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  1. Oh, god! I really liked this one!! (And yes, i'm a fan of Zelda series (i have 'em all...)) I was pretty doubtful about this piece at first, but once it managed to get into the WinAmp playing list, i was forced down to my knees. rating: 10/10
  2. Hmm... In my opinion, the original song is more epic than this... Reasons: It is too techno-based piece than the orginal, and it is not as disturbing as the original piece (disturbing in a way, that you have a odd feeling through the song. Like you would be trapped, without any hope of escape.) ...But it is a good piece, but i do not favor it.
  3. I really liked this song, cuz the beginning and the end makes me laugh every time i listen to it and the music itself is slow and calm... When you listen to the black/death/viking metal all the time, you tend to respect these songs more. Or atleast i do. Overall rating is something like 11-12/10 in my opinion.
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