my peavey for awhile on this one.