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  1. 1 word... WTF?!?! this song is rather... interesting! gotta love the voice samples, but still man... i love the song in general, still a bit weird tho
  2. really interesting song! Mario 64 was a really long game, kinda 'accidentally' memorized the songs... really cool! the main synth part seems like its directly from the game... very nice! this is one of those songs u just cant help but bang ur head to, great job!
  3. lol the gong... reminds me of Mortal Kombat... the beginning of that one song has the distorted gong... quite interesting
  4. this song is.... rather interesting, i find it hard to judge aswell because the Song of Storms is an awesome tune, and so is this... i find that it gets rather old after the first 2 minutes of it, good variety and all, but its basically the same thing over and over and over for 4 and a half minutes!
  5. man this is a weird mix! its really interesting and all, but the main part kinda gets to your head... and people tend to ask wtf ur listnen to!
  6. HWAHAHAHA!! THIS MIX IS AWESOME!!! first time the guy said: 'whats going on?' i swear, that guy read my mind! yeah, want one of the way out there mixes, get this one... no doubt! i really like the drums that start around 1:15... they seem to on, and on, and on... just like the energizer bunny!! really cool tho!!! kinda cought me off guard... 'im trying to get to sleep... *yay!*' lol that was just odd.... ok, just dl the f***in mix
  7. yo! uh, really nice mix, gotta love it... one thing that i found somewhat not right was the dynamics... for example it seems the entire song is in piano or mezzo piano or somthing... few notes were accented i noticed, but not really enough variation (i found)... i really hafta turn up my speakers to listen to this... but apart from those, good job man!! keep up the good work (with some dynamics )
  8. haha! i love this song, drum programmings great! hell i'd need 3 hands for the main beat, and 5 for the solo part to play this in real life.... i dont really think its possible.... oh well, a guy can dream cant he? one put down i had was the sound of the drums for example the snare sounds like someone blowing into a microphone... i dunno, hehe could be beat boxing!! ya wutever. a great mix, keep up the good work McVaffe!
  9. heh i really liked this right when i got it... hell i still really like it now! but the thing that seems kinda weird is when the drums come in... imean it has synth in the beginning, and then on the down beat the drums come... if you clap ur hands to the beat from 1 second to 30 seconds in, you'll probably stumble this really bugged me when i first got it, but now i've grown to like it! (sry McVaffe, im a picky drummer...) another wicked part in the song is the part with the held synth somewhere around 1.24, 1.30... it really sounds like something is coming from far to near, its really cool!
  10. hey, when i first got this, i only listened to the beginning, yeah, the computer/dial up thing really didnt sound like a remix, so i was put off for a bit. but after i listened to the full thing, i really found it interesting... i like the piano, not really James Bond-ish, but thats wat makes it cool... anyone else really love the James Bond theme? i love it, man theres a club at school were we go watch Bond movies, its wicked. anyways... yeah, if ur smart download this
  11. yo... DJpretzel, this is some good $hit! this is my fav of all of yours *bows down infront of the allpowerful DJPretzel* yeah, anyone looking for a good mix, dl this now. i was a little skeptical at first, but...... wow
  12. yo. gotta tell ya, its a LITTLE more apropriate than Music of my Groin.... i agree, it does take some getting used to, but its a great piece! its quite addicting too! *doo doo do dodooodo dododododoo dood odood ododododododo* ahem.... yes be smart go to school.... wait no... oh yeah, get this mix
  13. yo. just cuz nobody said it im gonna say that the Water/Rain effects kick @$$!! lol ok apart from the beginning the songs pretty good too, kinda typical McVaffe mixing. not a bad tune, others are better though... DL this just for the beginning.
  14. yo. *counts his # times lisnted to on itunes* wow.... i gotta say, ive listened to this alot more than i thought.... its a very interesting song.... got alot of differant insturments, and things... dynamics good, but i gotta agree with Zircon, some parts of the song felt like they'd never end... it was really strange, first 20 seconds has a part like that yeah, i feel like if you take all the McVaffe songs... and put them together u come up with this. *holy music*
  15. i first got this song on VG music... one of the 'lesser posts' but now that its on OCremix, i guess ill say wat i wanted to say a while back... i heard that Arkimedes himself does the vocals... dunno but if he does, WOW i find this song very soothing, something to listen to when your down or sad, or even goin ta bed... (dont ask... plz...) yeah oh, this is a very simple song, but as i've said before: simple is good. and it is. when you really break it theres really drums, vocals and synth, melody and background... its pretty cool how Arkimedes synthed his voice like that.... thats fun and when he sings: 'No worry's, no fears, no nightmares, no tears' it goes from one speaker/headphone to the other, its really cool... and the Vocals are quite inspirational!
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