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  1. I liked it but as the guy above mentioned you should build it up to a more apocalyptic ending. I mean, it's a theme that projects impending doom in the game and the music is pretty much helped with what is going on with quakes, the bells and the non.stopping clock in the HUD. You should definilty build increase the tension as it goes along, maybe -if possible- change from synths to a chorous to build up drama. Just a thought. Maybe for the cherry of the pie you could finish abruptly when you build enough tension and leave some notes hanging from the synth and finally conclude with a xylopho
  2. It sounds great. Feels as if I was playing 'Bramble Scramble' in nightime. Is it just me or some sounds resemble Jazz Jackrabbit 2's Soundtrack?
  3. I loved the whole trip-hop "Massive Attack"ish groove it had. Must be the first OC Remix I've heard that includes such extent of lyrics. Actually the other remix with actual lyrics I have is DKC3- Red Hot Pursuit. Almost 2 months ago I requested a remix for this song (Lorenzen's Soil/ISO 9000) and expected somehting more like the PC version of the SNES/Game Gear tune (The Pc version of this song has some electric guitars in the background that truly add a new twist to the already great theme on the consoles). Never expected something like this, but it really was a nice surprise, I must say
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