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  1. god hearin this brings me way back..i'm a sonic fan all the way man so maybe that's why i like it so much. But not being a big time sonic fan won't hold you back from listenin to this song. I reccomend some of u to atleast listen to some of it.
  2. srry but i just didn't like this one...not much of a rise. it was like a anti climax for me. but i won't critisize cause i know i can't do better
  3. i'm used to listening all the techno,fast paced rock that i love so much but when i heard this it was very relaxing..sf fan all the way i guess but i really did like this song alot.
  4. i don't mean that sarcastically. i really liked this one it just seemed like ryu..obviously since it was his theme but it just seems like what ryu would pick you know? I really liked this remix.
  5. well there was something that struck me on this..kinda reminds me of 1980s..way before i was born but still,I really really like this song out of alot of songs on here.
  6. I just became a member but i've came here for all my fav songs remixed..and out of many of them i say this one is one of the best..i totally recommend this one who likes techno.
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