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  1. Just installed and configured it, and the thing next to my clock says it's downloading a core or whatever. So I guess it's connected and shit. Cool beans. My processor is ass (2.2 ghz) but I will contribute what I can.
  2. Play the cello. Cellists >>>> Violinists, and besides, the tone is richer and the timbre is more pleasing. Plus there are Violinists crawling out of the fucking woodwork. It's like guitar and bass players. It is NOT HARD to find one. Check under the cushions in your couch, there's probably one just LURKING there. Cellists are not nearly as prolific.
  3. So, I got my CDs today... frankly I'm at a loss. I loaded up QL Guitar and Bass (I got AKAI S1) into CDXtract. Now I'm no programmer, but I can logically get how this mapping thing works, though I have no idea how to do it myself. And this shit is kinda pissing me off. Not only are the soft and loud velocities for the instruments in a volume broken into different programs, all the slides and switches are mapped to ONE program. I have no idea how this is supposed to make anything fluid. Another thing that confuses me. I quote, from the demo on the clearance page: "Most patches have 4 to 5 samples per note." Now like I said, I'm not expert, but from what I saw, I saw ONE .wav sample for each note, in a three octave range. I'm confused. Someone please help me understand why this retailed for $250 and what I'm doing wrong. edit: ps, percussive adventures is cool
  4. try moving the plugins to the steinberg/vst plugins directory I highly recommend storing your samples and VST/DX outside the FL Studio install directory. I don't even have to tell you why, it's just better if you use more than one program, or even just FL, so they're a lot easier to find. For example, all my VSTs and DXs are in C:\VST-DX\ I don't know why but, that solved the problem. Thanks bunches.
  5. Okay so, noob question. I know how to use VSTi's, but for some reason I can't seem to get effect plugins to work in FLStudio 6. I threw two (dblue's Glitch VST and Magnus's Ambience VST) in the "\Plugins\Fruity\Effects" directory. Then I open up the FX window (the one with all the channels), click "Select > More", do a fast scan to bring them up, the click the checkboxes. Okay, so now they're in the list. But when I try to add them I get this error message: No wrapper pop up or anything. So what am I doing wrong here? I've never used third-party effects plugins before so I'm not sure what the problem is.
  6. Now my only question is... how do I get this to work in FLStudio 6?
  7. Haha, the first demo reminded me of all the glitching effects used in the original Devil May Cry soundtrack. This is indeed extremely awesome.
  8. Well, those samplers sure do rape you for your dollars. I guess the CDs will have to sit on the shelf for a while.
  9. So if I were to get, say, Quantum Leap Gtr/Bass AKAI (which seems pretty awesome), would the programming survive a conversion? And I don't think soundfonts have programming, so how WOULD I get it into FLStudio without losing that?
  10. Yikes. That sure hurts the discount. I'll grab a couple of these CDs while I can and look into the converter when I can afford it.
  11. I'm not HIGHLY EDUCATED in music so getting the stuff out of my head and on to paper or a sequencer before it degrades is hard, sometimes impossible. I'm sure if I understood music theory better, I'd be doing a lot of original stuff and enjoying it.
  12. Okay so, what, in PLAIN ENGLISH, do I need to get AKAI and ROLAND format stuff off the CD and into FLStudio6, ready to roll? Sorry to be a pain in the ass about this, but mixing is just a hobby, and a lot of the jargon slips by me.
  13. Hahah what? Who the fuck is "Everyone?" and why is it restrictive compared to Reason? You can move to Reason, but you will probably miss QLSO. Cubase will handle QLSO great, though. As for this polyphony stuff... I was right about there being polyphony options, but for some reason they're under the DFD options? That's just the vibe I get from the "pros". I know a lot of people use FL but from what I've heard Reason is more intuitive and stable than FL. I honestly don't know for sure since music in general is a hobby and not one I follow with great zeal. Getting through all the technobabble on why one is better than the other is a challenge. I can't find the "DFD" options. Let's keep in mind I'm using FLStudio 4 and I am basically a simpleton regarding music software. Also the VST wrapper doesn't have the option you mentioned, zircon. I'm guessing it wasn't even in 4, which is why. Anyway, I'm probably shit out of luck at this point, though I hope you prove me wrong. And thanks for putting up with my obvious lack of knowledge on remixing.
  14. No, because I don't know how. I'm thinking of moving to Reason and Cubase soon anyway, as everyone claims FL is really restrictive (not to mention it seems to crash a lot). But I'd still like to get this thing done sometime today.
  15. I've been using EWQLSO Silver for a little while now, and I oftentimes run into this weird sound glitch with it. Apparently it doesn't mesh very well with FL as a VSTi, or something. It's hard to explain what the problem is, so I'll just link you to an MP3 of something I'm working on. Note that the problem only occurs when the project is rendered into an MP3 or WAV. It plays back fine in FLStudio. Here's my rendering setup, in case one of these nifty options is fucking with EWQL: The not using any EQing or reverb, except what's built into the Kontakt engine.
  16. Ah, but was it free? I mean the EXPENSIVE good stuff, ala Quantum Leap and all that other jazz.
  17. The mods will totally descend on this post and edit it, but I think it's fairly obvious most people with nice software and shit jobs wear eye patches.
  18. Quick question, is it possible to mix in 5.1 with FLStudio? My limited understanding is the panning controls are for stereo only, but I could easily be wrong. I have no way of checking short of making some sort of demo, burning it and playing it through my 5.1 system, but I am too lazy to do so.
  19. Explain to me why Im "gravely mistaken". The song is obviously in 3, no matter if the baseline is in a faux-7 and 6. The first 2 phrases of this song are in 27 beats (or 9 measures of 3) if you do not count the leading 3 beats. It's in 4/4, which is pretty easy to hear right from getgo. Chant it quickly. "onetwothreefouronetwothreefour". What are we arguing about here?
  20. Hmm... after listening to the "Love will Grow" vocal version of Relm's them, I'd have to say those solemn male "Ohms" were inspired by "God's Cradle". Am I right?
  21. Just a question... why does everyone stroke it to Squidfont? I don't see what the fuss is. Case in point? Listen to these strings. Am I the only one who thinks that sounds like crap? No effects added to eximplify a point. Oh yeah, the other instruments are missing notes, because the samples don't run the full range of the instrument. Brilliant.
  22. There ARE Irish pipes. I'm not sure what the bumping rule is in this forum, but... I really love this piece, expecially the instrumentation, which is dead-on. The drums give it a lot of energy the pieces from Morrowind generally lack (no offense to Soule intended).