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  1. I concur. A strange experience, just brought to me by Winamp shuffle: Try listening to this track next to "Dust in the Wind."
  2. Parts of this remind me very strongly of Everlast's "What It's Like." When I first heard this song (via a large playlist shuffle of new stuff) I assumed it was a mashup, or something. That said, this is *really* good work. ETA: Right, ok, I see the artist has already said the Everlast thing. I are to be the smrt guy.
  3. This is fun to listen to. Where's the rest of it?
  4. Is the old version still published? I'd be interested in hearing it for comparison - there's sometimes something to be said for minimalism.
  5. I don't envy anyone who lives in such a harried world that to them, Luiza is "a new face." New my foot, grumble, mutter, etc. This song is pretty excellent. I recognize maybe half the tunes used in it, probably less, but that doesn't in any way prevent it from rocking the fuck out. Well played.
  6. This is not what I was expecting, but it's still pretty excellent. I continue having never been disappointed by Daniel Baranowsky.
  7. I personally think there's room for a reworking of the piece and a resub, but since I'm not a judge my opinion is worth precisely dick, and I can understand not wanting to go through that again. Hope you regain momentum on Amphibious, it's shaping up to own.
  8. Any progress on this? Also, when are we gonna see a submit of "A Venture Through Hyrule?" (Also also: Buncha heathens in this town. Brink of Time is awesome, yo.)
  9. Two things of note: First, the link to download this is broken, there's HTML code for an ampersand in place of an actual ampersand. The file is where you'd think it is, but the link isn't quite right. Second, in the past six weeks, this has been my most-requested song from a variety of different listeners.
  10. This is not what I've come to expect from zircon, but it is good. I find the last fifty seconds or so to be the best part of the piece. Perhaps I'd appreciate it more if I'd ever heard/played the original?
  11. The successful use of in-game noise at the very end is a real nice touch. Take the following with a grain each of salt and "this guy's been listening to too much Luca Turilli lately": I think my biggest problem with this track is that the lead singer is holding back. With lyrics like this, you really can't do that. When your lyrics are super-epic, and you're already accepting the mocking for attempting to use the word 'thy' in your song... you've got to go all-or-nothing. If I hear you sing "forever faithful to the land of legends," I had best believe that your blood is literally on fire. Yeah, I'd love it if the production was cleaner, but it's not necessary.
  12. The lead guitar is generally pretty nice. There are a few notes scattered here and there that sound off, almost as though they were misplayed, but on the whole it's got a nice groove to it. I think it might be worthwhile to experiment with bringing the rhythm guitar more to the fore in places. I don't like the claps. I mean, overall the percussion could use a little polish, but the claps in particular don't sound quite right to my ears. This might be fixed by zircon's suggestion of reverb, but I'm not sure. They sound out of place in this tune - fine in a four-on-the-floor piece twice this speed, but out of place in the relaxed Brink of Time style you've got goin' on. Frog's theme is definitely in here. It's not as heroic as I'd like, but heroic doesn't seem to be what you're going for. On the other hand, this track can be as long as you like it to be, so if it ends up being double the present length, there's absolutely room for some heroic action. I'm happy to see this posted in the WIP forum. It's very good now, and I wouldn't blink to see it posted as-is, but it has the potential to be even more awesome, and you seem all about fulfilling that.
  13. If "I'm not really being serious about this" is a reason to not criticize things, why did you write such an in-depth critique of free music posted on a fan site?
  14. I'm talking about your arrangement pre-vocals. Maybe it is still there and I just don't notice it as much. This might be related to the fact that my crackpipe is suspiciously empty and warm. (Edit: On further listens, I think this has less to do with crack and more to do with excellently molded lyrics.) Anyway, this totally rules and you've both done excellent jobs and such.
  15. So I heard the original/acoustic version of this a few months back and instantly said "Why the hell is this not on OCR?" A few posts up someone said something about a judge possibly saying "any guitarist could chuck out twenty acoustic remixes a day," and if this is the case and you know of any such guitarists, please get me in touch with them as I can't get enough of this stuff. When I first saw it posted on the front page, I was thrilled. Then I saw that DJP was contributing vocals, not instrumentals. I often find that vocal contributions ruin a song. Not so here. Spot on, guys. I totally disagree here. This is, to me, what makes the song. I'm a little sad that the second half of the original version is absent from here - there was a sweet rambling sort of bridge to it - but I don't think it would have fit with the wistful feel this song goes for. This whole thing is amazing and brilliant and hits my spot dead on. Wow.
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