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  1. I'm having issues with downloading the torrent file. Trying with both Azureus and kTorrent, I get errors with it, Azureus stating the torrent is not a file and kTorrent saying it is corrupt. I've also tried the download on SoundTempest, but no go with that one, either. I've been trying yesterday and today both, but no luck. Any insight on this?
  2. For some odd reason, slightly less than a minute into this piece, I can't help but feel like I want to just get up and dance and sway to it, being pushed around by the wind and the pulse of my own blood, away from others' eyes and thoughts, simply enjoying the sad energy in it. It starts about 0:55, picking up more at 1:14, then rising and falling several times as the music's intensity changes pace and focus. The slowdown just after the three minute mark is a bit of a let-down, but not entirely unwanted, as it offers its own feel and movement. This isn't a dance piece, yet it simply makes me want to turn up the volume, kick up the bass a bit, and move. What I really feel from this piece is a "get up and dance, if only because you can" type of energy. As for the comments about its repetition, it is, but in the way in which a glass of wine is. Though one may have several glasses of wine, spread over time or at once, it never really becomes dull or tasteless. My only complaint is that the piece ends somewhat suddenly, in the middle of a line, as if it were cut off. A wonderful piece, SEDUCTiON, and I hope that you return with other mixes some day. Be Well, and Blessed Be.
  3. This piece is very well done. The build-up in the beginning transitions smoothly into the main theme on the guitar. The, uh, alien voice sound (happens at 1:01 as well as other places, I don't know the technical name, sorry) when the guitar cuts out is very interesting and is pretty catchy. My only complaint with this piece is that it is too short -- it cuts out much too quickly, and if you had wanted, you could have easily taken it to some tall heights. Very nice work!
  4. A well-made piece. The vocals, which seem to be a hot topic, blend into the song well. I've listened to it and made an effort to hear behind the vocals, and to my own ears, I think without the actual vocals, the piece would be much worse off and far too plain to bother with, or at the very least, where the vocals are would need to be filled with something else. I only have two problems with this song, and both deal with something similar. At 2:21 and 2:28, the pronunciation of mana and Flammie, respectively. The first "a" sound in mana and the "a" in Flammie were mispronounced ('man-uh and 'flam-ee when they should have been 'mah-nuh and 'flay-me). This is only a somewhat minor issue, though, when taken with the rest of the piece. Other than those two words, the rest of the vocals worked quite well, and the often-used "m" sound during the third and fourth lines of the second major stanza brought in a rather soothing hum into the piece. The rest has already been stated. The timing was done well and the music itself flowed with superb grace. The piece was very enjoyable.
  5. An interesting piece, to say the least... I like it, overall, though the second stanza of the vocals is incredibly difficult to make out. Had the words not been posted, I would likely have not realized there was a second part to the vocals, and even then, it took me a little bit of effort to register where they were. I cannot say that this piece is one I feel is either good or bad; it is something which will appeal to me at some times, and yet I will dislike it at other times. However, it seems that it is, itself, a moody arrangement, so perhaps this is not so much an issue. Now, as for the robot voice, I think it is actually a rather good addition to this mix. Perhaps, however, it could have been used for more than the vocals. The sound of it is as much a part of the song as is any other part of it, and some of the issue with it may be that the inclusion of the voice is so sudden. The beat of the music goes along very well, and then the robot voice jumps in with no warning, creating some rather interesting waves in the mix. And, on the topic of sudden moments in this mix, its ending comes to mind. It happens so quickly that, on the first listen, I was actually caught off guard and had thought my player had stopped. You bring in a few new sounds, making it seem almost as if you are about to launch into an entirely new section of the mix, but just as some of the pieces become noticeable and the listener begins to focus on them, everything suddenly stops. I can see where this can be used as a major part of the song, an ending to the craft in the game or an ending to the robot/traveler's journey in a rather abrupt (and likely dire) end, but for the piece itself, well... I feel it was just too sudden of an ending. Overall, I feel that this is a good arrangement. Nice job on it.
  6. I will admit this, that when I first listened to this piece, I greatly disliked it. I had actually told the person I was talking with at the moment that I found it rather sad what some people passed off as music nowadays. But... That was... in error. I listened to it, and something made me listen to it again. I don't know what, or why, but I desire to hear it again, and so I repeated it. The second time through, I again thought it was a poor piece, but I started liking some of the parts which I thought were out of place at first, and by the end of it, I actually thought it was a relatively acceptable mix, though perhaps not quite a style I preferred. I repeated it again. It was odd... That is the best way to put it. I've stopped listening to it as I do with many mixes, stopped turning a critical ear towards it to listen for the good and the bad, and have simply let myself hear it, which is something I find difficult to do with music. The music, the vocal samples, even the "ahh" at 0:45 and 3:10, which I at first thought to be a terrible addition, especially as the music seems to nearly stop, it all flows so well together. DHS, you've put together a wonderful piece. It is both simple and complex at once. There are so few different vocal samples in it, but I feel that there is nothing which could replace them without, at the very least, changing the piece in its entirety, if not ruining it completely. DHS, excellent work. Be Well, and Blessed Be.
  7. This is an excellent piece. I really enjoy how it has a bit of a celtic lilt to it, especially at the beginning. I have never played this game, but even so, listening to this mix I can visualize (however wrongly) how it might go into the game. It would indeed be a title theme, probably the background to the intro to the game. It would start off with the hero setting out, riding across the fields, plains and hills through day and night, about 0:40, it cuts into a panoramic cut of the princess the hero is going out to rescue, and the scene sweeps past her prison and into the sky, the camera catching a breath-taking view of the countryside, and quickly falling to the hero at about 1:10, who has just arrived at the castle or fortress and is about to face the challenge of some guards at the main gate. The piece continues on as the hero does through the twists and traps of the castle, until about 4:05 when it softens slightly, as the hero meets up with the princess and they have to make their escape. Shortly after, about 4:45 or so, they meet up with the ruler of the palace and at about 5:20, the battle ensues into a climactic melee before the gates. About 7:00 the scene fades out, and the title reappears, having given the watcher just enough to really wet their appetite. Now, I realize this is probably very wrong, however, this is simply how I, somebody who has not heard this piece before, nor has played the game, can envision this wonderful piece going. It really does make me want to look for the game and try it out. Protricity, good job on this one!
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